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Spring in Tehran By Gerson Pelafsky

by on Jun.27, 2009, under Algol, Forecasts, Traditional Astrology

Some political commentators have been calling the recent events on Iran as “Spring of Tehran,” which is a reference to the famous Spring of Praga when winds of freedom blew on the decrepit structures of ancient communist regime of Thecoslovaquia. In the same way significant sectors of the Iranian people are protesting on the streets, craving as they are for liberty and changes.


I think no other expression would be more appropriate to define this moment from an astrological point of view than to look at the Spring Equinox chart, a chart calculated for Sun’s entrance into tropical Aries. This ‘ingress’ gives us the opportunity for to learn from the remarks written in the classic “Astrologia Restaurata” by William Ramsey.

On Book 2, section 2:

“Showing the condition of the king or Rulers, and their continuation and durability in any revolution, and also the condition of the people from the position and fortitude of their significator.” we can read these remarks:

“If the significator of the King be under the Sun beans, there’s much danger of his decease in that revolution; but I should rather judge his kingly power to be then near death or an end, or likely be much eclipsed… for that there are many significators to be considered for the judging of death…but I say that their power and glory shall be eclipsed and shaken and perhaps overthrown at that time

“If there be any such aspect between the lord of acendant and lord of the tenth, the common people will rise also against their superiors to reject them…”

Both conditions are seen in the spring equinox chart calculated for Tehran:

Venus, lord of house 10 is under the Sun beans in house 8, and also retrograde. The Sun, who is the lord of Ascendant, will be the people, showing the protest against government that challenge and can overthrow the power.

Ramsey warns ahead: ”…if he be afflicted by the malevolent aspect of the lord of the 8, which is the fifth in the figure…” Here we see in the Spring Ingress Chart, that Venus lord of the 10th is separating but still in moiety of Jupiter, the lord of the fifth house, via the sextile

Ramsey wrote about the fortitude of the planet or planets afflicting the king to judge from where the threat came from:

“a planet in his own house…judge the evil arise from their own domestic friends and alliance; if he be in his exaltation, say it will proceed from some of the nobles, princes, dukes, or such as are in high power and authority, or near unto the crown; if but in his triplicity, from such as have their dependency on the aforesaid nobility”

Here, the Sun is overpowering Venus by proximity, could perhaps be representing Mousavi, the opposition candidate and his followers, because Mousavi is not only a former prime minister but he is also a member of a high council, and is closely linked to the Ayatollahs, especially, by Ayatollah Rafsanjani who is an open enemy of President Ahmadinejad, who called his campaign for presidency corrupt.

The Sun shows the uprising of the people against the powers that be and thus it makes sense because the protesting people since the Sun is also lord of ascendant, showing that they are invoking Mousavi as a leader. The presence of the planets in the house 8th house, perhaps might be seen as a clash behind the scenes; a political fight for the power between the Ayatollah’s.

[Editor note, the 8th house is the 12th to the 9th house of clerics].

Unfortunately, the presence of lord of ascendant in house 8 shows the bloodshed of the people that came from the political fight.

-Gerson Pelafsky

About the Author:

Brazillian Astrologer, Gerson Pelafsky was born in July 1965,  studied philosophy at the university and subsequently became an avid student of astrology in 1988. He has  been studying ancient and traditional astrology, ever since. He also is a musician, enjoys playing instruments and choral singing.  He makes his home in São Paulo, Brazil and may be reached by mail:

Dorothy: for those who would like to learn more about mundane astrology, our friend, and fellow astrologer, Todd Carnes has made Astrological Restaurata, by William Ramesey,  available at his website: Thanks Todd!!

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  2. Todd Carnes

    Thanks for bringing Ramesey’s work out for others to notice. It seems to me that “Astrologia Restaurata” is often unfairly overlooked by modern and traditional astrologers alike.

    Thank you for the kind words. 🙂

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