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House Meanings in Tradition

by on Dec.30, 2012, under Forecasts, Traditional Astrology

William Lilly

There seems to be some confusion on the meanings of the houses that keeps coming up at our traditional astrological list, Angelicus Merlin Knowing the meanings of the houses, and by heart, is absolutely essential to making progress in the study of horary. Thus, as an aid to all astrologers out there,  I am enclosing, below, the meanings of the Houses according to Master Astrologer,  William Lilly:

Of the twelve Houses, their Nature and Signification.

As before we have said there are twelve signs, and also twelve Houses of Heaven, so now we are come to relate the nature of these twelve Houses; the exact knowledge whereof is so requisite, that he who shall learn the nature of the Planets and Signs without exact judgment of the Houses, is like an impovident man, that furnisheth with variety of householdstuffe, having no place wherein to bestow them.

There is nothing appertaining to the life of man in this world, which in one way or other hath not relation to one of the twelve Houses of Heaven, and as the twelve signs are appropriate to the particular members of mans body; so also doe the twelve houses represent not onely the severall parts of man, but his actions, quality of life and living, and the curiosity and judgment of our Fore-fathers in Astrology, was such, as they have alotted to every house a particular signification, and so distinguished humane accidents throughout the twelve houses, as he that understands the Questions appertaining to each of them, shall not want sufficient grounds whereon to judge or give a rationall answer upon any contingent accident, and successe thereof.

Of the first House and its Signification.

The first house, which containeth all that part of Heaven from the line where the figure one standeth, until the figure two, where the second house beginneth.

It hath signification of the life of man, of the stature, colour, complexion, form and shape of him that propounds the Question, or is born; in Eclipses and great Conjunctions, and upon the Sun his annuall ingresse into Aries; it signifieth the common people, or generall State of that Kingdom where the Figure is erected.

And as it is the first house, it represents the head and face of man, so that if either Saturn, Mars or South Node be in this House, either at the time of the Question, or at the time of birth, you shall observe some blemish in the face, or in that member appropriate to the signe that then is upon the cusp of the house; as if Aries be in the Ascendant, the mark, mole, or scarre is without faile in the head or face; and if few degrees of the signe ascend, the mark is in the upper part of the head; if the middle of the sign be on the cusp, the mole, mark or scar is in the middle of the face, or neer it; if the later degrees ascend, the face is blemished neer the chin, towards the neck: This I have found true in hundreds of examples.

Of colors, it hath the White; that is, if a Planets be in this house that hath signification of white, the complexion of the Party is more pale, white and wan; or if you enquire after the colour of the cloathe of any man, if his significator be in the first house, and in a sign corresponding, the parties apparell is white or gray, or somewhat neer that colour, so also if the Question be for cattle, when their significators are found in this house, it denotes them to be of that colour or neer it: The house is Masculine.

The Cosignificators of this house are Aries and Saturn; for as this house is the first house, so is Aries the first signe, and Saturn the first of the Planets, and therefore when Saturn is but moderately well fortified, in this house, and in any benevolent aspect of Jupiter, Venus, Sun or Moon, it promiseth a good sober constitution of body, and usually long life: Mercury doth also joy in this house, because it represents the Head, and he the Tongue, Fancy and Memory: when he is well dignified and posited in this house, he produceth good Orators: it is called the Ascendant, because when the Sun commeth to the cusp of this house, he ascends, or then ariseth, and is visible in our Horizon.

Questions concerning the Second House.

From this house is required judgment concerning the estate or fortune of him that asks the question, or his Wealth or Poverty, of all removeable Goods, Money lent, of Profit or game, losse or damage; in suits of Law, it signifies a mans Friends or Assistants; in private Duels, the Querents second; in an Eclipse or Great Conjunction, the poverty or Wealth of the people; the Sun his entrance into Aries, it represents the Ammunition, Allies and Support the Common-wealth shall have; it imports their Magazines.

It represents in man the neck, and hinder parts of it towards the shoulders, of colours, the green.

So that if one make demand concerning any thing specified above in this house, you must look for signification from hence: It’s a feminine house and Succedant, called in some Latin Authors Anaphora.

It hath Cosignificators Jupiter and Taurus; for is Jupiter be placed in this house, or be Lord hereof, it’s an argument of an estate or fortune; Sun and Mars are never well placed in this house, either of them shew dispersion of substance, according to the capacity and quality of him that is either born or asks the questions.

The Third House.

Hath signification of Brethren, Sisters, Cozens and Kindred, Neighbours, small Journeys, or inland-Journeys, oft removing from one place to another, Epistles, Letters, Rumours, Messengers: It doth rule the Shoulders, Armes, Hands and Fingers.

Of Colours, it governeth the Red and Yellow, or Croceall, or Sorrell colour: It hath Cosignificators, of the Signe Gemini, of the Planet Mars; which is one reason why Mars in this house, unlesse joyned with Saturn is not very unfortunate, it is a Cadent house, and is the joy of the Moon; for if she be posited therein, especially in a moveable sing, it’s an argument of much travell, trotting and trudging, or of being seldom quiet: The house is Masculine.

The Fourth House.

Giveth Judgment of Fathers in generall & ever of his Father that enquires, or that is born; of Lands, Houses, Tenements, Inheritances, Tillage of the earth, Treasures hidden, the determination or end of any thing; Towns, Cities or Castles, besieged or not besieged; all ancient Dwellings, Gardens, Fields, Pastures, Orchards; the quality and nature of the grounds one purchaseth, whether Vineyards, Cornfielfd, &c. whether the ground be Woody, Stony or barren.

The Sign of the fourth denoteth the Town, the Lord thereof, the Governour:   It ruleth the Brest, Lungs.

