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Heads Up! The February 2012 Writer’s Astrological Almanac

by on Feb.01, 2012, under Forecasts, Traditional Astrology

Happy February!

Wed Feb 01 gives us the Moon moving into Gemini. We start the month off with a writing bash that lasts until Friday evening. Put on that extra sweater, socks, maybe turn up the heat, or cuddle closer to your laptop, and indulge your writing passion while the outside world does its chill winter thing (assuming you’re in the northern hemisphere or not in the tropics, Hawaii or Key West or some other classic writer refuge). Also today, Venus exactly opposes Mars retrograde. Ah, Love on the tips of both horns. Perhaps paper (or bytes) are the best place to put passions today.

Thu Feb 02 the Moon trines Mercury, a nice touch to add when the Moon is already in Mercury’s home sign of Gemini. Ideas should be in generous supply today. Take notes.

Fri Feb 03 the Moon is still in Gemini when Neptune finally leaves the sign of Aquarius and moves into Pisces. This is the modern home sign for Neptune (traditional astrologers still prefer Pisces being ruled by Jupiter). Regardless, if we can keep our illusions, addictions and fantasies in check, this has to be good for all things artistic and visionary. Neptune will experience a retrograde period later this year, but it will go direct again at 00Pis22. Neptune, say goodbye to Aquarius. To celebrate, blast some of your favorite music, or have a private film festival.

Tue Feb 07 the Moon is in Leo when the Sun conjuncts Mercury. Five hours later Saturn goes stationary retrograde in the last degree of Libra. This is a long slow Heads Up. This can stall progress with relationships, romantic or business. And, heck, it’s the very middle of the Via Combusta. The only good thing I can think about this is, at least Saturn is answering to Venus, to the extent that Saturn listens to anything. Eight hours later, we get the Full Moon at 18Leo. Ask for something noble, grand, and worth sharing with the world. Fifty minutes later, the Moon opposes Mercury. Don’t get hyper-self-critical but take this chance to look at your ideas with a fresh pair of eyes. Later that night, Venus changes signs, leaves Pisces and begins the zodiac again when she enters Aries. Something beautiful can be born anew or get a second chance.

Wed Feb 08 the Moon enters Virgo in the morning. Look forward to a focused day of work, with minimum excitement and psychodrama. We are getting a month of 5 Wednesdays with the Moon in mutable signs. The first and last Wednesdays, the Moon is in Gemini. Write about people, don’t let them swamp you, and you should make some serious progress.

Thu Feb 09 the Moon is in Virgo all day. This is not quite as good as the Moon in Gemini, but it’s not bad. Edit something you wrote yesterday. Venus conjuncts Uranus in early Aries today. Start something beautiful even if it’s tiny, just for yourself. Evening, the Moon conjuncts Mars retrograde. Brainstorm.

Sun Feb 12 the Moon conjuncts Saturn in the end of Libra, then goes void of course. Remember to be nice and appreciate small kindnesses. Don’t let self-criticism run rampant. You’re doing fine. Now say it again.

Mon Feb 13 the Moon is in Scorpio all day. Get serious. This afternoon, Mercury changes signs and enters Pisces. Your thoughts may take a more philosophic bend. Before day’s end, Mercury conjuncts Neptune. Write and create uncensored but think twice before saying something out loud.

Wed Feb 15 the Moon is in Sagittarius all day. Be adventurous in your work.

Thu Feb 16 the Moon is still in Sagittarius when Mercury sextiles Jupiter. You can do lots of little favors, especially for writer friends, but don’t get swept away with it.

Fri Feb 17 the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. It’s also the last day of the month that the Sun spends in the sign of Aquarius. Heads Up. Stay pleasant and practical, and don’t let anyone tell you that you haven’t accomplished enough.

Sat Feb 18 the Moon is in Capricorn all day. The Sun trines Saturn today. Responsibility doesn’t have to be a burden. Just do what you need to do. Later, the Sun leaves Aquarius and moves into the sign of Pisces. Heads Up. The world takes on a more ethereal, emotional quality. Give yourself, your work, and others, more slack for the next month.

Sun Feb 19 the Moon enters Aquarius. That night, the Sun conjuncts Neptune in the very first degree of Pisces. Heads Up. This could be one of the moodiest and frustrated-feeling days of the year. Socially, be cool and cheerful. Save all that quality angst for your plots and characters. This could be a very spiritual day, too. Do something soulful.

Mon Feb 20 the Moon is in Aquarius all day. The big deal is, tomorrow is the New Moon. Automatic Heads Up. Take care of your own stuff, and don’t let yourself feel cut off from others.

Tue Feb 21 a very dark Moon conjuncts Neptune in the morning, then about three hours later we have the New Moon at 02Pis. We can find a way to stay practical and still express our feelings. Start something compassionate.

Wed Feb 22 the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Pisces. Writers need to analyze feelings as well as experience them. Keep your characters honest. Two hours later the Moon opposes Mars retrograde then goes void of course. This may be a day better suited to planning than to the execution of plans.

Thu Feb 23 the Moon is in Aries when Mercury opposes Mars retrograde. Rethink, reevaluate, and be happy at any changes or alterations you decide are wise to make. There’s no need to get angry with yourself over anything.

Fri Feb 24 the Moon conjuncts Uranus in Aries. Innovate, invent, dare to explore and experiment. Look forward to a wild weekend, then keep it as under control as you want and need.

Sat Feb 25 the Moon conjuncts Venus in Aries. See and create beauty in places and ways that you’ve never noticed before. Have charming conversations, then go home and write vibrant personal poetry.

Sun Feb 26 the Moon enters Taurus early in the day. That evening, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter. If the day is too slow-paced for you, go write an action scene or something with a big car wreck, then be happy the day is so slow and serene.

Tue Feb 28 the Moon enters Gemini in the evening. We have from now till early Friday morning March 02 to indulge, promote, and progress with our writing schemes. It’s not a bad way to close out the month. Is there something you started this month that would be quick to finish? Go for it.

Wed Feb 29 the Moon is in Gemini all day. Yes, we are getting a leap day, a Wednesday no less, with the Moon in Gemini. Don’t squander it. Do something special, out of the ordinary, and maybe something you’ve been saving for just such as day as this.

While this month has some rough stretches, there are plenty of powerful positives to get us through. The first week, both Jupiter and Saturn are in signs ruled by Venus. Mars may be retrograde and some things done now may need to be done over, but at least Mars in in Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury. We can be more careful and considerate, and perhaps a bit less manic. Resolve to keep on track, as slowly as you please. Jupiter in Taurus likes steadiness of effort, and certainly Pluto in Capricorn likes effort. Uranus in Aries likes effort, too. Be brave, resilient, cheerful, and confident. Do good things all month long. Heads Up!

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