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Summer Solstice Over Honduras by Gerson Pelafsky

by on Jul.29, 2009, under Forecasts, Traditional Astrology


As of this moment, the ousted president of Honduras, President Manuel Zelaya and his supporters are sitting on the border of Honduras trying to return to his country and regain his presidency.

I had some free time recently to finally take a look into the Honduran situation. For a quick recap, a coup d’ etat, took place in Honduras on which took place several weeks ago on June 28th. The coup ousted elected President Manuel Zelaya and has been roundly condemned by governments all over the world. As usual, the Solar Ingress chart, better known as the Summer Solstice, once again, furnishes a great many interesting clues which help our understanding of the facts.

I find in the pages of Flowers of Astrology by Abu Ma’shar translated and available through Ben Dykes ( some remarks about the role of fixed stars afflicting significator on the chart.


June,20. 11:46 p.m; Tegucicalpa(87w13/14n6) Asc:28 Piscis 35; M.C. 28 Sag 56

A list of stars is furnished by Abu Ma’shar and Ptolemy, are said to be of the nature of Mars and Saturn, and therefore, will be the object of our consideration, which I will not, however, be presenting now (begging your pardon ;-).

According to the great master, Abu Massar, “when the lord of a house in the ingress chart is in conjunction with some star, it will affect the matters of that house.” (Ben Dikes’ commentary on Abu Mashar’s “Flowers”).

Here we see that Mercury, the lord of house 7 is conjunct the fixed star, Aldebaran. Abu Massar says of this, “…If the lord of the 7th house from ascendant of the revolution of the year is with any of these stars, litigants and those making war against the king will be multiple, and will kill each other… society will torn apart by much discord (chapter 6 of “Flowers”). [ed.note: while this is not the Spring Ingress, there is no reason we cannot use the same rules for all seasonal ingresses of the Sun that Abu Massar presents).

Sagittarius is on the cusp of the house of kings and rulers, the 10th house. Notice, that the lord of the 10th, Jupiter finds itself in a cadent house. Cadent houses, were called, ‘falling’ houses. In this case, this places Manuel Zelaya’s planetary representative in the 12th house. This was said by the ancients to be the house of exile and prison. We also notice that the natural ruler of kings and presidents, the Sun sits in the house of the opposition, while at the same time the ruler of the 10th, Jupiter is being applied to by the lord the crisis and death house ruler, Mars. The perfection of which, took place in just a little more than a week after the Summer Solstice. And history follows suit, on June 28th, President of Honduras was arrested and sent into exiled by the military.

We notice also that the Lord of the Part of War, the Moon, is with the fixed star known as the ‘Bull’s Eye’ Aldebaran. The part of War is calculated by considering the relationship of the planet of the grave, Saturn to the natural rulers of the common people, the Moon and the Ascending degree.

We can infer from where the threat came, by the fortitude of the planets. Mercury, [ruler of the 4th] which we saw represents those who oppose, and make war against the “king” is in his own domicile, Gemini, his own house, and also in his own triplicity. When ”a planet is in his own house, evil will arise from their own domestic friends and alliances. If it is in his exaltation, say it will proceed from some of the nobles, princes, dukes, or such that are in high power and authority or near unto the ‘crown;’ but if in his triplicity, from such as have their dependency on the aforesaid nobility” (Ramsey-Astrologia Restaurata,book 2 section 2 available from Todd Carnes website

In this case, we see, Mercury which shows the alliances of the king. This may refer to those in the legislature, deputies; those have dependency on the nobles. There is evidence that this could indicate the military generals who are allies of the dominant class- because Mercury is also with military star Aldebaran.

OCOTAL, Nicaragua —” When Ángel Hsiky, a farm worker, heard his ousted president’s call for supporters to help him return to Honduras, he threw a change of clothes in a knapsack, kissed his wife and 9-month-old boy goodbye and headed to the Nicaraguan border… “We’ve come to bring our president back home,” said Mr. Hsiky, 23, who is from Mr. Zelaya’s Olancho Province in central Honduras.

“Since Mr. Zelaya arrived here on Friday to taunt the de facto government that exiled him a month ago, hundreds of Hondurans have answered his call to join him just across the border in Nicaragua.”

How did it come to this? 

How did Manuel Zelaya lose power?

Gerson Pelafsky takes a look:

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Antares Over North Korea by Gerson Pelafsky

by on Jul.04, 2009, under Traditional Astrology

There were more aggressive moves made by the North Korean Government. This is not surprising, given that the fixed star Antares was occulted by the Moon on July 4,according to IOTA’s site:

The occultation was visible in Japan and Hawaii. Antares is a military star.  This suggests  troop movements or affairs related to weapons, which may affect those places where the occultation would be visible in the sky – Hawaii.  In fact, North Korea has launched missiles prior to this. Most of which were  directed towards Japanese waters. In the last few days, however, there have been many more threats.  Of course, there is the added symbolism of the July 4 celebrations surrounding Independence Day in the United States. They say that they have the capacity to reach the waters near Hawaii. Thus, according to recent news, an anti-missile defense system has been put into action in Hawaii.

By KWANG-TAE KIM, Associated Press Writer Kwang-tae Kim, Associated Press
Writer   – Sat Jul 4, 9:49 am ET

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea fired seven ballistic missiles off its eastern coast Saturday, South Korea said, a violation of U.N. resolutions and an apparent message of defiance to the United States on its Independence Day.


[editor’s note, Gerson wrote this on July 3rd 2009, and today we see, once again, he is right as we see below]

Thus, according to recent news, an anti-missile defense system has been put into action in Hawaii. Can we locate this thread by the analysis of the recent Cancer ingress solar chart?

June 21,2009  2:46 P.M. Pyol’chang- North Korea-  126E26/39N17


A brief look shows us that Mars is quite angular, which gives it the ability to act, in house 7, which is the house of others. Since Mars is a very aggressive planet, its placement in this house, clearly shows the military threat directed to the “enemies.” In his Book of Astronomy, Bonatti gives directions to find the lot of war. [editor’s note: an excellent translation of Bonatti’s masterpiece is available, at  on sale, soon, but in short supply].

“The part of warfare and boldness is taken by day from Saturn to Moon and then projected from the Ascendant.”  We can translate this to the following:

Asc 28 Libra   + Moon 7 Gemini  – Saturn 15 Virgo 57  =    19 Cancer

By system of quadrants, this places the lot of war at 19 Cancer, squarely in the 9th house of foreigners. This affects not only the 9th, however, but also the government and leadership of Korea because the ruler of the 10th house of governmental leadership, has Leo on the cusp, and the Sun is in the same sign, the ultra patriotic sign of Cancer.  Therefore, there is much identification between the ‘king’ or in this case, dictator. The Moon, is lord of the Part of Warfare, and sits in the house of terror and death, the 8th, very close to the red eyed bull, Aldebaran, which is one of the ‘royal stars’ and very much related to Cor Scorpio, also known as Antares which links both the occultation chart and the ingress.

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Spring in Tehran By Gerson Pelafsky

by on Jun.27, 2009, under Algol, Forecasts, Traditional Astrology

Some political commentators have been calling the recent events on Iran as “Spring of Tehran,” which is a reference to the famous Spring of Praga when winds of freedom blew on the decrepit structures of ancient communist regime of Thecoslovaquia. In the same way significant sectors of the Iranian people are protesting on the streets, craving as they are for liberty and changes. (continue reading…)
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