Of Colours, the Red: It’s Cosignificator is Cancer, and of Planets the Sun; we call it the Angle of the Earth, or Imum Coeli; it is feminine, and the North Angle: In Nativities or Questions, this fourth house represents Fathers, so doth the Sun by day and Saturn by night; yet if the Sun be herein placed, he is not ill, but rather shews the Father to be of a noble disposition, &c.

The Fifth House.

By this house we judge of Children, of Embassadours, of the state of a Woman with child, of Banquets, of Ale-houses, Tavernes, Playes, Messengers or Agents for Republick; of the wealth of the Father, the Ammunition of a Town beseiged; if the Woman with child shall bring forth male or female; of the health or sicknesse of his Son or Daughter that asks the Question.

It ruleth the Stomack, Liver, Heart, Sides and Back, and is masculine.

Of Colours, Black and White, or Honey-colour, and is a Succedant house; It’s Cosignificators are Leo and Venus, who doth joy in this house, in regard it’s the house of Pleasure, Delight and Merriment; it’s wholly unfortunate by Mars or Saturn, and they therein shew disobedient children and untoward.

The Sixth House.

It concerneth Men and Mid-servants, Gallislaves, Hogges, Sheep, Goats, Hares, Connies, all manner of lesser Cattle, and profit and losse got thereby; Sicknesse, it’s quality and cause, principall humour offending, curable or not curable, whether the disease be short or long; Day-labourers, Tenants, Farmers, Shepherds, Hogheards, Neatherds, Warriners; and it signifieth Unkles, or the Fathers Brothers and Sisters.

It ruleth the inferiour part of the Belly, and intestines even to The Arse:   this house is a Feminine and Cadent  house, unfortunate, as having no aspect to the Ascendant.

Of Colours, black colour, Mars rejoyceth in this house, but his Cosignificator is of the Signes Virgo, of Planets Mercury; we usually find that Mars and Venus in Conjunction in this house, are arguments of a good Physitian.

The Seventh House.

It giveth judgment of Marriage, and describes the person inquired after, whether it be Man or Woman, all manner of Love questions, our publique enemies; the Defendant in a Law-suit, in Warre the opposing party; all quarrels, Duels, Law-suits; in Astrology the Artist himself; in Physick the Physitian; Theeves and Thefts; the person stealing, whether Man or Woman, Wives, Sweetharts; their shape, description, condition, Nobly or ignobly born: in an Annuall ingresse, whether Warre or Peace may be expected: of Victory, who over-comes, and who worsted; Fugitives or run­awayes; Banished and Out-lawed-men.

It hath cosignificator Libra and Moon, Saturn or Mars unfortunate herein, shew ill in Marriage.

Of Colour, a dark Blacke colour.

It ruleth the Haunches, and the Navill to the Buttocks; and is called the Angle of the West: and is Masculine.

The Eighth House.

The Estate of Men deceased, Death, its quality and nature; the Wills, Legacies and Testaments of Men deceased; Dowry of the Wife, Portion of the Maid, whether much or little, easie to be  btained or with difficulty.      In Duels it represents the Adversaries Second; in Lawsuits the Defendants friends.      What kinde of Death a Man shall dye., it signifies fear and anguish of Minde. Who shall enjoy or be heir to the Deceased.

It rules the Privy-Parts. Of colours, the green and Black.

Of Signes it hath Scorpio for Cosignificator, and Saturn, the Hemoroids, the Stone, Strangury, Poysons, and Bladder are ruled by this house; and is a succedant House, and Feminine.

The Ninth House.

By this House we give judgment of Voyages or long journies beyond Seas of Religiousmen, or Clergy of any kinde, whether Bishops or inferiour Ministers; Dreams, Visions, forraign Countries, of Books, Learning, Church Livings, or Benef ices, Advowsions; of the kindred of ones Wife, & sic e contrario.

Of colours it hath the Green and White.

Of mans body it ruleth the Fundament, the Hippes and Thighes, Sagittarius and Jupiter are cosignificators of this House; for if Jupiter be herein placed, it naturally signifies a devout man in his Religion, or one modestly given; I have oft observed when the Dragons tayle, or Mars or Saturn have been infortunately placed in this House; the Querent hath either been little better then a Atheist or a desperate Sectarist: the Sun rejoyceth to be in this House, which is Masculine, and Cadent.

The Tenth House.

Commonly it personateth Kings, Princes, Dukes, Earles, Judges, prime Officers, Commanders in chief, whether in Armies or Towns; all sorts of Magistracy and Officers in Authority, Mothers, Honour, Preferment, Dignity, Office, Lawyers; the profession or Trade any one useth; it signifies Kingdoms, Empires, Dukedoms, Countries.

It hath of colours Red and White, and ruleth the knees and Hammes.

Its called the Medium coeli, or Mid-heaven, and is Feminine. Its cosignificators are Capricorn and Mars; either Jupiter or the Sun doe much Fortunate this House when they are posited therein, Saturn or South Node usually deny Honor, as to persons of quality, or but little esteem in the world to a vulgar person, not much joy in his Profession, Trade or Mystery, is a Mechanick.

The Eleventh House.

It doth naturally represent Friends and Friendship, Hope, Trust, Confidence, the Praise, or Dispraise of any one; the Fidelity or falsenesse of Friends; as to Kings it personates their Favourites, Councellours, Servants, their Associates or Allyes, their Money, Exchequer or Treasure; in Warre their Ammunition and Souldiery; it represents Courtiers, &c. in a Common-wealth governed by a few of the Nobles and Commons, it personates their assistance in Councell: as in London the tenth House represents the Lord Major; the eleventh the Common-councell; the Ascendant the generality of the Commoners of the said City.

Of members it ruleth the Legs to the Ancles. Of colours, it ruleth the Saffron or Yellow.

