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Heads Up! The Writer’s Astrological Almanac June

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Heads Up!

The Writer’s Astrological Almanac

By Kathy Watts

June 2016

(all times are PDT)

June starts on a Wednesday, Mercury’s day of the week. That can keep the little mind active! The Sun itself is in Gemini, too. Do good things with this. Mars, Saturn, and Pluto are all retrograde now. By the middle of the month Neptune will be retrograde, too. Don’t be in too big a rush to do anything. Take your time. Do your best.

Wed Jun 01 the Moon conjoins Uranus in Aries. Heads Up. A frivolous little surprise is always a good excuse for a work break. Don’t let it eat the day.

Fri Jun 03 the Moon conjoins Mercury in Taurus. Work hard and be sociable. Yes, you can do both, although maybe not at the same time. At 8:01 pm the Moon leaves Taurus and enters the sign of Gemini. We have from now until Sunday evening to make the most of our mercurial inclinations and talents. Go for it. It’s also the day before the New Moon. Be safe. Heads Up.

Sat Jun 04 the Moon is in Gemini when the Sun squares Jupiter at 3:57 am. There will be more that you want to do than there will be time to do it in. If you don’t already have a to-do list, make one early in the day. At 5:49 pm Venus squares Jupiter. You may not like what you’ve done. Set it aside. Judge later. The Moon conjoins Venus at 7:08 pm. Relax doing, reading, or watching something calming. Not quite an hour later, at 8:00 pm we have the New Moon at 14 Gem. You have the entire lunar month to get all those things you’ve wanted to say or write out into the world.

Sun Jun 05 the Moon changes signs, leaves Gemini and enters Cancer at 8:41 pm. Did you have a productive, stimulating weekend?

Mon Jun 06 the Moon is in Cancer when the Sun conjoins Venus in Gemini. Heads Up. Love what you do and how you do it. Do more!

Wed Jun 08 the Moon is in Leo all day. Go for the gold.

Thu Jun 09 the Moon is in Leo when Mercury opposes Mars. Heads Up. Save editing for another time because you may not like anything for very long. Do fresh work, work fast, and set it aside for now.

Sat Jun 11 the Moon conjoins Jupiter in Virgo. Enjoy some socializing and maybe limit your work to organizing or putting a few things away, perhaps where they belong.

Sun Jun 12 the Moon is void of course in Virgo when Mercury changes signs, leaves Taurus and enters its home sign of Gemini. Heads Up! The mind may shift into overdrive. This may be a better time for brainstorming and outlining rather than pumping up the word count. At 5:33 pm the Moon enters Libra and nine minutes later the Moon trines Mercury. People may want to talk to you. Unless you’ve locked yourself in the closet to write, you could enjoy it and consider it research.

Mon Jun 13 the Moon is in Libra when Neptune turns stationary retrograde in Pisces. People may take up more time, idle daydreaming less.

Wed Jun 15 starts off at 12:00 am with the Moon trining Venus and going void of course in Libra. Enjoy sweet dreams, or at least non-disturbing ones. At 6:18 am the Moon enters Scorpio where it stays for the rest of the day. Get serious about doing what you’re serious about anyway.

Fri Jun 17 the Moon conjoins Mars in Scorpio at 6:52 am and then goes void of course. The morning might feel like life in the fast lane. At 12:39 pm Venus changes signs, leaving Gemini and entering Cancer. Heads Up. Love and beauty gets quieter and more private. That’s good for romance writers, right?

Sat Jun 18 the Moon conjoins Saturn in Sagittarius. You may not feel much like socializing, but you will. Consider it research.

Sun Jun 19 the Moon in Sagittarius makes a trine with Uranus. Unexpected ideas may be more playful and fun. More interesting perhaps is that today is the last day that the Sun spends in the sign of Gemini. Tomorrow the world may feel quieter, more emotional, nostalgic, and a tiny bit shy. Heads Up.

Mon Jun 20 at 4:02 am we have the Full Moon at 29 Sag. The last degree of any sign is especially strong. Look for a major breakthrough or blast of enlightenment that makes your artistic world bigger. The Moon now goes void of course. At 4:55 am the Moon enters Capricorn and is in that sign when at 7:55 am Mercury opposes Saturn. At 10:11 am Mercury squares Neptune. In the morning you may sometimes feel that the creative magic is close but it keeps slipping away. Stick with it. At 3:34 pm the Sun changes signs, bids farewell to Gemini and moves into the sign of Cancer. Heads Up. The Sun is now a guest in the Moon’s house. It’s also the first day of summer (in the northern hemisphere, anyway). Look at an ingress chart to get a peak at what the next three months may hold.

Tue Jun 21 the Moon conjoins Pluto in Capricorn. Stick to your program, check off those boxes, and feel good about every single bit of it.

Wed Jun 22 the Moon is in Capricorn all morning. Work diligently and don’t feel rushed or pressured. At 1:08 pm the Moon moves into Aquarius. If you feel that quality is slipping, you’re probably gaining perspective and a stronger grasp of the big picture. It’s not a bad time to plot or outline or do character sketches. At 3:59 pm Mercury squares Jupiter. Aim high and don’t judge any results.

Sat Jun 25 the Moon conjoins Neptune retrograde in Pisces. If it’s a dreamy, romantic weekend, some of that love can be lavished on your favorite project.

Sun Jun 26 the Moon is in Pisces when Jupiter makes an exact trine with Pluto. This doesn’t happen very often and the aspect has been applying for a long time. Embrace a change or outlook that seemed too radical before. If our work is changing its direction, go with it for now. At 7:31 pm Mercury makes a sextile with Uranus. You may better appreciate some decision you’ve already made but felt lukewarm about.

Tue Jun 28 the Moon conjoins Uranus in Aries. Heads Up for being more energetic and experimental. It’s also the last day of Mars retrograde. Heads Up. If you’ve been working at a slow speed, you‘ll gradually up the pace. If you’ve been pushing it, you may lose that feeling of swimming against the current.

Wed Jun 29 the Moon sextiles Venus and goes void of course in Aries. You may dream of nicer things. At 3:30 am the Moon enters Taurus. You’re looking at a potentially solid workday. At 4:24 pm Mercury changes signs, leaves its home sign Gemini and moves into Cancer. Thoughts turn to more comfortable and comforting things. Fourteen minutes later at 4:38 pm Mars pauses in the sky and goes stationary direct at 23 Sco. Heads Up. It’s okay for you to pause, too. We’ve had a month of Wednesdays with the Moon splitting time between Cardinal and Fixed signs. You may have started a few new things as well as continued to hammer away at deadlines and other necessary projects.

Thu Jun 30 the Moon conjoins Mars in Scorpio. Fire up and get things done!

The month is part crazy and part conservative and solid. Half the time you may be sparking off great new ideas and contacts. The other half of the time, you may feel that you need a bigger file (or sock drawer) to set aside work that is not yet ready to see the light of day. You’ll know which is which.

We’ve entered summer and temperatures may be rising. Stay in there, stick with it, pace yourself, reward yourself for your persistence and productivity. Mars is no longer retrograde, for heavens sake. Don’t stop now! Heads Up!

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