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Heads Up! May Writer’s Astrological Almanac

by on May.04, 2017, under Forecasts

may turkey

Heads Up!

The Writer’s Astrological Almanac

by Kathy Watts

May 2017

All times are PDT.

Even if April has not gone out like a lamb, it’s still the merry and mighty month of May. Sharpen your people skills (it’s a Monday, after all) and work on what is near and dear to your heart and home. Convey what you’re feeling, and win hearts. Mercury is retrograde, but only for the first few days. Stay careful, and see good results all month long. (continue reading…)

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Heads Up! The Writer’s Astrological Almanac May 2016

by on May.02, 2016, under Forecasts

Water Lillies

Heads Up!

The Writer’s Astrological Almanac

By Kathy Watts

May 2016

(all times PDT)

May! We are in the incredible heart of spring. Five planets are retrograde now, including Mercury, but that won’t last. If life has been hectic, here’s our chance to shift into a slightly lower gear.

Sun May 01 the Moon is void of course in Aquarius when the Sun makes a sextile with Neptune. That can give a boost to dreams and inspiration. Later in the morning the Moon moves into Pisces. Enjoy the dreamy atmosphere but don’t float away.

Mon May 02 the Moon conjoins Neptune in Pisces. The mental fog may thicken, but you can work through, and even with, it. If you’re feeling weepy, blot those eyes and keep writing.

Tue May 03 the Moon is void of course in Pisces when the Sun trines Jupiter (which is still retrograde, by the way). Take on a big project or chip the corner off a big work in progress. There’s no rush. The Moon enters Aries in the late morning. Let your motivation heat up and see how much you can get done.

Wed May 04 the Moon is in Aries all day. Take your vitamins, work hard, and blast away. At 9:17 pm the Moon conjoins Uranus and goes void of course. The Moon may still be in Aries, but the evening should be less hyper, crazy or surprising perhaps but less hyper.

Thu May 05 the Moon enters Taurus at 10:10 am. Work habits can get steadier. Take pleasure in your work all day, as the Moon conjoins Venus at 10:12 pm. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Maybe I should say Heads Up. It’s also the day before the New Moon. Definitely Heads Up! Play it safe and smart.

Fri May 06 is the New Moon in 16 Tau at 12:30 pm. Have a productive and profitable month just by doing what comes naturally (that’s often what we do best anyway). At 7:10 pm the Moon conjoins Mercury retrograde and goes void of course. You don’t need to manically write through the evening, but you might.

Sat May 07 the Moon leaves Taurus at 9:35 am and enters the gloriously creative and infinitely curious sign of Gemini. We have from now until Monday morning to be our most mercurial (in the good sense), conversational, and constructive selves. Do good things!

Sun May 08 the Moon is in Gemini all day. Are you still reading, writing, and socializing? Take mental notes. (continue reading…)

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Head’s Up! Astrological Almanac May

by on May.01, 2015, under Forecasts, Traditional Astrology

Heads Up! 

May 2015 (times are PDT)

The beautiful month of May starts on a Friday, the day of the week ruled by Venus. Make every day glorious and gracious, and get a ton of fantastic stuff written. Argue with that. Plus, Mercury has just entered its home sign of Gemini. Starting May 19, Mercury will be retrograde in Gemini. That can be good, and make us more careful and in less of a rush. One way or another, we have the whole month with Mercury helping us out from its home sign Gemini. Do good things with it. (continue reading…)

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Head’s Up! May Astrological Almanac

by on May.05, 2014, under Forecasts, Traditional Astrology



hebrew zodiac

May 2014


Welcome to May! Hopefully spring has found us all and the long blackberry winter is over. (continue reading…)

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Heads Up! The Writer’s May Astrological Almanac

by on May.01, 2013, under Algol, Forecasts, Traditional Astrology

Taurus the Bull

Heads Up!

The Writer’s Astrological Almanac

May 2013 

Happy May Day! Whether you celebrate with May poles or with workers’ parades, it’s a holiday. (continue reading…)

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Head’s Up!The Writer’s Astrological Almanac May 2011

by on May.01, 2011, under Forecasts

San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf

Heads Up!
The Writer’s Astrological Almanac
by Kathy Watts

May 2011

The merry month of May begins on a Sunday (the Sun’s day of the week). The Moon conjuncts Jupiter in the morning. Let’s accept this as a sign of a month of good luck. Half an hour later, the Moon conjuncts Mars, then goes void of course in the end of Aries. Here’s the energy to take advantage of all that good luck. Careful, though. It’s the day before the New Moon, an automatic Heads Up. Be alert and think before speaking, acting, and traveling.

Mon May 02 is the New Moon at 12 Taurus. This month you can start something beautiful with lasting power. Be willing to be persistent and patient.

Wed May 04 the Moon enters Gemini in the midmorning. Look forward to a productive day, if you ignore the ringing telephone and outpouring of texts and emails. We have from now till Friday evening to bask in this Moon-in Gemini-writing energy. It’s going to be a month of Wednesdays with the Moon in the mutable signs. Work on character development.

Thu May 05 the Moon is firmly in the sign of Gemini. Write away.

Mon May 09 the Moon is in Leo when Mercury conjuncts Venus. Express yourself with beauty, and even a touch of glamour. This conjunction continues in a loose way until May 16 when it repeats exactly. The Moon may move on, but the charm of beautiful expression can linger. Enjoy it.