It hath of the Signs Aquarius, and Sun of the Planets, for cosignificators Jupiter doth especially rejoyce in this House; it’s a succedant House, and masculine, and in vertue is equivalent either to the seventh or fourth Houses.

The Twelfth House.

It hath signification of private Enemies, of Witches, great Cattle, as Horses, Oxen, Elephants, &c. Sorrow, Tribulation, Imprisonments, all manner of affliction, self-undoing, &c. and of such men as maliciously undermine their neighbours, or inform secretly against them.

It hath cosignificators Pisces and Venus; Saturn doth joy in that House, For naturally Saturn is Author of mischief; and it ruleth in Mans body the Feet.

In Colour it presents the Green.

Its a Cadent House, Feminine, and vulgarly sometimes called Cataphora, as all Cadent Houses may be. This is the true Character of the severall Houses, according to the Ptolomeian Doctrine, and the experience my self have had for some yeers: I must confesse the Arabians have made severall other divisions of the Houses, but I could never in my practise finde any verity in them, wherefore I say nothing of them.” -William Lilly

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Vice Presidential Debate~Ryan vs Biden

by on Oct.11, 2012, under Algol, Forecasts, Traditional Astrology

photo from NJ Real Time News

photo from NJ Real Time News

The upcoming vice presidential debate should be a more lively one than the first presidential debate. Both of the vice presidential candidates,  incumbent Vice President, Joe Biden and Republican Congressman Paul Ryan, seem to have little qualms regarding sharing their opinions. At the same time, their views for the future and their backgrounds are radically different from one another.


The debate is scheduled to commence at 9:00 p.m. EDT live from Danville, Kentucky giving us a rising of 28 Taurus. However, those who remember the first presidential debate will note, it did not start exactly on time. First there are the obligatory, niceties, which we gauge from the last debate last about 5 minutes.

This changes the rising sign, from Taurus, to the verbal Gemini. Once again, like the last time, we simply divide the chart straight down the middle. We give the left side, or the rising side of the chart, home field advantage to the seated vice president, Joe Biden and the setting side to the Republican challenger, Ryan.


The new chart has Gemini right on the Ascendant, representing Joe Biden, the seated vice president, will make Mercury, ruler of the first house, his designated player. Mercury is in the steady, Scorpio, which we noted last time, spells trouble for Joe Biden right off the bat. After all, a debate is a war of words. When a debater’s significator falls in a sign without a voice,  as we recently witnessed with Obama in the first debate, the words just do not just spring out at us. Further, Biden is also situated in a weak house, that of the sixth, of illness, and more importantly, on Ryan’s side of the chart. Even though at a disadvantage, when so placed, it makes sense, because the sixth is the house of the common worker and Biden worked his way up from his blue collar roots to become vice president. His father cleaned furnaces in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Even though his ruler is weakly placed,   Biden is not completely helpless.  According to the Indians, the sixth house is called an ‘upachaya’ or growing house. This implies Biden starts out slowly, but gains momentum. In addition, the rising lunar mansion is none other than the hot and fiery Krittika. In a situation where nice guys finish last,  it is advantageous  to have a mansion rising.  The ancient Indians said Krittika has razor like tendencies.  Krittika people burn others out with their ceaseless energy. It seems like they get up and have glass for breakfast, then ask for more. This hidden lunar mansion may help Biden, overcome his mute ruler.


The republican challenger Paul Ryan, will get the right or setting side of the chart. With Sagittarius on the cusp, the Republican contender, will be represented by fat cat, Jupiter in the talkative Gemini. Needless to say,  Ryan is  vociferously against entitlements to the poor.  His plan also calls for  privatization of Social Security,  repealing Obama-care while leaving military spending the same. Ryan’s Jupiter is in the in the, ‘do as I say, not as I do, sign, Gemini. This is one of the poorest places for the truthful, Jupiter because it is so hypocritical.  It is no surprise that Ryan’s plan to gut social spending, keeps the Bush era tax breaks, that garnered his presidential running mate, Romney a nice $26,000,000  yet only had to pay 14% in taxes.  Even though Ryan is clearly against government spending,  his family, from his grandfather, who built highways,  to his wife, a former lobbyist for Price Waterhouse all made vast sums from Uncle Sam!

Since nice guys finish last,  Ryan gets a tremendous edge over Biden,  initially,  with that Mars right on his first.  Ryan will put in a good fight, and will come right out of the box punching.  At first it may seem he makes mincemeat out of Biden. However, he walks a fine line. If he goes too far, he falls in Vice Presidential Biden’s lap, because Ryan’s Jupiter is in Biden’s own house.  Many of Ryan’s core beliefs,  alienate much of the female population.  Too much aggression,  will turn also turn the the elderly away, as well. The Moon is the designate for ‘we the people’ in any mundane charts. And the Moon is already hostile to both candidates, but the Moon is especially antithetical to Ryan because it applies by partile (exact) square to Mars in Ryan’s first and at the same time, she opposes his house ruler, Jupiter.

With so much on each other’s side of the chart, this should prove to be a lively debate.   With Ryan in  Biden’s first, neither side has a distinct edge.  With that angular Mars, we will see both pull punches. That aforementioned lunar square to Ryan’s Mars is a nasty one.  Even though Ryan will keep swinging,  the chart implies, Biden gets his own way. I may be wrong,  but I sense this will be so close a debate, that some will say, draw, but  I think Vice President Joe Biden has a slight edge with the Moon heading towards Venus, who as almuten of Biden’s hopes and wishes.  We shall see.

