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Astrologer Dorothy J Kovach

Dorothy J. Kovach is a practicing astrologer, writer and timing expert based in Northern California. She acts as a consultant to both businesses and individuals interested in finding the very optimum time to start projects for successful outcomes. She advises on the best timing for everything from surgery, to starting businesses, to saying, ‘I do’. Her specialty is interrogatory astrology, better known as ‘horary’ astrology, the branch of astrology that answers specific questions. Her clients hail from around the globe. Dorothy uses the wisdom of the ancients of both western and eastern astrology, in all of her work. Her articles have appeared in The Horary Practitioner, The Traditional Astrologer,, and the Astrological Association of Great Britain. In recent years, she has turned her attention to the business and financial markets. Best known for having called the end of the bull market back in 2000 to the year and the month, some five years in advance. For the past 7 years, she has been writing the economic forecasts for Llewellyn. She told readers to get out of the market by Feb 2008, as well as predicted the return to bonds, in the 2008 Moon Signs Book.  Her financial predictions for 2009 are available are in the 2009 Llewellyn Moon Sign Book available from Amazon or a store near you. She is available for readings. You may call her at 1 707 882 2342, or write her at her email address:

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