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Heads Up! August 2013 The Writer’s Astrological Almanac

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13 feb mar 597

Heads Up!

The Writer’s Astrological Almanac

 August 2013 


Here we are in August! Days are already getting noticeably shorter in the northern hemisphere, and the heart of the Galaxy shines in nighttime sky.


Thu Aug 01 the Sun is in the heart of Leo and the Moon is still in writer-friendly Gemini, making a creative sextile to Uranus and then going void of course. It’s a powerful, brightly illuminated way to start off the month. May we convert some of this into self-illumination and take it with us through the whole month.


Fri Aug 02 the Moon is void of course in Gemini almost all day long. I know the weekend starts tonight, but write anyway. Or at least take notes, converse, or research. A short field trip also qualifies as writerly.


Sat Aug 03 the Moon is in Cancer all day. You may not want to go too far from home, but society may still find you. The Moon conjuncts Jupiter late in the day. Make it a pleasant as well as lucky and fun weekend.


Sun Aug 04 the Moon conjuncts Mars in the early morning. You can get a lot done before anyone notices and can slow you down. Shortly before the day ends at midnight (on the left coast), the Moon conjuncts Mercury and goes void of course in Cancer. Brainstorming in your dreams could get you off to a great start tomorrow.


Mon Aug 05 the Moon enters Leo in midmorning. It’s the birthday of Neil Armstrong, the first human being to land a vehicle on the surface of the Moon. Be inspired. It’s also the day before the New Moon. Armstrong lived a life of risks and didn’t let that stop or scare him. So can you. Reasonable caution is always wise. Heads Up.


Tue Aug 06 we have the New Moon at 14 Leo. Start something grand that requires persistence and dedication. Passion can keep you on track. Afterwards, the Moon goes void of course.


Wed Aug 07 the Moon is void of course in Leo most of the day, entering Virgo late in the evening. We can look forward to a month of Wednesdays with the Moon in mutable signs. People concerns are the order of the day. Luckily, people like to read about people. We can work with this. If we spend most of the day brashly working away, we can cool it later in the day.


Thu Aug 08 the Moon is in Virgo all day. This is always good for editing and fact-checking. Mercury changes signs today, moving out of Cancer and into Leo. mental processes, concerns, and attention may all shift into a higher gear.


Fri Aug 09 the Moon conjuncts Venus in Virgo, then goes void of course. Things can be made beautiful in small, delicate ways. Details and finishing touches can make or break a project.


Mon Aug 12 the Moon conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio. Be serious about your work, today and all week. Can’t hurt. It’s also the peak day for the Perseid meteor shower. The best time to look for shooting stars in after the waxing Moon has set, preferably after midnight.


Wed  Aug 14 the Moon makes a sweet sextile to Venus and then goes void of course in Scorpio. Savor the sweetness as long as you can. The Moon won’t enter Sagittarius for another three and a half hours.


Fri Aug 16 the Moon is still in Sagittarius when Venus changes signs, leaves Virgo and enters her nocturnal home sign of Libra. After the Moon forms a trine to the Sun, it goes void of course in Sagittarius for most of the rest of the day.


Sat Aug 17 the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. Maybe it’s a good idea to be a bit serious this weekend, too. You can be serious and still have a good time.


Tue Aug 20 is the Full Moon at 02Aqu. Be grateful for all the good things that the world is doing for you. In the coming four weeks, let your work be a tiny bit more unselfish. Remember that you’re important and that through your work you can contribute to everybody’s well-being (including your own).


Wed Aug 21 the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces and stays in the watery fish sign all day. This is not permission to dream the day away. However, dream journals do count as writerly. It’s also the last day of the month with the Sun in its home sign of Leo. Tomorrow things will be cooler, maybe calmer, and certainly more studied. Heads Up.


Thu Aug 22 the Moon is still in Pisces when the Sun changes signs and enters Virgo. The Sun is now a guest in the nocturnal home of Mercury. Editors, take note and rejoice.


Fri Aug 23 the Moon is in Aries all day long, not counting the first thirteen minutes if you’re in the Pacific Daylight Timezone. This can make for an energetic, self-motivated day. Go for it. Midafternoon, Mercury changes signs, following the Sun out of Leo and into Virgo. By nature, this will slow things down, so perhaps a fast start was not a bad idea. Mercury will a happy camper, if only for a bit over two weeks during transit of the sign of Virgo. Enjoy its stay here. Get stuff finished.


Sat Aug 24 the Moon is Aries all day again. You may be glad for the extra boost if vacation mania threatens to take over. In the middle of the day, the Sun conjuncts Mercury direct. Kiss clear thinking goodbye for a few hours, and embrace insights of a different kind. It may be less dramatic than usual, though, given that this is happening in Virgo.


Tue Aug 27 we have the gentle touch of a Mercury Saturn sextile in the very early morning, taking us softly into the new day. The Moon makes a sextile to Mars in the late afternoon and then goes void of course in Taurus for an hour. If there was any anger or discontent, it should promptly vaporize. Then, happily for us, the Moon enters Gemini. We started this month in a writer-friendly atmosphere, and we get a second blast of it now. Three hours later, Mars changes signs, says goodbye to Cancer and enters Leo, where the planet is much more comfortable, for good or ill. Pour all this energy and passion into as much work as you can. Sometimes it’s good to be on fire.


Wed Aug 28 the Moon is in Gemini all day. You’re writing, right? In the morning, Mercury makes a trine to Pluto. Think deep (or, dream deep, if you’re not a morning person). Late that night the Moon makes a trine to Venus and goes void of course. But it’s still in Gemini. It’s a good day that ends with a sweet touch.


Thu Aug 29 the Moon is void of course all day in Gemini. May the world leave us alone a bit more than usual, so we can a bit more work done.


Fri Aug 30 the Moon enters Cancer in the very early hours. Tie up any loose ends at home, eat well, rest, and look forward to the weekend. Writers deserve to take good care of themselves, too.


Sat Aug 31 the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Cancer in the morning hours. Even if the word count suffers today, you can still do work and feel satisfied. Later on, the Moon squares Venus and goes void of course in Cancer. Remember to feel satisfied with whatever you’ve accomplished and don’t anybody’s else’s opinions or random comments cause you any insecurities.


There’s nothing you can’t do this month, if you eke out enough time alone and stay organized. The staying organized part should get easier as the month ends, with the Sun moving into tidy, detail-oriented Virgo. Leo may get most of the attention and good press, but don’t discount Virgo for being successful in big and small ways. That Leo-Virgo cusp is a tremendous time to blast through and get some grounding and traction for a lot of that fantastic passion that makes writing, and life, worth all the trouble.


Have a beyond productive month! If most of it is rough draft, fine, because the Sun will be in editing-friendly Virgo for most the month to come.


Heads Up!



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