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What Happened to Obama, Part 2 The Dead Degrees

by on Oct.07, 2012, under Traditional Astrology

Brian, the excellent moderator at Political Astrology mailing list,  asked me to explain what I meant by ‘dead degrees.’ By dead degrees, I am referring to any planet that comes within 5 degrees of the next cusp, following Ptolemy, was considered as already doing the work of the following house.  One of the members of Political Astrology suggested that we need to see it over time, and to experiment with it. I agree, and so I present an example of how this concept works, using the natal chart of Barack Obama.

obama-p2-to-oct-2008First look at Obama’s progressed Mercury on Oct 3 2008, above. It is just separating from fiery Mars,  on the lucky Spica at 23 Libra, and by all agreement situated in his 8th house, giving him that rhetorical verve, that easily left his opponents in the dust.

Four years later,  in his first debate with Romney, Obama is said to have seemed removed, and not really engaging in the manner he did during the first campaign. Even the most generous commentators said Obama seemed very ‘far away’ off in his own world, on October 3, 2012.

If we look to the chart, below, we will  see Obama’s progressed Mercury has separated from Mars, and is now at 27 Libra 47 min easily within the 5 degrees of the 9th house cusp of 01 Scorpio. This affects Mercury enormously, because,  it sure seemed, at least to this viewer, that Obama’s mind was off in the clouds, and looking at the chart, below, we can see that Obama’s mind is off in ‘dead degrees of the next house, doing the work of the 9th house.


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2012 Debates ~ What Happened to Obama?

by on Oct.04, 2012, under Algol, Forecasts, Traditional Astrology

First Presidential Debate - USA Today

So what happened to the silver tongued wonderkund in last night’s presidential debate? Four years ago, Obama could not even utter a word that would not be dubbed the golden tongued. He was a fresh face jam packed with a comprehensive vision for the future, convincing us, ‘yes we can.’ Even the left winged San Francisco Chronicle conceded, “Obama seemed vacant and distracted while Romney scored his best performance yet: The former Massachusetts governor delivered a confident, often aggressive and energetic performance. It was among the best of his campaign and in clear contrast to the president, whose delivery was more muted, measured and, at times, meandering.”

If he had not shown so brightly, four years ago, we might be able to blame his poor performance on his reticent personality.  Surely with Aquarius rising and the South Node in the first house, we see that Obama is very altruistic, but will tend to hold back, giving the other side the benefit of the doubt. When debating an assertive woman, this quality might make him look chivalrous, and dignified, but when debating against a male opponent, that same South Node seemed to make him whither.

Barack Obama

Looking at Obama’s chart, in essence we can see that his relaxed oratorical style is well depicted by the charming Venus is in charge of the communications department of his chart. Placed in the mute sign of Cancer, this will tend to make Obama hold back, sort of sniffing his opponent out, preferring to win others over with charm rather than pugilism.

So what happened to the golden throated wunderkind last night? Still holding back? How could a person who could never utter a dumb remark four years ago, manage to look so, well, confused, last night? Well, one thing we know is that when we read natal charts, we are looking at all the karma or activity that any particular person has decided to take on in this life. That is a lot of karma! The natal chart was never created to tell us everything. Natal charts, can only shows us the essential or bigger strokes in our lives.

We cannot judge a singular event by the natal chart, alone For the smaller more succinct events, we need other tools to determine how our golden throated new hope, could appear so confused and out of sorts last night.

There are several ways of examining the ‘smaller events’ in our lives. Horary is one of the quickest methods to understand the smaller strokes. What we do is we take the time of the debate and divide it pretty much in half. The left side, or the Ascendant side of the chart, from house 10 to house 3 will be the ‘home team’ or that of the favorite, i.e., the seated president.

Debate Chart divided in half

In this case, Obama, since he is  the man to beat, and owns the all important tenth house of president.  Since a debate is a two person operation, the first house, will specifically represent Obama, while the 7th house, will represent Romney. Strength is everything. So what we are looking for are strong planets, even malicious planets and we want them on our side of the chart.

2012- 1st- presidential-debate

22 Aries rises in the chart. Mars will rule Obama. This is a great start.  In debates, just as in war, nice guys finish last. Having mean planets helps to win.  Mars is a killer. Even better, Obama as Mars, gives him an initial edge, strong by essential dignity, placed in its own sign, Scorpio.  This makes sense. After all, Obama is the is the president, ahead in the poles, and so he is the man to beat.

Which brings us to the obvious, if this is so, why did Obama come off as such an empty shell? One of the problems of being in one’s own sign, is there is little or no need for others, which can result in a bit of complacency. Because a debate is basically a war of words, it is essential to clearly voice the issues. As strong as Mars in Scorpio is, it is a mute or voiceless sign.

Being strong of sign is great, but if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, no matter how strong, you die. This is where what the ancients called accidental dignity comes in.  Accidental dignity measures placement. It is all about, where you are and who you are with and or being influenced by. Feast your eyes on where Mars is placed – all the way over on Romney’s side of the chart!

Whenever we see our planets on the other guys side, we are in the other guys territory. This is a major sign of loss in war charts. Here Obama is not handing Romney his power on a silver platter, he is literally shooting himself in the foot, because as astute astrologers will notice, Obama is smack dab at the cusp of the deadly 8th house.  Modern astrologers, and some others might say, ‘hey,  Mars is not in the 8th, but the 7th but following the ancient precepts of Ptolemy we know that planets thrust forward. Ptolemy taught us that any planet within 5 degrees of the next cusp is already doing the work of that house. And clearly, Obama was on the ropes last night, a confirmation of Ptolemy’s teachings in action – despite the differing signs on the cusps.

Finally, as we said, debates are nothing more than a war of words. Whichever party is more impressive with his words, wins the debate. And so the house of communications, the third cusp, is all important. Once again,  we see even more in the way of problems for the seated president. So the 3rd cusp, with Gemini, Mercury will show the effectiveness of Obama’s words. Here again, Obama is stymied with Mercury, not only on Romney’s side of the chart. To anybody watching, Obama seemed wooden, and there we see Mercury right smack next to cold and removed Saturn.

