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Rejoice! Stocks Have Crossed the Wall of Worry

by on Mar.17, 2010, under Financial


Everything is coming up with green bounty on this St. Patrick’s Day, at least for the banks.

Financial pundits tell us that the market has now managed to climb up and over the wall of worry, better known as the ‘resistance’ level. They tell us, statistically, it is now close to impossible for us to have any sort of a ‘crash’ after 13 months of an up cycle. The  the ‘resistance level’ can be likened to the line of scrimmage in sports. It is created by taking a daily average of whichever index you are studying,  for any given period of time. Whenever the market gets closer to this line of demarcation, it is not unusual to see the bears come out in force,  and the market then tends to pull back. This can happen several times, until finally after a matter of weeks or months, like a football player climbing over bodies, the market rushes in for the touch down.  In bear markets, the resistance level can remain in place for months, years or,  as in the case of post crash of 1929,  even decades.  About a week or so ago, we managed to cross the resistance level on the Standard and Poors 500 (SPX). Now that the resistance level has finally been crossed, investors can breathe a sigh of relief.  According to the math, the odds for another crash of the magnitude of 2008, are now quite minimal.  While this recovery is still very tenuous, the pundits tell us that the odds of having a crash from this point (i.e., one year after  the last down day of the 2008-9 bear market)  are pretty much nil.

As Cramer would say, ‘Boo Rah!

Is it time to ‘go all in?’ Before you get out your savings and cast your fortune to the fates,  I would still be very careful This recovery is a little different than others.

In a rather eerie and solemn warning, money continues to pour out of the US even with the recovery triumphet call getting shriller and shriller by day.

In 2010, investors around the globe have pulled $15.3 billion out of U.S. stock funds, according to data from EPFR Global, which tracks money flows. Meanwhile, roughly $2 billion has gone into emerging-market stocks — after inflows of $65 billion last year — and $20 billion into U.S. bond funds.

Especially notable is the aversion that individual, presumably longer-term, U.S. investors have had to their own stock market.

This year, $4.6 billion has been pulled out of U.S. stock mutual funds, according to the Investment Company Institute, whose data doesn’t include exchange-traded funds. At the same time, world equity funds have taken in nearly $14 billion and bond funds more than $56 billion. This comes after investors pulled more than $53 billion out of U.S. stock funds in 2009. .

This is a far different pattern than in the wake of other recent bear markets, where investors had viewed market declines as a chance to buy cheap stocks that would inevitably rise.”   -The Investing Contrarian… MORE

However, everything is not just coming up roses.  As we have seen the American investor is not investing in the stocks of good old USof A. In addition, there is a growing concern about the rise of ‘naked’ trading.  Naked” access, a controversial trading practice whereby the big traders, like Goldman Sachs, are executing their trades with high-speed ‘super computers.’ It is estimated that more than 40% of U.S. stock trading volume comes ‘naked’ access. Now that term may sound very sexy, but it should be a wake up call to the small investor.  This is like playing black jack in Las Vegas, you are betting against the house. Ever seen the great chess masters try to beat the computer? How fair and robust can markets be when such an enormous chunk of it is being performed by robot computers programmed to move in milliseconds, while the little guy is left to wait?  We might say there are now two sets of rules, one for the big boys and another for everybody else. From all this, it would appear that the recovery is in full swing., for the banks, that is. Bottom line, if you do not have access to high frequency computers to trade for you, be careful out there!

Another thing we should not forget is that we are still enjoying the affects of last year’s positive annual charts.  Depending on which annual chart you prefer,  we either have 9 days left in that cycle, or 4.  Let’s start with the closest, which begins next Monday Pacific Time.

Most western astrologers,  set the beginning of their year at the Vernal Equinox, which takes place the millisecond that the Sun hits tropical Aries.  Also known as the Spring Ingress Chart, it has been looked upon as a major indicator of the upcoming year by astrologers from ancient times. It can tell us everything from how the weather may be in any given season to the financial ups and downs. As great an indicator as the Ingress charts are, Ptolemy also mentions another predictive chart to determine the fates of the coming year.

” I refer to events that happen yearly in connection with the seasons. In the investigation of this subject it would be appropriate first to define the so called new Moon of the year.”

This is a chart which is drawn up for the moment that Moon is one with the Sun. Interestingly enough, while too many westerners have forgotten Ptolemy’s recommendation, astrologers in India, following 5th century astrologer, Varahamihira, still use this chart to determine what is in store for the year ahead.

Since history is a great teacher, let’s take a quick look at last year’s New Moon of the year, to how that chart came to past.

The recovery of the banks  was  clearly indicated by the presence of the very positive Jupiter in the 8th house of banks. In addition,  the very magnetic and very materially positive North Node joins Jupiter in the house of banks. These are two strong indicators of the regeneration of banking.  Notice also that President Obama, as depicted by ruler of the 10th, is ‘in the pocket’ of the bankers as indicated by his emplacement in therein. And as we saw, Obama pretty much allowed the banks to do as they please.

While banks flourished, the buying power of the average citizen diminished.  When Tim Geitner says, ‘we saved the economy, but we kind of lost the public’ he’s not kidding.  So far, the little guy Obama pledged to save, is barely treading water. Notice, the draining South Node in the house of the citizen’s money, the 2nd. Real estate prices remain flat to decreasing, as evidenced by Saturn in the 4th house.  Notice the Moon ruler of the people in any mundane or financial chart, is obscured in the Sun’s rays, and prohibited from contact with money.  It was good for the market because co ruler of the speculative 5th, is trine the Parsfortuna, which resulted in a 70% recovery.


What’s in store for 2010? Stay tuned……

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