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Algol over Iran

by on Jun.18, 2009, under Algol, Traditional Astrology

There’s a natural mystic

Blowin’ through the air.

If you listen carefully now you will hear

This could be the first trumpet

Might as well be the last.

Many more will have to suffer.

Many more will have to die.

Don’t ask me why.

Things are not the way they used to be

-Bob Marley


Algol is said to make us lose our heads over trivial matters. However, because the Medusa is binary and eclipsed, and sits in the last decante of Taurus, the most patient of signs, she sometimes looks the other way for too long. Then when she finally reacts, well, she can be likened to a pot of water left to boil for too long. First, it patiently bubbles. Then it stammers, steam protruding in all directions. Finally, the last drop of moisture evaporates, and the pot turns red hot, and bursts into flame. And the rest, is history!

Last week’s Iranian election has all the hallmarks of this side of Algol. The once beautiful woman forced by a wicked government to hide her beauty under dark somber garb. The voters in Iran officially began to cast their ballots at 8:00 AM (3:30AM GMT) on the 12th of June. The chart was a ‘wake up call’ warning the archaic clerics in charge, that the opposition is growing. The people want change. They want their right to be free to read, say and dress the way they want without religious interference, as shown by Mercury and the Medusa, together, in the 11th of hopes and wishes, at odds, with the two religious biggies, Jupiter and Neptune.

There is an excellent article on the challenger, Mir Moussavi in today’s New York Times:

“In recent years, Mr. Moussavi was deeply dismayed by the excesses of the morality police and by the government’s decisions to shut down newspapers, his relative said.

He decided to run for president earlier this year to save Iran from what he said were Mr. Ahmadinejad’s “destructive” policies. But it was not until a few weeks ago that a popular movement began to build behind him. As the campaign drew to a close, Mr. Moussavi began answering the president’s rhetorical broadsides with some strong language of his own.

“When the president lies, nobody confronts him,” Mr. Moussavi said during his final debate appearance. “I’m a revolutionary and I’m speaking out against the situation he has created. He has filled the country with lies and hypocrisy. I’m not frightened to speak out. Remember that.”  more

June 18, 2009

New York Times

By Robert Worth

June 18, 2009

The government’s problems began when the infallible ‘supreme leader’ Ayatolla Khamenei, supported the incumbent, Mamoud Amadinejad, just a little too much, just a little too soon….

“…in a rare break from a long history of cautious moves, he rushed to bless President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for winning the election, calling on Iranians to line up behind the incumbent even before the standard three days required to certify the results had passed.

“Then angry crowds swelled in cities around Iran, and he backpedaled, announcing Monday that the 12-member Council of Guardians, which vets elections and new laws, would investigate the vote. ”


The New York Times

Neil MacFarquhar

June 16 2009

The two candidates have vastly differing ideas for the future of Iran in this hotly contested election. The incumbent, Mamoud Amadinejdad, is best known for attracting the wrath of the western world with his nuclear desires is even in his own country considered a hardliner. After all, he seeks to continue to run the nation along the theocratic lines laid down by the 1979 revolution. The opponent, Mir Moussavi, running on a platform of reform, but:

Looking at the chart, we see Cancer rising. When we see this Moon ruled sign rising in an election chart, we can expect feelings to be very sensitive. Lilly, following the ancients, said that the ascending degree, its ruler and the Moon will represent the ‘common people’ of any given nation. Cancer always evokes an increased love of family and country. Patriotism swells to a feverish pitch. Further, when this sign rises, women’s issues are the heart of the matter, because the Moon does double duty, owning both representatives of the people. With the Moon in the freedom loving sign, Aquarius, the people, especially women, want change. Placed in the house of death, they will be ready to give their lives for it.

There is a tremendous force for empowerment because the fixed star known for bringing muscle, the mighty, Castor is rises. It should surprise nobody that the former bodybuilder turned actor turned politician, Arnold Schwartzeneggar also has this degree rising. Wherever it goes, it screams, ‘power’ in this case, to the people.’ I do not know if this date a set one like we have in the United States, but if it isn’t, the Iranian theocracy sure didn’t consult a traditional astrologer for the day of this election. The components featured in this chart, are the astrological equivalent of when Marie Antoinette said, ‘let them eat cake! The die is cast, even if the powers that be in Iran are able to force people back into their homes, the hardliners, could still be in trouble.

The great disrupter, Uranus is precariously perched in the 9th, but so close to the 10th house by antiscion, that it was an obvious harbinger of governmental instability. I suspect that President Almadinejad, as ruler of the 10th, is represented by Mars in detriment, in the fixed and earthy sign, Taurus. Taurus is the most unchangeable sign in the zodiac. Given his background as the poor guy from the wrong side of the tracks who wants things just they way they were 1000 years ago.

The thing that is interesting in Iranian politics is that unlike other countries, the president is not really the leader of the country…this title goes to the ‘supreme leader,’ and his clerics are the real power in Iran. I would give them the Sun, natural ruler of leadership, in the dual sign, Gemini. There they sit, undermining the will of the people from the12th house.

I doubt they will be giving up their power because of the demonstrations. However, change is in the air. Their days of total power may be numbered, with the Sun is heading straight into hard angle with the ever freedom loving, Uranus, so close by antiscion to the MC. This says, ‘count your blessings, zealots, change is coming. It may not be today and it might not be tomorrow, but change is coming.

When? Normally such a square, given the moveable cusps would imply a matter of days or weeks but that Moon in the 8th demands human sacrifice in exchange for freedom. Already 8 people are dead, but I suspect it will be longer, due to the very slow speed of the Moon. I fear we may have a similar situation to twenty years ago in China, in that more will be repressed and die this year in Iran given confluent factors in both the election chart and the Spring Equinox, I suspect the fourth of July weekend may see more bloodshed. More on this and how the Mercury and Algol, play into this, next time…

P.S. I didn’t forget our beautiful Katherine. The situation in Iran is too compelling for me to ignore my first love, the unfolding of history.

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  2. Andries H. Cats

    I have rectified the horoscope of Iran 1 April 1979, Khomeini and without birth time, which is not available, the horoscope of Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, Mousavi, Rafsanjani.
    Most of them can be seen on my Dutch website:

  3. Andries H. Cats

    I rectified the horoscope of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei without known birthtime after the fraud 12 june 2009 president election.
    So far the progressive aspects on date have work with events!

    Coming progressive aspects:
    3-Jan-2010 003°,16’10 Libra. Ven 45 Merc
    9-Jan-2010 000°,00’00 Scorpio Asc Nw
    15-Jan-2010 000°,17’08 Capricornus C–3 45 Black Moon
    15-Jan-2010 015°,17’08 Leo Mars 180 Black Moon
    15-Jan-2010 003°,49’30 Capricornus Plu 180 C-11

  4. Dorothy Kovach

    Thank you. Unfortunately, the people of Iran who are not happy with the present rule, do not seem to be making progress towards freedom as we can see from a great article by Jon Lee Anderson in the August 16th edition of the New Yorker, Letter from Iran
    that goes into more detail. Perhaps we can look at Iran’s chart at a later date. Again, thank you, Dorothy

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