Romney on the other hand, will be ruled by Venus. Situated in her fall in the 6th house is very weak by sign. However, at least Venus is on her own side of the chart and very importantly, even though she is fallen, in debates words are everything. Even if the voice is highly critical, its better to have one than to be mute.

However, as Yogi Berra said, “it is not over until its over.” This chart seems to imply that no matter how great Romney’s performance was last night, nor how dismal Obama’s was, Romney has a long road ahead of him. Notice, the 10th house, or prize for Romney will be the 4th, not the 10th. Here we have Cancer on the cusp of the 4th, and ruler, Moon on that remove of head’s Algol, and heading towards the South Node. One debate does not an election make.

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Lilly on Love

by on Aug.19, 2012, under Traditional Astrology

Birth of Venus by Botticelli

Birth of Venus by Botticelli

APHORISMS concerning the positure of VENUS.

If Venus be Orientall, and in Essential dignities, and Jupiter in aspect with her, it Prenotes the Woman will be Master.

Venus in the 2nd, argues the Native marries his Wife for Wealth.

Venus in the 6th, the Native marries a Wife of servile or low condition, &c.

Venus in the 4th, in square or opposition to Moon in Aquarius, shewes the Wife to be light:  if she be in Cancer, it portends the Native will be much given to Lechery.

Venus in the 7th, the Native is long ere he marry, and will love Harlots.

Venus in the 11th, the Native will cohabit with a Woman having Children.

Venus in the 10th, the Native marries a gallant noble soule, if in aspect with Jupiter, the more noble.

Venus in the 1st with Saturn, especially if in his owne house, or else in the house of Venus, renders the Native a Wife that is either dishonest, aged, or a very poor, sneaking Wife.

Venus joyned to Mercury in the 4th, or else in Mercury his house, Saturn posited in the 10th, portend the Native will marry a sordid Woman, or of no Quality:  If she be at the same time in any aspect with Mars, she is strangely evill, and will be suspected of sorcery or poisons; in Cancer or Capricorn, it argues a Whore.

Moon in the 4th, and Venus with Saturn in the 9th, the Wife will have no Children, either by reason of age, or defect of nature.

Venus in conjunction with Saturn and Mars in the 6th, advise the Native to beware of Hornes.

Venus and Saturn in conjunction in the 7th, shewes the Native hath no faculty in, or is impotent to beget children.

Venus in conjunction with Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, gives laborious Wives, good Hous-wives, Women affectionately loving their Husbands.

Mars with Venus denote the Wife full of spirit, movable, an ill Huswife, prodigall, and that the Native is or will be an Adventurer.

Saturn mixing his aspect with Venus, encreases licentiousnesse, filthinesse, immodesty.  Jupiter fairenesse, cleanlinesse, modesty.  Mercury varies many times for good or ill, as dignified or unfortunate.

[Riches of the wife.]

Of Riches attending the Wife, or accrewing by her portion, herein you must consider those Planets whom I have specified before, viz. who did behold the Moon by any good aspect, or were in conjunction with her; for if those Planets be benevolent, and essentially fortified, they declare a rich and wealthy Wife, well descended, &c. if they be malevolent Planets and ill dignified, they argue the contrary.

Wherein I must give you this generall caution, viz. that you consider the quality and birth of the Native, before you rashly pronounce a noble Wife, or one well descended, for let us admit I have a Beggars Nativity to calculate, and that he hath Jupiter in Sagittarius, free from all manner of impediment, to signifie the Wife he shall marry:  I shall then describe the person of Jupiter and his conditions, but I will not say she shall be noble or gloriously borne, but will frame this judgment, That he shall marry a Wife so qualified, &c.  But one well descended, as unto his condition viz. perhaps she may be the Daughter of some Tradesman or Farmer, &c. and this unto him and his Beggery, is as if she were noble borne, considering the difference betwixt a Beggar and a Farmer, and whereas being signified by Jupiter, she ought to be rich, &c. without a doubt a Wife so signified shall have some pretty Portion from her Parents or Friends, and shall reduce this poor man and beggar by this her Marriage, to a better kind of living or substance; for the Artist must not predict impossibilities, but to every one Quoad Capax, &c. but to our former purpose.

Generally, the Fortunes, or either of them in the 7th, especially if strong; argue a wealthy Wife, and well descended: malevolent Planets in that house denote much trouble; if they be potent, perhaps the Wife may be rich, but withall ill conditioned.

The Lord of the 7th in the 10th, or Lord of the 10th in the 7th, promises a good Wife.

Lord of the 2nd in the 7th, or Lord of the 7th in the 2nd, promises the same.

Lord of the 12th in the 7th, or Lord of the 7th in the 12th, Usually predicts a poore Wife, ill bred, and of obscure Parents.

Signes of a good Wife.

The happy aspects of Jupiter to Venus or Moon, with reception in Dignities equivalent, shew a wealthy Wife, and Marriage with a person of great Birth.

Lord of the 7th in the 7th, gives an honest simple wife.

Lord of the 7th in the 8th, if he be a Fortune, argues a rich Wife, and borne to have an Inheritance very ample.

Kingly fixed Stars of the first magnitude, neer the cusp of the 7th, if the cusp thereof be also fortunate, these testimonies argue a rich and good dispositioned Wife.

Signes of ill fortune by a Wife.

Malignant Planets in the 7th very strong, denotes Riches with a Wife, but not attainable without some scandall or trouble.

The Infortunes very imbecill in the 7th, notes Wives, or a Wife, very poore, of abject and sordid condition and birth.

The Lord of the 7th in the 6th or 12th, or on the contrary, the Lord of the 6th or 12th in the 7th, shewes the Wife to be either a servant or very poorly borne.

