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Long Range Weather for Pittsburgh Feb 22 – March 19th

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February 22, 2016 Full Moon

Warm and stormy(Sun semisquare Mercury in 4th)

February 27, 2016 Waning Gibbous Moon Apogee

Clear midnight to morning

March 1, 2016 Last Quarter Moon

Cold with windy night storms (Mercury trine radix Midheaven, sextile 4th cusp )

March 5, 2016 Waning Crescent Moon

Violent, destructive storms (Mercury semisquare Pluto and sextile Sun in radix 4th)

March 8, 2016 New Moon Perigee Solar Eclipse, Moon on Equator

Strong winds with thunderstorms (transit Mercury semisquare radix Mercury)

Extended rain or snow(Venus/Saturn conjunct 4th cusp)

March 11, 2016 Crescent Moon

Severe storm with mounds of snow (Venus sextile Radix Sun, Sun opposite Radix Jupiter, Venus semisquare Pluto in 4th)

March 15, 2016 First Quarter Moon

Very, very windy (Jupiter trine Uranus in 7th, Jupiter trine Pluto in 4th)

March 19, 2016 Waxing Gibbous Moon

Snow at night (Mercury square Midheaven)

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Head’s Up Astrological Almanac Feb1st-29th

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gung hay fat choy!

Heads Up!

The Writer’s Astrological Almanac

by Kathy Watts

February 2016

(all times are Pacific Standard Time, PST)

February starts on a Monday, the day ruled by the Moon. Feelings will be powerful all month. What more can a creative person ask for? Pluto and Mercury are only one degree apart now. Look deeply and see all manner of marvels and mysteries. February is tumultuous and lop-sided, at a time when we need all our wits about us. It doesn’t hurt that so many planets are on the same side of the sky. That will change.

The inner planets, the personal ones, Mercury and Venus, hug the Sun and will follow where the Sun goes. Over the next five years, Jupiter and Saturn will draw closer together, square now but will make a conjunction in 2020. Last time in 2000, the conjunction was in Taurus. In 2020 it will be in Aquarius. We are facing what some astrologers call a “grand mutation.” (ed note: most ancients only recognized ‘grand’ mutations when they entered fiery signs; entering or ingresses into Air signs, such as Aquarius were referred to as ‘lesser’ mutations). Remember, before Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were discovered, it was up to Jupiter and Saturn to explain all of history, politics, and economics.) In 2000 the King and the Guru (Jupiter and Saturn) were in a Fixed sign but in 2020 they will meet in an Air sign. Perhaps the world will be less materialistically manic and instead be ready for a true revolution. It will be different world. But, isn’t it always?

Mon Feb 01 the Moon is in Scorpio all day and conjoins Mars in the wee small hours. It may be an intense day, so work with intensity, and with great energy.

Wed Feb 03 the Moon is in Sagittarius all day. The Sun makes a sextile with Saturn at 10:17 am. Have solid answers to elusive questions. A bit more than an hour later, at 11:31 am the Moon conjoins Saturn. Heads Up. Respect and authority are there for you. Use them wisely. Write those succinct, professional query letters and pitches now.

Fri Feb 05 the Moon is in Capricorn all day. Venus and Pluto form a conjunction in Capricorn at 5:15 pm. Heads Up. Have sensible party plans for the weekend and meanwhile write those racy sexy scenes. The Moon now conjoins Pluto at 10:01 pm. At 10:29 pm the Moon next conjoins Venus. Heads Up. Whatever you do, get home safely, okay? You have work waiting for you. 

Sat Feb 06 the Moon is in the end of Capricorn when Mercury trines Jupiter. Heads Up. We can use all the good luck and ease that we can get.

Sun Feb 07 the Moon in Aquarius makes a sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius. You may be ready for some peace and quiet to get your thoughts organized for tomorrow. The real news, though, is that tomorrow is the New Moon. Heads Up and be safe.

Mon Feb 08 is the New Moon at 19 Aqu. Heads Up for a brighter, bolder, bigger outlook. It’s also the Chinese New Year (of the Monkey). Gung Hay Fat Choy and all that! No one needs to tell a writer, or any creative soul, about the importance of mischief.

Tue Feb 09 the Moon conjoins Neptune in Pisces. Visualize getting a lot done today before going out to celebrate. It’s Mardi Gras. At end of day, 11:54 pm Venus is trine Jupiter. Let the good times roll!

Wed Feb 10 the Moon is in Pisces all day. A good day for poetry, music, and writing scenes with irrational characters having emotional outbursts, all out of love of course. At 8:25 pm the Moon is sextile Mercury then goes void of course. If your mind has been spinning, it may start to calm down now.

Fri Feb 12 is the Moon-Uranus conjunction in Aries. Look for, and maybe create, a beautiful surprise or two.

Sat Feb 13 the Moon is in Taurus when Mercury changes signs, leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius. Don’t let your work ethic slip. You have important things to say.

Mon Feb 15 the Moon enters the sign of Gemini at 6:35 am. Release those mercurial impulses and connect with your world (and with your inner frisky brat). At 10:36 am the Moon is sextile Mercury. That can make being curious and communicative even easier. We only have until midday Wednesday to splurge and indulge those reading, writing, and networking appetites. Go for it.

Tue Feb 16 the Moon is in Gemini when Venus changes signs, leaves Capricorn and joins Mercury in Aquarius. Your work style may getting more intellectual and cerebral rather than pragmatic. Regardless, be productive.

Wed Feb 17 the Moon trines the Sun at 8:37 am and goes void of course in Gemini until it enters Cancer at 11:24 am. Did you get a lot done? Maybe a nice lunch is called for. Also, today is the last day of the month when the Sun is in Aquarius. Tomorrow the world may seem more misty and mystical, touchy, feelie, dreamy and idealistic. Heads Up.

Thu Feb 18 the Moon is in Cancer when the Sun changes signs, leaves Aquarius behind and enters the deep waters of Pisces. Heads Up. How much Water do you want? Obviously, write and create with deep emotion today. You can edit and have it make sounder sense later on. Of course, sometimes the hearts speaks with a shocking clarity.

sounder sense later on. Of course, sometimes the hearts speaks with a shocking clarity. (continue reading…)

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