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Market Forces Have Changed! Take Cover!

by on Feb.05, 2010, under Financial, Forecasts

Market Changes Direction

Market Changes Direction

I don’t have much time, so this has to be brief, but for all my friends, clients and readers, but especially my dear trading buddies, who may be a bit overweight in equities, or ‘long’ etfs; the tide has turned.

Since I so want you all to keep your money, so I am asking each of you to please consider reallocating into more secure positions. If your portfolio is under the guidance of somebody else, please make them aware that market forces are changing. For those who have been trading long, if you have been beaten up, waiting for the recovery to return, try not to be sad. Remember the market goes up, and the market goes down. If you try to go long when you should be going short you lose money. We don’t want to lose money, now do we? Of course not, so if you are long, close your positions into any positive news.

For those who are having trouble understanding this, or who have just parked their money elsewhere. Here is your mantra:

70% of market moves with market

70% of the market moves with the market

70% of the market moves with the market.

Say that over and over again until you get it in your head. We have moved into bear country. You don’t go into bear country without proper precautions, so if you are long equities, then its time to think about the much maligned US Dollar. If you are a trader, get your puts in place. Above all, don’t be afraid to stick with them.

And here is your mantra:

Sell on the good news

Sell on the good news

Sell on the good news

Why? Well several reasons first,  all we have to do is take one look at the Spring Ingess Chart set for 2009. What say you, “2009? That’s long gone, its 2010?”

Modern times mean fast times, so fast we  think, ‘here to day, gone tomorrow.’  Ours is is the study of beginnings. Following Hermes/Thoth, astrologers know that what was written above, will be lived out down here on earth.  We must remember that the first day of spring, is just like the first breath a baby takes. And just as the baby’s destiny is marked out by that breath of prana, so too are the 365 days following the Spring Equinox, marked in that all important chart. It is this nano second that the Western Astrological Tradition is based upon.

Spring Equinox 2009

Spring Equinox 2009

The first thing we notice is that there are cardinal cusps on all the angles (the 4 corners of the chart). Cardinal signs have the ability to act, and it promises a fast market because of it. The next thing we notice is that the ruler of the chart, is Mars, and he is in a watery house. This may not look very bullish, and indeed, it is not. The first house shows the condition of the people and how the citizenry feel. In this case, and with Aries rising, the grumpy Mars tells us how the people are. Mars in Pisces is a sign of worry. The 12th is a house of loss. This is a sign that the natives are restless, but quiet about it. Since the 12th is a cadent or falling house, they feel helpless. The condition of the people in any chart is important, and might be bad, if we were not looking at the spring chart for hints concerning money. Here we leave the house of the people and look to the money houses, the first, our moveable assets, the 11th, the profits from our businesses, the 8th our debts, and the 5th the stock market, but with this caveat, the stock market is the stock market if you are only in it for fun and games.

Looking at our moveable assets, which includes the stockmarket for those who are not in it for ‘fun and games,’ we see the sweet and delicious, Venus right on the other side of the first house cusp. Even though she is not in the best sign to express her feminine qualities, Venus is Venus, and as such, she brings money.This was one of the many signs that the market in 2009 would recover, and handsomely.

But the real story is Jupiter. Notice Jupiter is in the technology loving Aquarius all year long. For those not familiar, Jupiter is the Daddy Warbucks of the zodiac. Wherever Jupiter goes, money follows. As great as Jupiter is on his own, he has help, and lots of it. If we look just above Jupiter we see the marker of the eclipses, the Dragon’s Head. This point magnifies all that comes within 18 degrees of it. This alone will magnify Jupiter’s material goodness, and as any long time holder of Apple AAPL knows, in Aquarius, Jupiter smiles on technology. These three features alone, would spell a positive year ahead, but as they say, in the old Ginzu Knife commercials, ‘but that’s not all!’ Here we also see that Jupiter and the Dragons Head, are both not far from the other bringer of moolah, the Part of Fortune. And again, the refrain, but that’s not all!!! All these lovelies, sit in the house of corporate profits, the 11th…. And so it was, from the beginning of March through December of 2009 and on into January everything smiled on the markets.

So why am I so pessimistic… well plenty of reasons. First of all, lets go back to the Ingress Chart set for Spring 2009….and let’s focus on Jupiter, once again. Jupiter is our sugar daddy. When he is in a good house, big gains, when in a bad house, big losses…….The good houses for money, are the 1st, the 2nd, the 10t and the 11th. The bad houses are the 6th, the 8th and the 12th houses. Notice where Jupiter by transit is now? Placed at the 12th cusp, which is known as the house of loss, in the sign of tears, he stands for big sorrows.

Take Note of Transiting Jupiter on the 12th of Loss

Take Note of Transiting Jupiter on the 12th of Loss

Its time to head for cover. For more on this, you might want to read my economic predictions for 2010, which is available now in Llewellyn’s Moon Sign Book, available at a book store near you, or direct from Llewellyn.

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