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Head’s Up! Writer’s Astrological Almanac Jan 1st-17th

by on Jan.01, 2016, under Forecasts

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Heads Up!

The Writer’s Astrological Almanac

by Kathy Watts

January 1st-7th 2016

(times are all Pacific Standard Time, PST)

Happy New Year! Whatever 2015 gave or took away, 2016 is here now and we get a fresh start. Hard work and simply being sensible and realistic will get us through better than we might think. Take care of essentials and work hard on those things you love most. Like, ah, being creative and expressive. And remember, you are not alone. Starting the year with the Moon in Libra generates a firm, fond bond between us all. Write on!

Fri Jan 01 the Moon is in Libra all day. It’s a Venus day with the Moon in a sign ruled by Venus. Enjoy what pleases you most and indulge in the arts that inspire you. (Me, I’ve resumed reading War and Peace.) In the evening Mercury changes signs, leaving Capricorn and entering Aquarius. We can think about a bigger audience now.

Sun Jan 03 the Moon is still in Libra when Mars leaves Libra and enters its nocturnal home sign of Scorpio. (Even if you treat Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio, Mars is still extremely strong here, and much happier than being in Libra.) Get motivated and make some progress, no matter how much socializing happens. Midday, at 11:52 am the Moon also enters Scorpio. Get focused on your current work. By 1:12 pm, the Moon has caught up with Mars to make a conjunction. If you need to go home and shut the door to get things done, why not.

Mon Jan 04 the Moon is in Scorpio all day. The Moon is trine Neptune at 2:56 am, setting us up for a dreamy day. Don’t dream the day away, though. Tomorrow Mercury goes retrograde. Get mentally organized and be ready. Do you know where your phone and keys are? Good. Heads Up!

Tue Jan 05 is a Heads Up day. The Moon is in Scorpio when Mercury makes a square with Mars at 4:00 am. Heads Up. A dream may expose a flawed idea. Mercury then goes stationary retrograde at 5:06 am, at 01 Aqu. Heads Up. Get ready to repeat and improve something that you thought was finished. At 7:28 pm, the Sun conjoins Pluto, at 15Cap. Heads Up. If tensions have been mounting all day, blame it on this. At last, the Moon enters Sagittarius at 10:56 pm. Whew.

Wed Jan 06 the Moon is in Sagittarius all day. At 4:54 pm the Moon conjoins Venus. Fulfill the day’s work quota and take the evening off. It doesn’t have to mean wild parties, though, because the Moon then conjoins Saturn at 9:27 pm. You still deserve to relax.

Thu Jan 07 the Moon is in Sagittarius all day. At 8:40 pm, Jupiter goes stationary retrograde at 23 Vir. Being in Virgo, this might be subtle and hard to notice. I guess it’s still a Heads Up.

Sat Jan 09 the Moon is in Capricorn all day. A very dark Moon conjoins Pluto at 10:40 am. You don’t have to let any buttons get pushed. Hang in there. Heads Up. The New Moon at 19 Cap occurs at 5:31 pm. Things should lighten up a bit now. Maybe start something new, or write a short poem. Why not?

Sun Jan 10 the Moon conjoins Mercury retrograde in Capricorn at 9:39 am and then goes void of course for a few hours. It’s easier to think before speaking, and even easier to write without the compulsion to instantly show it to anyone. At 12:23 pm the Moon enters Aquarius. You can work in a less relentless way now, if you wish.

Wed Jan 13 the Moon is in Pisces all day. We’re getting a month of Wednesdays with the Moon solidly in mutable signs. At 5:13 am the Moon conjoins Neptune. Pour your feelings into all you do.

Thu Jan 14 the Moon is in Pisces when the Sun conjoins Mercury retrograde. Feelings are strong; the intellect not so much. Play to your strengths. At 6:15 pm Mercury retrograde makes a trine with Jupiter retrograde. Small progress now may look a lot bigger later. Stick with it. At 6:48 pm the Moon enters fiery Aries. If you stop for the day now, you’ll have a strong starting point for tomorrow.

Fri Jan 15 the Moon conjoins Uranus in Aries at 11:15 pm. The day may be full of surprises and surprising ideas. Write what you can and take notes for later about the rest.

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