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Vice Presidential Debate~Ryan vs Biden

by on Oct.11, 2012, under Algol, Forecasts, Traditional Astrology

photo from NJ Real Time News

photo from NJ Real Time News

The upcoming vice presidential debate should be a more lively one than the first presidential debate. Both of the vice presidential candidates,  incumbent Vice President, Joe Biden and Republican Congressman Paul Ryan, seem to have little qualms regarding sharing their opinions. At the same time, their views for the future and their backgrounds are radically different from one another.


The debate is scheduled to commence at 9:00 p.m. EDT live from Danville, Kentucky giving us a rising of 28 Taurus. However, those who remember the first presidential debate will note, it did not start exactly on time. First there are the obligatory, niceties, which we gauge from the last debate last about 5 minutes.

This changes the rising sign, from Taurus, to the verbal Gemini. Once again, like the last time, we simply divide the chart straight down the middle. We give the left side, or the rising side of the chart, home field advantage to the seated vice president, Joe Biden and the setting side to the Republican challenger, Ryan.


The new chart has Gemini right on the Ascendant, representing Joe Biden, the seated vice president, will make Mercury, ruler of the first house, his designated player. Mercury is in the steady, Scorpio, which we noted last time, spells trouble for Joe Biden right off the bat. After all, a debate is a war of words. When a debater’s significator falls in a sign without a voice,  as we recently witnessed with Obama in the first debate, the words just do not just spring out at us. Further, Biden is also situated in a weak house, that of the sixth, of illness, and more importantly, on Ryan’s side of the chart. Even though at a disadvantage, when so placed, it makes sense, because the sixth is the house of the common worker and Biden worked his way up from his blue collar roots to become vice president. His father cleaned furnaces in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Even though his ruler is weakly placed,   Biden is not completely helpless.  According to the Indians, the sixth house is called an ‘upachaya’ or growing house. This implies Biden starts out slowly, but gains momentum. In addition, the rising lunar mansion is none other than the hot and fiery Krittika. In a situation where nice guys finish last,  it is advantageous  to have a mansion rising.  The ancient Indians said Krittika has razor like tendencies.  Krittika people burn others out with their ceaseless energy. It seems like they get up and have glass for breakfast, then ask for more. This hidden lunar mansion may help Biden, overcome his mute ruler.


The republican challenger Paul Ryan, will get the right or setting side of the chart. With Sagittarius on the cusp, the Republican contender, will be represented by fat cat, Jupiter in the talkative Gemini. Needless to say,  Ryan is  vociferously against entitlements to the poor.  His plan also calls for  privatization of Social Security,  repealing Obama-care while leaving military spending the same. Ryan’s Jupiter is in the in the, ‘do as I say, not as I do, sign, Gemini. This is one of the poorest places for the truthful, Jupiter because it is so hypocritical.  It is no surprise that Ryan’s plan to gut social spending, keeps the Bush era tax breaks, that garnered his presidential running mate, Romney a nice $26,000,000  yet only had to pay 14% in taxes.  Even though Ryan is clearly against government spending,  his family, from his grandfather, who built highways,  to his wife, a former lobbyist for Price Waterhouse all made vast sums from Uncle Sam!

Since nice guys finish last,  Ryan gets a tremendous edge over Biden,  initially,  with that Mars right on his first.  Ryan will put in a good fight, and will come right out of the box punching.  At first it may seem he makes mincemeat out of Biden. However, he walks a fine line. If he goes too far, he falls in Vice Presidential Biden’s lap, because Ryan’s Jupiter is in Biden’s own house.  Many of Ryan’s core beliefs,  alienate much of the female population.  Too much aggression,  will turn also turn the the elderly away, as well. The Moon is the designate for ‘we the people’ in any mundane charts. And the Moon is already hostile to both candidates, but the Moon is especially antithetical to Ryan because it applies by partile (exact) square to Mars in Ryan’s first and at the same time, she opposes his house ruler, Jupiter.

With so much on each other’s side of the chart, this should prove to be a lively debate.   With Ryan in  Biden’s first, neither side has a distinct edge.  With that angular Mars, we will see both pull punches. That aforementioned lunar square to Ryan’s Mars is a nasty one.  Even though Ryan will keep swinging,  the chart implies, Biden gets his own way. I may be wrong,  but I sense this will be so close a debate, that some will say, draw, but  I think Vice President Joe Biden has a slight edge with the Moon heading towards Venus, who as almuten of Biden’s hopes and wishes.  We shall see.

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