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Heads Up! the Writer’s Astrological Almanac August 2011

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Heads Up!

The Writer’s Astrological Almanac

August 2011

Happy August.  It’s a hot month, in more ways than one, very Mars and Mercury heavy.  This year is just buzzing by.

Aug 01 is a Monday, the day of the Moon, with the Moon entering Virgo.  The Moon conjuncts an almost stationary Mercury.  Tomorrow Mercury goes retrograde.  Heads Up.  Whatever your personal retrograde preparation ritual may be, remember to calm your mind and look forward to a chance to do some quality retrospection, editing, and revising.  Four hours later the Sun exactly squares Jupiter.  This is a good time to evaluate your use of time and other resources, and to rein in any excesses or lavish indulgences.  You don’t have to go to extremes and give up all good and fun things, though.

Tue Aug 02 the Moon is void of course in Virgo when Mercury goes stationary retrograde.  Mercury will be retrograde for almost the entire month of August.  This is a prolonged Heads Up.  I suggest that we learn to love it and resolve to make good use of it.

Wed Aug 03 the Moon is still void of course at the end of Virgo when Mars changes signs and enters Cancer.  Now whenever the Moon enters Cancer, it will conjunct Mars, giving emotions extra incentive to get loud and out of control.  Heads Up.  Besides, for the first half of the month, Mars is out of bounds, being farther north than even the Sun can be.  This further exaggerates the Mars qualities, for good or ill.  So enjoy the jolt of extra energy, and be happy that today the Moon is in Virgo when all this begins.  Later in the day, the Moon then changes signs and is in Libra when Mars exactly trines Neptune.  Fantasies have never looked so good.  Pump it into your fiction.  At day’s end, the Moon conjuncts Saturn in Libra.  End the day with your feet safely back on the ground, prepared for tomorrow..

Thu Aug 4 the Moon is still in Libra when Mercury sextiles Mars.  Words will flow more easily than ever.  That evening, Neptune (which has been retrograde since early June) slips backwards out of Pisces and reenters the end of Aquarius.  Expect illusions, and self-illusions, to lose a bit of their luster.  This can be good in these Mercury retrograde days.  Proofread and edit, but not too critically.

Mon Aug 08 the Moon is in Sagittarius when Mercury changes signs and enters Leo.  Think more grandly.  Five hours later is the exact opposition of Mercury and Neptune.  Note, both planets are retrograde.  Whatever second thoughts or misgiving you may have, you can keep them to yourself.

Tue Aug 09 the Moon is void of course in Sagittarius when Mars exactly squares Uranus.  Heads Up for all of today and tomorrow.  Drive carefully.  Watch that temper.  Surprise people and be receptive and smile.  It’s also a great day to write scenes for that disaster novel.  Later in the day, the Moon enters Capricorn and late that night conjuncts Pluto.  This is normally a mild Heads Up all its own.  Enjoy a serious day of work tomorrow.

Wed Aug 10 the Moon is void of course in Capricorn when Mars exactly opposes Pluto.  Major Heads Up.  Write those highly charged scenes of anger, murder, and mayhem.  Keep them in your work and out of your street life (at least, that’s my plan).

Sat Aug 13 the Moon is in Aquarius and it’s a Heads Up day all day.  First, the Moon opposes Venus in the late morning.  Shine a bright light on your notions of beauty, and don’t fall for hasty judgments  An hour and half later we have the Full Moon at 20Aq.  It’s a month of writing and working with people, and lots of them, if only in the abstract.  That night, the Moon opposes Mercury retrograde.  You can indulge in some high-level socializing and networking, and everyone will get their share of the spotlight, including you.  Remember those refined, good manners and use them.  You’ll be happy you did.

Sun Aug 14 the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius, then goes void of course for half an hour until entering Pisces.  Let that sensitive Pisces energy seep in deep, not to get yourself down but to better dig deep into the motivations of any problematic characters.  Dreamtime may be really rich tonight.

