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Heads Up! The Writer’s Astrological August Almanac

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Heads Up!

The Writer’s Astrological Almanac

by Kathy Watts

August 2012

Here we go into the sunny month of August, most of which has the Sun at home in the sign of Leo the Lion.  Shine on! We also start the month with a Full Moon in Aquarius.  It’s hard to get bigger and brighter than this!

Wed Aug 01 we have the Full Moon at 10Aq. Let your mind expand and illuminate every corner of your work. We are looking at a month of Wednesdays with the Moon in fixed signs.  Buckle down and don’t let any of those little distractions pull you off track. Have a strongly focussed month and get done exactly what makes you feel good to work on most.

Fri Aug 03 the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Constructive dreaming counts as artistic work, too. Look forward to an emotionally rich and deep weekend of socializing. Choose your company well. Think positive.

Mon Aug 06 the Moon conjuncts Uranus in Aries. This boils over with independent thoughts and your own creativity. Don’t expect to get it all expressed in this one day. Mercury has been slowing down, getting stronger, preparing for its retrograde to end tomorrow. Focus, focus, edit, edit, perfect and polish. Heads Up.

Tue Aug 07 the Moon is in Aries when Venus changes signs, leaves Gemini at last and enters the lunar and moody sign of Cancer. Expect taste, manners, and all things social to get less sparkly and more touchy-feeling. Emotional currents will run deeper, too. You can write some profound and beautiful things now.

Wed Aug 08 the Moon is in Taurus all day.  Keep your head down and work steadily. Slow is fine. In fact, think slow, steady, and strong.

Fri Aug 10 the Moon enters the sign of Gemini. Write, read, write. Stock up on writing supplies, then write.  Or at least invite other writer-related people to come brainstorm and share some time during the weekend. This window of Mercury-promoted energy and madness only lasts till very early Monday.  Go for it!

Sat Aug 11 the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Gemini. Think big and lucky. Write that way. You can also cruise many parties, or a few big parties. Many people may find you and want to talk.  That makes it a good weekend to listen, too.

Mon Aug 13 the Moon conjuncts Venus in Cancer. May your workspace look and feel beautiful. Indulge loving feelings and expressions towards your family, home, and even your country. You don’t have to go so far as War and Peace, but that’s the general sentiment. Three hours later the Moon opposes Pluto. Heads Up. Normally this Pluto opposition doesn’t warrant mention but in this case it makes an interesting see-saw exchange of energy with the Venus conjunction. There may be something off-beat and appealing that you can use in some project or discussion. It will be even stronger in a few days.

Wed Aug 15 the Moon is void of course in Cancer when Venus exactly opposes Pluto. These two planets together can generate strong vibrations, some of them kinky or out’n’out erotic. Sex is a huge part of life. Heavens knows, sex and love are a huge huge part of fiction, literature, heck, of all art. You don’t have to, like, overly indulge today, but it might be harder to tune it out today than most other day.  Just so you know. This being a Wednesday, you might be tempted to write out some of this into scenes or poems or, heck, op ed articles for the local paper. Write, but don’t feel obliged to show anybody else.

Thu Aug 16 the Moon is is Leo all day. Feel bright, creative, and willing to take an artistic risk or two just for the fun of it. Heads Up, though. It’s the day before the New Moon. Be safe and sensible. Automatic Heads Up.

Fri Aug 17 is the New Moon at 25 Leo. Make this a month to begin something fundamentally noble. The build-up is interesting, and powerful (in a constructive way). First the Sun sextiles Saturn. Respect and meet some obligation or deadline in a noble style. Three and a half hours later a very dark Moon sextiles Saturn. You may have a secret fear or two, but this only makes you more careful and wiser. Fifteen whole minutes later we get the New Moon at 25 Leo. This can be like the spotlight hitting the stage in a dark theatre.  Be prepared and willing to make your work shine all month long.

Tue Aug 21 the Moon conjuncts Saturn in Libra. Return those phone calls and emails, and gain respect from your writer colleagues. Six and a half hours later the Moon conjuncts Mars in Libra. There’s extra energy for dealing with other people. This includes any characters that are fighting back against your best laid plot plans. It’s also the last day of the month for the Sun to be in the sign of Leo. Often the last degree of a sign has some extra intensity. It being Leo, it could come as a bright flash.  Heads Up. Do something special and make it good.

Wed Aug 22 the Moon is in Scorpio when the Sun changes signs, leaves Leo and moves into Virgo. Watch for the world to tone down a bit and maybe become slightly more, ah, mercurial and intellectual. It’s a good month for editing, rewriting, checking your facts, and be more careful and more accurate in general. Obviously, it’s a good month for doing nonfiction, and for finding fault in what passes for media news these days.

Thu Aug 23 the planet Mars changes signs and moves out of Libra (where it’s not especially comfortable) and into its traditional nocturnal home of Scorpio. Tensions, passions, and energies may get a bit darker and less out in the open. Some darker deeper angers might get more in-your-face. This is great stuff for the antagonist in your recent novel to know.

Sat Aug 25 the Moon is newly void of course in Sagittarius when Mars makes a trine to Neptune. You could easily make some late night magic happen under this aspect. If so, work to make sure it’s not achieved so easily as to have been unwanted.

Sun Aug 26 the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. If you don’t actually work today, your thoughts may tend in that direction for tomorrow. Privately brainstorm and take notes.

Wed Aug 29 the Moon is in cool but expansive Aquarius all day. It’s a great day to politely excuse yourself and get a ton of work done without feeling you’re being rude about it.

Thu Aug 30 the Moon conjuncts Neptune. Something especially artistic and deep may catch your attention and touch your heart. Inspiration can come from any direction.

Fri Aug 31 we have a second Full Moon, a Blue Moon, at 08 Pisces. This is way different from that earlier full moon in Aquarius. Look forward to a sensitive, empathetic month. Love yourself as much you do others this month, and safeguard your heart.  Later in the evening, Mercury moves out of the sign Leo and enters its nocturnal home of Virgo. Now we can really exploit the virtues of Virgo. In some ways, this is a better month for writers and artists than the month of the Sun in Gemini.  See what you can do with this.

It stands to be a very productive month. Your word count and other outputs may not be the most prolific and set the world on fire, but what gets done can be truly and darn nearly perfectly done. Be happy with all your progress, no matter how slight you feel it has been. You can do fantastically finished and flawless work. It might not find a publisher next week, but no one can take this talent and skill away from you. It’s there all year long, whenever you need or want it.  Let this month of high summer shine on you and let your best qualities, and sources of good luck, grow and bloom.  Heads Up!

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