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Dorothy J. Kovach to speak on finance April 8th in San Francisco

by on Mar.31, 2009, under Financial, Forecasts, Lectures & Workshops, Traditional Astrology

Dorothy J. Kovach will be speaking on Financial Astrology in San Francisco on Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at 7:30p.m.

Come on out and see how traditional astrological methods clearly predicted the current fiscal mess, while the official financial pundits sat on their hands.

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Rep. Ackerman on Madoff fraud

by on Feb.07, 2009, under Financial, Traditional Astrology

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This is not only a good video to see how ineffectual the SEC has become, but also a quick lesson on temperaments. A lot of teachers spend a lot of time, often putting all but those who live on coffee, to sleep with a lot of plus and minus signs, when all they need to is to observe the person. In the following video, we have Congressman Gary Ackerman, who represents the Bayside Queens, New York congressional district. On the surface, he exhibits classical traits the choleric temperament.

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Year of the OX

by on Jan.31, 2009, under Financial, Forecasts, Traditional Astrology

OX Year
Welcome year of the Ox. Happy New Year!!

It may be the year of the bull, but will markets listen?  The year, 4,707 in the Chinese calendar arrived on Monday, heralding in the year of the ox or cow. To my way of thinking, this is the ‘real’ based upon the lunar calendar. The western calendar, the so called Julian-Gregoian, which starts on January first each year, is but a man made creation. In other words, it is not based upon anything cosmic. I, therefore, much prefer to celebrate this annual beginning instead.

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More on Madoff

by on Jan.07, 2009, under Algol, Financial, Traditional Astrology

Friday’s child is said to be giving… perhaps Bernie thought he was?

As per request, here is my rectification of Bernard Madoff. I believe using western and eastern methods that he was born at 6:30 a.m., Bronx, NY. This gives him a 18 Taurus rising.  It is interesting that 18 Taurus places his rising sign in the Lunar mansion, Barani, which is said to be an empty cup. Certainly, for those who invested with him, his cup only appeared to runneth over. Again, this is a rectification, so therefore, it is subject to change if some intrepid astro-sleuth has any friends in birth records in Albany, who can get a birth certificate, please let me know.

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Should I invest in this fund (Bernie Madoff)?

by on Jan.01, 2009, under Algol, Financial, Forecasts, Traditional Astrology

Happy New Years!!

Welcome all new members, and friends!!

While we are on the subject of Bernie Madoff,  I have been alerted that back in June of 2006, the very brilliant astrologer, Ruhama Veltfort received a question asking whether he should invest in x fund. Which she shared with our august list.  Well, x fund turns out to be Bernard Madoff!  Angelicus Merlin As usual, with a Bernie Madoff fund, everything is shrouded in such secrecy, that the client didn’t even want to mention the name of the fund…but it turned out to be Bernard Madoff’s ponzi fund!!

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Bernard Madoff Arrest

by on Dec.16, 2008, under Financial, Traditional Astrology

Welcome to the new Blog on World Astrology Network. As many know, I am not exactly what you call a techno whiz. Anton has been marvelous in getting our website moved over. Hopefully, we will have many of the old articles, ebooks and links back up and running.

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