Tue Aug 16 the Moon is void of course in Pisces when the Sun conjuncts Venus in the early morning.  Work on something shamelessly beautiful, but don’t demand that other people share your taste.  Midafternoon, Mercury retrograde conjuncts Venus.  Trust intuition more than reason as you cultivate your artistic habits.  Two hours later the Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde.  Heads Up.  If you feel that your judgment is shaky, relax.  You’ll be your normal sharp self tomorrow.

Wed Aug 17 the Moon is in Aries when the Moon conjuncts Uranus.  Heads Up.  It’s a good day to work on bizarre plot twists and surprising (and surprisingly right) outcomes.

Sat Aug 20 the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Taurus.  Go do something simple and fun, even if you do it at home.

Sun Aug 21 the Moon is still in Taurus when Venus changes signs and enters Virgo.  Beauty becomes a bit more practical.  Two hours later the Moon enters Gemini, giving us from now until Wednesday to indulge in all things writerly and communication-driven, to the extent that Mercury retrograde allows.  Heads Up.

Mon Aug 22 the Moon is in Gemini all day.  Enjoy.  It’s also the last day that the Sun is in Leo.  Heads Up.  Flamboyance, glamour, and fun-loving pursuits are at their peak.  Tomorrow the world will feel a touch less bright, more subdued and different.

Tue Aug 23 the Moon is in Gemini when the Sun changes signs and enters Virgo.  All things intellectual kick into high gear.  You can get a lot done today, and most of it will be close to being in a finished form.  Four hours later the Moon sextiles Mercury retrograde, further softening the transition.  Heads Up anyway.  Never hurts to be careful.

Wed Aug 24 the Moon leaves Gemini and spends virtually the whole day in Cancer.  Take a deep breath, maybe a hot bath or soak in the hot tub, and relax into a productive and unglamorous day.

Thu Aug 25 the Moon is in Cancer when Mars exactly squares Saturn.  Heads Up.  You can enjoy both extra motivation and extra determination to do things in a solid, lasting way.  The Moon then conjuncts Mars and goes void of course in Cancer.  This can be a little like a firecracker going off in your deskdrawer.  The Moon is still in Cancer when Venus trines Pluto in the afternoon.  It’s almost too easy to be intense.  This is the last full day of Mercury retrograde.  Heads Up.  Look forward to some less tense days ahead.

Fri Aug 26 the Moon is in Leo when Mercury goes stationary direct.  Heads Up.  Mercury is still stationary and very strong, so you shouldn’t get into too much trouble if you remember to be careful and that the Sun is in Virgo.

Sat Aug 27 the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Leo.  Fiery expansive, fun thoughts are everywhere.  Get some physical as well as mental exercise, but take care to avoid overdoing it or any injury.  It’s the day before the New Moon.  Did I say ‘avoid injury?’  Heads Up.

Sun Aug 28 is the New Moon at 05Virgo.  Heads Up.  Start something meticulous, perhaps of small scale, in miniature.  It will improve everything else.  You have all month.

Mon Aug 29 the Moon conjuncts Venus in Virgo.  Enjoy something detailed and perhaps inconspicuous.  You might be inspired to try some variation on a favorite theme.

Tue Aug 30 the Moon is void of course in Virgo when Jupiter goes stationary retrograde in Taurus.  May good luck find practical ways of expressing itself.  We can still strive for refinement and solidity in our work.

Wed Aug 31 the Moon conjuncts Saturn in Libra.  While not flashy, a lot of tasteful, diplomatic, pleasing work can be accomplished.

It’s a cautious, maybe conservative way to end a wild month full of retrogrades and inflammatory aspects involving Mars, Pluto, and Uranus.  With focus and dedication to our own work, we can get through it all in great shape without having to go out and buy ourselves more flame-retardant vests or underwear.

In the heart of summer, I treasure this Virgoan respite to let the phone take messages and say ‘no thank you maybe next time’ to the barrage of invitations to beach, car trip, county fair, bbq, and whatever else lures me out of my chair and away from my work.  It’s a month to zoom in and make something as close to flawless as I can.  And when it’s done, it’s done!  Be persistent, thorough, detailed, delighted, methodical, and maybe a tiny bit manic.  It’s your stuff at your own fingertips, and who knows but it might be of service one day when the right eyes see it.  Give it your best.  Heads Up!

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