It’s not good for the Native that either Saturn or Mars be in the 7th, unlesse the Fortunes doe aspect them, and be not cadent from the house, for Saturn doth cause sorrow and travell in the matter of Marriage, and Mars doth shew their death and destruction before the Native.

Venus in square or opposition of Moon signifies prejudice by Marriage.

Venus in the 2nd, in an evill aspect of the malevolent Planets, declares detriment by reason of the Wife.

The Moon Lady of the 7th and posited in the 8th, decreasing in light, denies any great felicity in Marriage.

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Lilly’s Letter to Student in Astrological Art

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William Lilly

William Lilly

To The Student In ASTROLOGY

My friend, whoever thou art, that with so much ease shalt receive the benefit of my hard studies, and doth intend to proceed in this heavenly knowledge of the stars, wherein the great and admirable works of the invisible and alglorious God are so manifestly apparent.  In the first place, consider and admire thy Creator, and be thankful unto him, be thou humble, and let no natural knowledge, how profound and transcendent soever it be, elate thy minde to neglect that divine Providence, by whose all-seeing order and appointment, all things heavenly and earthly, have their constant motion, but the more thy knowledge is enlarged, the more do thou magnifie the power and wisdom of Almighty God, and strive to preseve thy self in his favour; being confident, the more holy thou art; and more neer to God, the purer Judgment thou shalt give.  Beware of pride and self-conceit, and remember how that long ago, no irrational Creature obey him, so long as he was Master of his own Reason and Passions, or until he subjected his Will to the unreasonable part.  But alas!  when iniquity abounded, and man gave the reins to his own affection, and deserted reason, then every Beast, Creature and outward harmful thing, became rebellious and unserviceable to his command.  Stand fast, oh man! to thy God, and assured Principles, then consider thy own nobleness, how all created things, both present and to come, were for thy sake created; nay, for thy sake God became Man:  thou art that Creature, who being conversant with Christ, liveth and reignest above the heavens, and sits above all power and authority.  How many Pre-eminences, Priviledges, Advantages hath God bestowed on thee?  thou rangest above the heavens by Contemplation, conceivest the motion and magnitude of the stars; thou talkest with Angels, yea with God himself; thou has all Creatures within thy Dominion, and keepest the Devils in subjection:  Do not then, for shame, deface thy Nature, or make thy self unworthy of such Gifts, or deprive thy self of that great Power, Glory and Blessedness God hath alotted thee, by casting from thee his fear, for possession of a few imperfect pleasures.  Having considered thy God, and what thy self art, during they being Gods servant; now receive instruction how in thy practice I would have thee carry thy self.  As thou daily conversest with the heavens, so instruct and form thy minde according to the image of Divinity; learn all the ornaments of Vertue, be sufficiently instructed therein; be humane, curteous, familiar to all, easie of access, afflict not the Miserable with terror of a harsh Judgment; in such cases, let them know their hard fate by degrees; direct them to call on God to divert his Judgments impending over them; be modest, conversant with the Learned, Civil, Sober man, covet not an cilate; give freely to the poor, both money and judgment:  let no worldly wealth procure an Erroneous Judgment from thee, or such as may dishonour the Art, or this divine Science:  Love good men, cherish those honest men that cordially Study this Art:  Be sparing in delivering Judgment against the Common-wealth thou livest in.   Give not judgment of the death of thy Prince; yet I know experimentally, that Reges Subjucent Legibus Stellarum. Marry a wife of thy own; rejoyce in the number of they friends, avoid law and controversie: in they Study, be Totus in Illis that thou maist be Singulus in Art; be not extravagant or desrious to learn every Science, be not Aliquid in Omnibus; be faithful, tenacious, betray no ones secrets, no, no I charge thee never divulge either friend or enemies trust committed to thy faith.  Instruct all men to Live well, be a good example thy self, avoid the fashion of the times, love thy own Native Country: exprobate no man, no not an enemy:  be not dismayed, if ill spoken of, Conscientia Mille Testes; God suffers no sin unpunished, no lye unrevenged.

B                                 WILLIAM LILLY.

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I am Sorry Your Husband is Dead.

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motorcycle crash

When Melody Hall opened  her door at 11:00 AM, Tuesday, the last thing she expected to see was the police.  Before she could invite them in, they asked her if her husband had any tattoos. Answering yes, they quietly asked her to have a seat. They then told her that her husband had been killed in an accident. Melody could not believe her ears. How could this be?  It is not unusual when hearing dreadful news for people to go into denial, before they accept the inevitable.  She understood the words but she just could not accept them. Perhaps, they were wrong. Is there a way to separate fact fact from fiction?

William Lilly developed a system to evaluate whether news was true or false. Maintaining a very successful astrological practice  during England’s arduous Civil War. As the fires moved closer,  Lilly often received dire news, of one side or the other overcoming nearby cities. A lot of these messages were nonsense. A practical Taurus, by nature, Lilly  got into the habit of noting each time, he heard such news. After examining many such charts, he noticed a distinct pattern.  The news proved true, when the luminaries  and planets were placed where they possessed certain qualities, and so placed, that they could withstand the test of time.

A Report Cambridge was taken by the King's Forces 11 April 1643

A Report Cambridge was taken by the King's Forces 11 April 1643

Most people know that signs are of 4 natures, fiery, earthy, airy and watery. They also have 3 distinct qualities, fixed, moveable, and mutable. The moveable (also known as cardinal signs) are, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Like the first of them, Aries, these signs like to get things going, and as such, are  the fastest of the signs. Always on the go, when we hear a message, and see a great many moveable signs, in the chart, that the rumor will come and go rather quickly. In other words, the message will not be true.

