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Head Up! The June 2012 Writer’s Astrological Almanac

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Heads Up!

The Writer’s Astrological Almanac

by Kathy Watts

June 2012

Spring is turning into Summer! We start June on Friday (the day of the week for Venus) with the Moon entering the sign of Scorpio. Take people seriously, especially friends and loved ones,  this month. Work on relationships, and then let them help you. Midday, Mercury conjuncts Venus retrograde at 17Gem. Let your words (written, spoken or even just thought) come from the heart. 

Sun Jun 03 the Moon is in Sagittarius when Mercury forms a trine to Saturn. Despite the Sagittarius optimism, it’s still a good day for serious thoughts. Also, it’s the day before the Full Moon, which will be an eclipse. Let’s give this a Heads Up. Consider what you want to share with the world.

Mon Jun 04 we get the Full Moon at 14Sag. This may be the month to be big minded and big hearted. Later in the day, Neptune goes stationary retrograde at 03Pis. Enjoy a touch more reality and a touch less fantasy. Neptune stays retrograde until midNovember and almost makes it out of Pisces, but not quite. For the next five months, write long emotional tirades, then hide or burn them.

Tue Jun 05 the Moon is in Capricorn when the Venus conjuncts the Sun. In fact, Venus transits across the face of the Sun. This won’t happen again until 2111, and it’s a momentous sight. (Call me silly, but I think astrology is all the more powerful when you actually see what and where the planets are. Consider checking out the live webcam for this, from the Mauna Kea Observatory.) Love and beauty may seem scarce, but they can be all the more intense if you put them into your work. Later, the Moon conjuncts (and occults) Pluto, not that this is exactly visible. It’s a day of direct hits, but take none of it personally. Heads Up anyway.

Wed Jun 06 the Moon is in Capricorn all day. You can enjoy your work, and do a lot of it today.

Thu Jun 07 the Moon is void of course in Capricorn when Mercury changes signs and moves into Cancer. Thoughts change to home, hearth, and maybe too many snack foods.

Fri Jun 08 the Moon is in Aquarius all day. This can be good for socializing and networking. In the evening, Mercury makes a trine with Neptune. Find kindred spirits first, then say everything in your head.

Sat Jun 09 the Moon conjuncts Neptune in the evening. Remember your dreams and perhaps incorporate some of those memories into prose or poetry.

Mon Jun 11 the Moon is void of course in Pisces when Jupiter changes signs, leaving Taurus to enter Gemini. Expect to have a lot to say for the next year. Take copious notes. Start a journal, or a podcast. Others will also have a lot to say, so be prepared to listen.

Tue Jun 12 the Moon conjuncts Uranus in Aries. This being the day of the week for Mars, look for high energy and motivation to face challenges. Let your characters get into mischief, though, and personally avoid the fray if you can.

Wed Jun 13 the Moon is in Aries all day. This might be a good day to focus on yourself and your own stuff. It’s not as selfish as it sounds, given that today we also get a Sun-Saturn trine to keep us respectable and honest. You’re permitted be serious about your own stuff sometimes. Make it good.

Sat Jun 16 the Moon enters Gemini late in the evening. We have from now until Tuesday morning to make the most of the writer’s life and mindset. Set a word count, and/or check off that list of emails and phone calls to return. You can be sublimely in touch with people during this period.

Sun Jun 17 in the very early hours, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in early Gemini. (The Moon occults Jupiter, actually, so it might be worth going out to see this, weather permitting). Be generous to others, and ambitious towards your own goals. Do as much as you can while you can; the Moon moves fast. That afternoon, the Moon conjuncts Venus retrograde. Pause for a moment and pay attention to how you feel about people. Your characters will benefit from this sort of introspection.

Mon Jun 18 the Moon is in Gemini all day. Heads Up anyway, because tomorrow is the New Moon. Don’t behave rashly with so much Gemini energy in the air. Think safe and don’t let people distract or disorganize you.

Tue Jun 19 we have the New Moon at 28Gem. (The New Moon in May was also in Gemini, if you recall.) The final degrees of a sign can be the most intense, so consider using this New Moon for some intense progress in your work. The Moon will be void of course for two and half hours before entering Cancer. Today is also the last day this year with the Sun in the sign of Gemini. Tomorrow the world may seem a bit less hurried, wired, and a bit more emotional. Heads Up.

Wed Jun 20 the Moon is in Cancer all day long. In late afternoon, the Sun changes signs and leaves Gemini to enter Cancer. With both the Sun and Moon in Cancer (which is ruled by the Moon), be happy that it’s a mercurial Wednesday. Even if you never leave the house today, you can still get a lot of writing done. It’s also the summer solstice, the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere. Cast yourself an ingress chart for a peek at what the next three months may be like for you.

Thu Jun 21 the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Cancer, then goes void of course until the evening when the Moon enters Leo. Domestic or patriotic themes may be appealing today. They’re always appropriate and interesting to readers. Jane Austin and Tom Clancy have this going for them, and look at their popularity.

Mon Jun 25 the Moon is in Virgo all day. Concentrate on the little stuff and watch it vanish. Saturn goes stationary direct at 22 Lib very early in the day. You might be able to resolve a real-life conflict, or a plot complication. That night, Mercury changes signs and enters fiery glamorous Leo. Think fun and glitz.

Tue Jun 26 The Moon conjuncts Mars in Virgo, then goes void of course. Don’t get impatient or bored. Write a foul argument between two characters, then set it aside, or maybe just delete it. Venting is where you find it.

Wed Jun 27 the Moon is in Libra all day. Work on something pleasant. Today is also the end of the Venus retrograde, as in the morning Venus goes stationary direct at 07 Gem. Look forward to pleasant progressive socializing and artistic achievements as Venus sashays forward through Gemini.

Thu Jun 28 the Moon conjuncts Saturn and goes void of course until entering Scorpio twelve hours later. This is the day of the week for Jupiter, though, so don’t feel grim. Feel competent and responsible.

June may seem to have a subdued quality, starting and ending with so much Saturn and Scorpio, but this is the month when the Sun shines the highest in the sky and does so as a guest in the house of playful Mercury (when the Sun is still in Gemini) and later in the house of the bright sensitive Moon (when the Sun moves into Cancer). Enjoy the lush growing world, and add your own creations to the mix of beauty and newness. When so many people are facing upcoming vacations or the end of a school year, we get to dig in deeper and produce fantastic works of art that ring and sparkle with sunshine, and moonlight. Reach out to others, let them reach in to you, and advance! Heads Up!

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