Wed May 11 the Moon is void of course in Leo when Mars changes signs and enters Taurus. The pulse of the world should slow down a bit, letting us do our work less hysterically. The Moon enters Virgo in the early morning. This further slows the pace, so we can catch more of those silly little errors committed in haste. Less than an hour later Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Aries. Luck is a beautiful thing, especially when it’s ours but even when it’s not. Five hours later Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in Aries. This can mean many thoughts, and a big word count for the day. (continue reading…)

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Head’s Up! May

by on May.01, 2010, under Forecasts


Ah, the flowers of the May, tra la!  Saturday May 1 sees the Moon in party-happy, celebratory Sagittarius.  Remember, though, that Mercury is retrograde and that minor confusions and accidents are happening everywhere to everyone. Wear red, be compassionate, and smile all day.  You might make some favorable contacts.

Sun May 2 the Moon moves into Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto.  See this as nature’s way of settling us down for the work week to come.

Wed May 5 the Moon is in Aquarius.  It’s a month of Wednesdays (Mercury’s day of the week) with the Moon in the fixed signs.  This is good for buckling down and working with persistence.

Thu May 6 the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius.  Dream big, and write to scale.

Fri May 7 the Moon is in Pisces when Venus sextiles Mars.  It might be a good day to solve problems needing finesse.

Sun May 9 the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Pisces.  The heart swells.  Then the Moon opposes Saturn in Virgo, casting dissatisfaction on every imperfect detail.  But then the Moon conjuncts Uranus in Pisces, and the youthful rebel spirit revives.  Heads Up, hopefully in a good way.  Happy Mother’s Day.

Tue May 11 Mercury goes stationary direct, and not a moment too soon.  Things will remain slow-going for a while, but don’t lose faith in the progress you’re making.

Wed May 12 the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Taurus.  Some clever new idea may surface, but be careful.  It’s also the day before the New Moon.  Heads Up.

Thu May 13 is the New Moon in Taurus.  Begin something beautiful with staying power.  At least try.  If we don’t have that kind of vision, who does?

Fri May 14 the Moon enters Gemini, where it will be until Sunday morning.  Remember the inspiration of yesterday’s New Moon, and go get some writing done.

Sun May 16 the Moon conjuncts Venus in Gemini.  These are the last few, and powerful, days of Venus in Gemini.  Heads Up.  Don’t lose this.  Write with elegant abandon.  The Moon then moves on and spends the rest of the day in Cancer.  Personal concerns, or maybe writings of a more personal nature, take on extra importance.

Wed May 19 the Moon is in Leo when Venus leaves the sign of Gemini and enters Cancer.  This rates a Heads Up because Venus is walking through a square with both Jupiter and Uranus on one side of the sky and with Saturn on the other.  Sometimes charm will get you through big difficulties, sometimes not.  Be sharp, and be sincere.

Thu May 20 the Moon conjuncts Mars in Leo.  Expect an active dream life, and write it down, because later the Moon opposes Neptune and it may all be forgotten.  The Moon then enters Virgo (good for editing) and about three and a half hours later, the Sun itself changes signs and enters, yes, Gemini.  Heads Up in the best way.  It’s a good time to be a writer.

Sat May 22 the Moon has a busy day.  The Moon opposes Jupiter (go ahead and question excesses), then five minutes later conjuncts Saturn (limitations can work to your benefit), then three hours later opposes Uranus (some new crazy ideas are just that, crazy).  The grand finale of all this is the exact opposition of Jupiter and Saturn at the close of day (10:38 pm PDT).  This is the original cosmic tug of war between expansion and contraction.  Not even the universe escapes this struggle.  Be practical but compassionate on all fronts.  Heads Up.

Sun May 23 the Moon is in Libra when Venus opposes Pluto.  Domestic beauty questions, maybe even falls afoul of, the harsh outside world.  How many stories have dealt with this one?

Wed May 26 the Moon is in Scorpio.  Write from the depths of your being; no shyness or modesty permitted.  We’ve now had a taste of all four fixed signs, saving the most fixed for last.

Thu May 27 is the Full Moon at 06Sag.  Big-hearted spirit is in the air.  Ask for, and offer, something fine and grand.  Later today, Uranus makes the big move and enters the sign of Aries.  This is self-motivation of perhaps the most reckless kind.  Heads Up.

Sat May 29 the Moon enters Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto.  We don’t always get two of these in a month, but so it goes.  Stay calm and steady, for your own sake and for others.  Work diligently and resist any knee-jerk reactions or judgments.  Heads Up.

Sun May 30 the Moon is in Capricorn when Saturn goes stationary direct.  Heads Up.  The good news is, Saturn moves so slowly, it won’t finish with Virgo until the middle of July.  Then we’ll get a different kind of heads up.  Until then, writers and editors, enjoy the extra discipline and precision.

Mon May 31 the Moon is in Aquarius when Neptune goes stationary retrograde, not a bad configuration for dreams of and gratitude to the past, fitting for today, Memorial Day.  It doesn’t even have to be sentimental.  You can write about profoundly moving subjects without becoming maudlin.

Well, that constitutes a wild and crazy month.  The universe has some heavy-duty work to do, and so do we.

Go for it!  Heads Up

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