Mutable, signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) are dual in nature. The Gemini twins are two minds, Sagittarius is part man and part beast, and the two opposite swimming fish, of Pisces, are obvious, but the Virgin can seem out of place,  until you notice that she has wings (this is why she can be so grumpy, she belongs in heaven). Also called, double bodied, these signs start out one way, but tend to pull an ‘about face.’ Like the cheating spouse, mutables, want to be loyal, they really do, but they cannot. It’s just not their nature. And so, where we see a chart loaded with mutables the news will prove false.

For the news to be true, Lilly suggests that we find a predominance of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) in the chart.  There is a dogged determination to these signs.  When faced with opposition, these signs do not buckle under or give up. They have the wherewithal to keep on keeping on, when the going gets rough. Possessing a strong dose of mega strength, fixed signs,  stubbornly stick to their original agenda, often to the bitter end. Never knowing when to say ‘when, can cause trouble to fixed people, but when it comes to news, fixity = truth.



The chart, above is the time that Melody received the news. “First I would consider the angles.”  Starting with the fiery, Leo ascendant, all four angles are fixed. Fixed signs on angles act like anchors, to the chart. They can be likened to a house built on a rock solid foundation. In this case, it is a cause to lament, because it infers that she is no longer a wife, but now a widow.  However, there is a glimmer of hope, because we have to examine the ruler, too. And in this case, we find the Sun is placed in double bodied sign, Gemini. The twins are often depicted with one laughing, while the other cries.  Maybe there is more to come.  Wherever we see Gemini, we should look at its boss, Mercury. Sadly, Mercury is strong, at home, in it’s own sign, Gemini.

Lilly said that “Ill rumors shall vanish to nothing, and shall be converted to good; if the Lord of the Ascendant be under the beams or combust.” Combustion is the worst condition a planet can be in. Like Icarus, whatever gets too close, is swallowed up in his fiery force. With Leo rising, and Sun the ‘star’ of this chart, this is impossible.  However, if we shift our focus to the 3rd, the house of the news, we see Venus,  ‘star’ of the 3rd,is so close to the deadly  Sun, that she has been burnt to a crisp! This is very positive news, because not only does this burnt out Venus rule the message, it also rules the messenger! With Taurus on the 10th, Venus rules the police!!  Perhaps, just perhaps, the police were wrong.

The Moon is the most important parts of the chart, because being the quickest in the map, she makes happen. Lilly said that it was important to keep a close eye on the Moon, and the planet to whom the Moon applies. “Ill rumors shall vanish to nothing, and shall be converted to good;  Here we see the Moon in a moveable sign, but also heading towards the deadly modern planet, Pluto.

Saturn rules time.

melody_hall_and husband_credit abc news

Placed in the news house, the ringed planet casts a shadow on the message. As details of the deadly 1:a.m., crash emerged, Melody grew suspicious.  “As soon as he said that, I knew something was wrong. I had seen my husband at 7:00 a.m.” she said.

“It was instant disbelief because it’s the worst thing anybody can say to you – that your husband has been killed, this morning.” She then got up and took the officers to the garage.

“Sure enough, the door to our shed was open, and the lock was missing off of it.” Her husband’s motorcycle and helmet were no where to be seen.

Piecing the puzzle, together, a neighbor decided to go for a midnight joy ride, stealing the bike as the couple slept, running headlong to his end. Evidence of the theft is shown by Uranus exactly opposite the 3rd cusp, and at the same time, the activity ruler, the Moon applies by square.

“Police determined the motorcycle had been stolen, and the thief — whom police have not yet named, but Halls said was a neighbor — died in the accident. ‘ “Although efforts were made to identify the victim of the collision based on the information available at the time, the Medicine Hat Police Service sincerely apologizes for the distress that was caused to the family of the motorcycle owner, when they were incorrectly notified,” ‘ Medicine Hat Police Service Deputy Chief Richard Wigle said in a news release.” more info

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Aphorisms of Nicholas Culpepper 1647

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Nicholas Culpepper

Sign Aphorisms by Nicholas Culpepper 1647

Under Aries are born men of thick hair, white or yellowish, curling long visage, crooked nose, hazel eyes, little ears, short legs, little feet, the first 15 degrees gives a more gross body then the later.

Under Taurus are men of a short and thick stature, big broad men, high forehead, wide nose, great mouth, fat short neck, dark ruddy colour, short arms and thick black hair, big buttocks, short legs slow to move but once angered never pleased again.

Gemini gives a delicate, straight, well composed and well set body, good colour, bright clear eyes, good sight, and piercing; long arms and long hands and feet, large brest, brown hair, good wit, fluent tongue, and apt discourse, yet a man of no great fidelity.

Cancer gives but a short stature; yet the later 15 degrees gives a more full body than the former: you know one sprat may be something bigger than another: the upper parts of the body more thick than the lower: disorder in the teeth, little eyes, blackish hair, a low whinning voice.

Leo a rising gives great head and eyes quick sight, a large lusty strong body; full of metal, courageous, stouthearted, thick broad shoulders; yellowish or flaxen hair; a big great voice, resolute spirit, aspiring brain, of generous, free hearted and courteous disposition.

Virgo arising at a nativity, gives a spare body, yet well composed; a mean stature, lovely brown complexion, great eyes, thick black hair, subtle wit, no great fidelity, aiming at self ends.

Scorpio gives but a short stature, yet a big limbed, full and well set body, strong and active; willful, malicious, false, and deceitful; sad brown hair, dark sallow complexion, short neck; quick in motion of body, but reserved thoughts

Twere pity to have missed Libra, the comeliest of person, and uprightest in condition of all the zodiack.

Libra gives a delicate, comely, straight body; a round, fair and well favored face, hair for the most part flaxen or light brown, but sometimes black; a cheerful well sp ken creature: red lips, cherry cheeks, a tall slender body, courteous, impartial, just and upright in all their dealings.

Under Sagittarius are born strait, well proportioned bodies, strong and well set; of a loving cheerful contenance, high color, oval visage, good horsemen, and great shooters; stout hearted brown hair, and quickly bald.

