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November’s Astrological Forecast ~ Head’s Up!

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Heads Up!


The Writer’s Astrological Almanac


November 2014

Nov 01 is a Saturday, Saturn’s day of the week, with the Moon void of course in Aquarius. In the early morning, Mercury makes a sextile with Jupiter. Have a month full of bubbling good ideas. About four hours later, the Moon enters Pisces. Wake with strong emotions. In the afternoon, Venus makes a sextile with Pluto. Social life and plot complications can be more spicy this month. Thirty-seven minutes later, Mars makes a magical sextile with Neptune. It’s a month with a gentle magic touch. An hour later, the Moon conjuncts Neptune. No lack of inspiration, here. Three minutes more, the Moon sextiles Mars. Plug yourself in and hum all month. Are these enough tools to stuff into your writer’s tool box? It’s also the last day of Daylight Savings Time, if you live in a place subject to the abomination (imho). Heads Up in a good way all month long.


Sun Nov 02 the Moon is in Pisces all day. Write with emotion, and connect strongly with everyone. We are back on Standard Time. Whew, we made it back into a better synch with the Sun. Your sundial won’t be an hour off anymore.


Tue Nov 04 the Moon conjuncts Uranus in Aries. Heads Up for independent action. In the US, it’s Election Day. If you have a vote, use it!


Wed Nov 05 the Moon opposes Mercury in the early morning and goes void of course in Aries. Critical skills will sharpen and firm up as the day develops. Eight hours later the Moon enters Taurus. You may need more desk snacks if writing in the late afternoon.


Thu Nov 06 we have the Full Moon at 14 Tau.  Make it a lunar month of solid achievements and material success. Make it beautiful and luxurious, too.


Fri Nov 07 the Moon opposes Saturn in the morning and goes void of course in Taurus.  Appreciate what you have and what you’ve done. You  can add to it. Late that afternoon, the Moon enters Gemini, setting us up for a weekend of writerly, social opportunities. From now till the wee smalls of Monday we can make the most of all those creative mercurial impulses.


Sat Nov 08 the Moon is in Gemini all day. In the afternoon, Mercury changes signs, leaves Libra and enters Scorpio. Get serious and don’t be afraid to write about anything. This is also the last day that the Sun spends on the Via Combusta.. Look forward to a bit more wiggle room in your life, starting tomorrow. Heads Up in a good way.


Sun Nov 09 the Moon sextiles Jupiter in the morning and then goes void of course in Gemini.  It’s still Gemini, so don’t slack off.


Mon Nov 10 the Moon is at home in Cancer. Mars conjuncts Pluto in the late afternoon. Heads Up. Write those battle scenes. Thinking of doing a disaster novel?  Start it now. Near the end of the evening, the Moon opposes Pluto. Harsh words happen; why be hard on yourself now? Half an hour later, the Moon opposes Mars.  Don’t go to bed angry. This may be the big Heads Up day of the month. Neither Mars nor Pluto is a lightweight. Heads Up.


Wed Nov 12 the Moon trines Saturn in the wee small hours and then goes void of course in Cancer.  It’s going to be a solid day. Late morning, the Moon enters golden Leo. Late afternoon, Venus conjuncts Saturn. Work with selectivity and a light touch. Heads Up. We are getting a month of Wednesdays with the Moon starting out void of course in a cardinal sign and then moving into a fixed sign. If the days don’t start out very organized, focus improves as the day proceeds. Hang in there.


Fri Nov 14 the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Leo early in the day. Look for lucky breaks. That evening, the Moon squares Venus and goes void of course for several hours, finally entering Virgo an hour or so before the calendar day ends. Any early ruffles will be smoothed before midnight.


Sat Nov 15 the Moon is in Virgo all day. Enjoy a slightly quiet low key day. Late that night, Neptune goes stationary direct. Dreams may be a bit clearer.


Sun Nov 16 the Moon is still in Virgo all day. In the early morning, Mercury sextiles Pluto. One small thought can change things. About five hours later, Venus changes signs, leaves steamy Scorpio and enters sparkling Sagittarius. Get out those party clothes.


Tue Nov 18 the Moon is in Libra all day. The Sun conjuncts Saturn in the very first hour (if you’re on the Left Coast of the US). Heads Up. Respect authority. Respect yourself, and write with authority. Of course if you’re asleep in bed, how much trouble can you get into? But still, Heads Up for night owls like myself.


Wed Nov 19 the Moon sextiles Jupiter in the morning and goes void of course in Libra for most of the day.  Write with skill and grace. Late evening, the Moon enters Scorpio. Sleep well and get serious tomorrow.


Fri Nov 21 the  Moon is in Scorpio all day. The Moon conjuncts Mercury in the late morning. Think and address all manner of deep stuff. Midafternoon, the Moon squares Jupiter. You can give yourself more slack. Late that night, the Moon conjuncts Saturn and goes void of course. A dream can have practical applications. Heads Up. It’s also the day before the New Moon. Heads Up. And, it’s the last day that the Sun spends in Scorpio. The world may seem warmer and bigger tomorrow. Heads Up. This is pretty heavy Heads Up day, too. Heads Up.


Sat Nov 22 the Sun leaves Scorpio and enters the sign that Jupiter rules, Sagittarius. It’s 1:38 am PST. The Moon is not far behind, entering Sagittarius at 4:19 am PST. Thirteen minutes later, at 4:32 am PST. We have the New Moon at  00Sag07. Heads Up in brighter happier way. That night, the Moon conjuncts Venus. Are you having a fun weekend yet?


Tue Nov 25 the Moon is in Capricorn all day. Work hard and serious. Early in the morning, the Moon conjuncts Pluto. Wind down and try to relax a bit. In the evening, Mercury conjuncts Saturn. Give your mind a break, if you can. Don’t fret and drive yourself nuts. Heads Up.


Wed Nov 26 the Moon conjuncts Mars just after midnight, PST. It may be hard to stay asleep all night. In the early morning, the Moon sextiles Saturn, and an hour and twenty minutes later the Moon sextiles Mercury and goes void of course. Think and write easily and clearly. By afternoon, the Moon has entered Aquarius. this may lighten the mood a little.


Thu Nov 27 the Moon is in Aquarius all day, a nice place for it to be on Thanksgiving Day in the US. Share and be shared with. That evening, Mercury changes signs, leaves Mars-dominated Scorpio (or, Pluto-dominated, if you must)  and enters Sagittarius. Thoughts get looser and bigger.


Fri Nov 28 the Moon squares Saturn in the late morning and goes void of course in Aquarius. You don’t have to rewrite forever. The Moon enters Pisces five hours later and conjuncts Neptune in the late evening. Dream the ending your work needs.


Sun Nov 30 the Moon trines Saturn and goes void of course in Pisces. Be the expert but don’t take yourself too seriously. Five and a half hours later the Moon enters Aries. Three hours beyond that, Mercury makes a square with Neptune. Motivation gets more self-centered, clever, and inspired. You don’t have to grind yourself down, but if you can’t stop, well, don’t stop yet but at least make an effort to slow down.


What a wild and crazy month! It’s always a relief to get through Scorpio and into sparkling Sagittarius.  Hole up, get serious, and plough through the first three weeks of manic, emotional Scorpio and then take a deep breath and break out shining. Write for a bigger audience, a bigger market, about bigger subjects. Don’t be afraid to write long. You can always cut it later. Give your work and yourself a chance and enough room to be what it and you want to be.


Take hold of the whole month and make it yours! This month is over. The end of the year is not far behind. Heads Up!


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