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Heads Up! July Writer’s Astrological Almanac

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Heads Up!

The Writer’s Astrological Almanac

By Kathy Watts

July 2016

(all times are PDT)

July starts on a Friday (the day of the week for Venus) with the Moon just slipping into super-writer-friendly Gemini. We can spend the whole darn month working and feeling good about everything and everyone. Yes, we can. Only Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are retrograde now. The other inner planets are all direct. We can let the outer world go spin its wheels as we get on with our inner lives a bit more often.

Fri July 01 the Moon is in Gemini and will be there until early Sunday morning. Be your best mercurial, inventive, clever self and see how much you learn and accomplish.

Sun July 03 the Moon is in the tail end of Gemini as the Sun makes a trine with Neptune at 4:01 am. Dream something beautiful and useful. At 6:20 am the Moon exchanges Gemini for Cancer. Take a break and let the world entertain you. Take notes. That night at 9:29 pm the Moon conjoins Mercury. It’s still quite the mercurial day. The mind may resist calming down. It’s also the day before the New Moon. Heads Up and have a safe, spectacular tomorrow.

Mon July 04 the Moon is in Cancer all day. Many astrologers use July 04 as the birthday of the US, meaning that the US was “born” with the Sun in Cancer. The New Moon at 12 Can occurs at 4:01 am. Let freedom ring, and all that, all day long! Remember your roots. At 6:09 pm the Moon conjoins Venus. Say things more sweetly. At 9:44 pm the Moon makes a trine with Mars. The good times may just keep rolling!

Tue July 05 the Moon is in the end of Cancer when Mercury trines Neptune. Long term mischief, or long term dreams. Are you writing a long work? Why not?

Wed July 06 the Moon is in Leo when the Sun conjoins Mercury. Give the analytical side a short rest and see what the intuitive side has to offer.

Thu July 07 the Moon is still in Leo when Mercury opposes Pluto at 4:55 am. Dreams can reveal hidden conflict. Writers can always use that. At 3:27 pm the Sun itself opposes Pluto. You, or a character, can say ‘no’ if necessary. At 3:41 pm the Moon leaves Leo and enters hopefully calmer Virgo. The work environment may get smoother.

Fri July 08 the Mon is in Virgo when Mercury is sextile Jupiter. Organize a big chunk of a plot, or get more of that outline done.

Sat July 09 the Moon conjoins Jupiter in Virgo at 2:32 am. It’s a lucky weekend full of low-key socializing. At 10:41 pm the Sun forms a sextile Jupiter. Read, or write, part of that book you’re enjoying.

Sun July 10 the Moon is in Libra when Mercury trines Mars. It’s easy to get started, and harder than usual to stop.

Mon July 11 the Moon is in Libra when Venus changes signs, leaves Cancer and enters more exciting Leo. Beauty and aesthetics reach for a higher level.

Wed July 13 the Moon is in Scorpio all day. At 5:47pm Mercury imitates Venus, leaves Cancer and enters the sign of Leo. Thoughts get bigger, more playful and more self-centered. We are getting a month of Wednesdays with the Moon in Fixed signs.

Thu July 14 the Moon conjoins Mars in Scorpio. (For better or worse, Mars is no longer retrograde). Passions are high and the urge to act is strong. Heads Up, and Happy Bastille Day.

Fri July 15 the Moon in Sagittarius trines Mercury at 8:42 am. Hold a constructive conversation if you you’re not fully away yet. At 10:46 am the Moon trines Venus. You can say or write exactly the right thing without even trying. In the evening, the Moon conjoins Saturn retrograde at 10:45 pm. Don’t rush to judgment on anything you’ve done today.

Sat July 16 the Moon is in Sagittarius when Mercury and Venus form a conjunction in Leo. This is at 2:59 pm. Sizing up people and doing what pleases everyone is possible today. Consider your audience. Leo cares about the audience. Later, the Sun trines Mars at 8:45 pm. Look for a fiery but constructive resolution to a plot complication. It’s Trinity Day, the 71st anniversary of the first atomic test.

Mon July 18 the Moon conjoins Pluto in Capricorn at 6:25 pm. If feeling insecure today, the evening will be calmer. At 11:28 pm Mercury makes a trine with Saturn retrograde. Tomorrow may have its and starts but what you produce will hold up to scrutiny.

Tue July 19 we have the Full Moon at 27 Cap at 3:57 pm, after which the Moon promptly goes void of course. Not until 8:10 pm does the Moon enter Aquarius. You have all day to thrash out as much work as you please. Be ambitious.

Wed July 20 the Moon is in Aquarius all day. You’re still ambitious, right? You’re writing for a bigger audience than you realize.

Thu July 21 the Moon is still in Aquarius all day. It’s the last day that the Sun spends in the sign of Cancer. Tomorrow the world may be brasher, bolder, hotter, and more playful. Heads Up.

Fri July 22 the Moon is newly in Pisces when the Sun changes signs at 2:30 am, leaving Cancer and entering its own home sign of Leo. Heads Up. It may be time to consider somewhat bigger risks or gambles for what stirs your passions. At 9:54 pm the Moon conjoins Neptune in Pisces. Dream away!

Mon July 25 the Moon conjoins Uranus in Aries at 11:19 pm. Work on something new, or on something old but from an unexpected perspective.

Wed July 27 the Moon is in Taurus all day. Your writing chops are good and your feet are on the ground. Mercury is trine Uranus at 12:45 am. Expect a day of mischief, if not a night of mischievous dreams. The Moon makes a trine with Pluto at 11:12 am. Go head and change, rearrange, add, or cut anything in order to make the total work better. At 8:44 pm the Moon makes a trine with Jupiter. Feel good about it all, and don’t feel compelled to show it to anyone. Be happy for the trines. These are all heavy hitting planets.

Thu July 28 the Moon leaves Taurus and enters Gemini at 11:17 am. How great to have two passes at writer-friendly Gemini in the same month.

Fri July 29 the Moon is in Gemini all day. At 1:49 pm Mercury makes a square with Mars. Hit the self-criticism button if you must but don’t get into an argument with yourself. Set it aside. At 2:06 pm Uranus pauses in the sky and turns stationary retrograde. Now all three outer planets, plus Saturn (but not for long) are retrograde. Get on with your life.

Sat July 30 the Moon is in Gemini when at 11:18 am Mercury zips out of Leo and enters its nocturnal home sign of Virgo. Heads Up. It’s prime editing season. (It will be even better when Mercury turns retrograde on August 30.) At 2:09 pm the Moon leaves Gemini and enters its home sign of Cancer. It is so tea time! Twenty-one minutes later at 2:30 pm the Moon makes a sextile with Mercury. It remains a mercurial day after all. See what your friends are up to. They’re always inspiring, for good or ill.

It’s a blockbuster kind of month when you can get a lot done to your own satisfaction. You know that things need time to gel before they’re ready to share with the world, so you won’t rush anything out the door. If it all seems a bit self-indulgent, perhaps it is, but that’s fine. You’ll be sharing more of yourself than you intend just be being out with friends, talking and networking with associates and colleagues (and you have a lot more of these than you realize.), and relaxing and musing with trusted family and other intimates. Indulge those passions and create! Life is for living, and don’t writers and artists know that! In lots of ways, this is one mercurial month. Heads Up!


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