Capricorn gives a very slender, weakly, many dry and [?] in the face and thin black hair and exceeding thick [?] Oblique or pale of beard [?] [?] [?] middle about the brests; long necked, and disproported body, witty, cholerick, and abdiad ?

Under Aquarius are born men of a middle stature, well shaped, clear skin, fair heritage [?], yet more lovely than beautiful, or curious, yet a handsome comely [?] body, a whitish -bright hair, and sometimes yellow.

Pisces gives a short, ill composed body, yet a good face of clear complexion and color; thick shoulders, brown hair, fat and plump in all parts, an idle body else no way hurtful. (continue reading…)

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Peter Burns Horary Workshop NCGR Sacramento

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Peter Burns has come  all the way from Australia to teach traditional astrology! Peter gave an outstanding presentation, on the Planetary Hours, as well as a tremendous workshop on the Fixed Stars, for San Francisco Astrological Association at Fort Mason, this past April. (continue reading…)

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The Costa Concordia – One Unlucky Cruise

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The Bottle Should Break!The Costa Concordia Friday 13th

The Costa Concordia Friday 13th

At about 2 hours after the sun had dropped into the Mediterranean Sea,  the Costa Concordia, set sail from  Citiavecchio, about 80 kilometers west of Rome, on what it thought was a routine voyage, but on this, Friday the 13th,  things would be anything but routine. Instead the ship would run aground, leading at least 5 unlucky souls to their death,  17 missing and thousands cold and stranded.  What happened on that fateful night, we can only speculate. Astrologers believe that every ending is based upon single beginning. Therefore, ancients were very careful to pay very close attention to every little detail of birth, because they came to believe that the very first moment of holds within it, the seeds of future. It is on this basis, that astrology is based. The very first moment is so important to some Vedic astrologers, that they will pay more attention to an omen than the actual natal chart!

Indeed, omens are so deeply ingrained in the human psyche that even those who scoff at astrology, often cannot help but react when an omen smacks them in the face. Such is the case of the Unlucky Costa Concordia. Many do know that in New York, the home of tall skyscrapers, a 13th floor rarely, if at all, exists,  so strong the superstition in building a 13th floor, but the Costa Concordia, did heed this urban tradition, and housed 13 decks, along with 13 bars, which given the Venus conjoined with Neptune, as we will see, perhaps was not such a good idea.

We do not know what time the Costa Concordia was initially launched on September 2nd, 2005, As you know, that it is customary, just before a ship takes her first plunge into the sea, to christen her by breaking a bottle of champagne on her side – for good luck!!  Listen to the moaning as the bottle refuses to break!

So what happened in the last few hours of Friday the 13th of January,  to  bring this massive skyscraper of a ship to her side, on the tiny Giglio Island ? We can only speculate. However, astrologers know that cruise ship’s future, for better, or for worse, was already noted by the angels, with that first splash the Costa Concordia made at approximately 7pm, local time, when she left the harbor of Citavechhio and headed out to sea.


William Lilly and the ancients drew out precise instructions for shipping with the first house representing the ship and all who sail in her.

Looking at the first house, we see that partying sign of Leo rises, we can assume that there was a festive and upbeat atmosphere on the ship, when it set sail. Such a playful feeling that some astute passengers were keen to notice that there were no safety drills as are the normal procedures. This casual attitude at launch is the first sign that those on board are in harm’s way because their ruler, the Sun  is placed in one of the weakest sector of the chart, the house of illness, known as the 6th house.  In general, the Sun has to do with all things royal. And we could say that those onboard represented the crème de la crème of society, and is very descriptive of a ship filled with the upper echelon of society,  dressed to the ‘nines’ and enjoying themselves to the fullest, but so placed completely in the dark as to the dangers that lurked just ahead. At about 9:15 pm,  “we heard a crash. Glasses and plates fell down and we went out of the dining room and we were told it wasn’t anything dangerous” according to Gert Hammer, 65 , told The Associated Press she was eating her first course, when the ship lurched to its side.

Even though the ship had run aground, passengers were told it was but a minor electrical error. Notice the Moon conjoined to Mars in the 3rd house, a clear sign of a big whopper!! Also notice that the ancients said that because the angle of the 6th house did not divide evenly into the circle, that it could not ‘see’ and was thus a ‘blind’ house. And indeed, with the passengers were kept ‘in the dark’ about what was really going on for another 45 minutes when the power went off and chaos erupted. And again indicative of that Moon and Mars combo in the house of communications, in many cases, passengers said authorities contradicted one another, telling them one thing and then reversing course.

The Sun is also the natural representative of royalty, on a ship, it will have a lot to say about the methods of the the top brass on board,  specifically the captain. It also insinuates that the captain might have been very slow to react because we notice the Sun is at hard angle to planet of  death,  Saturn.  If this were not enough, looking to the section denoting the captain, we see the very stubborn Taurus astride the cusp of the captain’s house, the tenth sector. This makes the ever handsome and charming, Venus the captain’s planetary emissary. Notice, Venus is in the house of others, the seventh, specifically with Neptune, the planet of illusion.  Where Neptune goes, drugs, and alcohol, all too often follow. Also, Taurus, being both fixed and earthy, is the most stubborn of the signs, on the house of the captain. Hit the following link, and you can hear (albeit in beautiful Italian),  Captain Francesco Schettino, tell tgcom24, that the ship impacted a rock, ‘that was not marked. ‘

We do not know for certain, but some have said that the captain of the vessel was seen leaving the ship before the people had been evacuated! At this time, the captain claimed there should have been water where the rock was! Although, the villagers of Giglio claim they had never seen the ship come so close to the island before. At this time Captain Schettino is in custody, and could face manslaughter charges.

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