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Heads Up! The Writer’s October Astrological Almanac

by on Oct.02, 2010, under Forecasts

Pacific Ocean looking south, Elk, CaliforniaHeads Up!  October 2010

October begins on a Friday (Venus’s day) with the Moon in Cancer. Despite the relentless tug of the world, this can still be a good month to write (or at least to read) at home. This afternoon Mercury exactly opposes Jupiter. It’s a good day to write a blue streak (always better than talking one), although it might not all be right, which is fine for an early draft.

Sat Oct 02 Mercury opposes Uranus. Turn on the faucet, and the unconventional, even revolutionary thoughts will run like water. Be polite about it all, though (except in fiction). A few hours later, the Moon enters Leo. Hopefully the thought processes will settle down before pride kicks in.

Sun Oct 03 the Moon is in Leo when Mercury changes signs and enters Libra. May thoughts turn to harmony and peace, or at least nice plot resolutions. In the afternoon, Venus conjuncts Mars. This aspect was made to assist artistic works of any sort. Channel all your passion and charm into it and see what comes out.

Mon Oct 04 the Moon is in Virgo when Mercury squares Pluto. It’s always easy to question the need for a major change. Perhaps this is a good day to revise plot outlines (if you use such things, and Virgo would like it if you did).

Wed Oct 06 the Moon enters Libra. Work from a strong, well-centered, even-tempered space. It’s going to be a month of Wednesdays with the Moon in cardinal signs. Be more than prolific; be constructive. Late tonight, the Moon conjuncts Mercury. You can feel what the people feel. Take notes. It’s the day before the New Moon. Take extra precaution when traveling, or when firing off email. Heads Up.

Thu Oct 07 the very dark Moon conjuncts Saturn. It’s the kind of day when you can see to the bottom of the well. Observe fearlessly, but act with circumspection. Then comes the New Moon at 14Libra. I’m hoping that this will feel like recovering from some lingering illness or depression. Be brave, and put your impressions into your art.

Fri Oct 8 the Moon is still in Libra when Venus goes stationary retrograde. Heads Up. Beauty is not leaving the world; it’s just going underground. Charm and civility may be scarce for the next month and a half. Maybe it’s a good time to write disasterous romance. Four hours later Mercury conjuncts Saturn. Heads Up. This can get very heavy and serious, so cherish your sense of humor. Read Ambrose Bierce or Mark Twain for inspiration.

Sat Oct 09 the Moon is in Scorpio when the Moon conjuncts Venus in the morning, then conjuncts Mars at night. Heads Up. It may be a dismal, lackluster day, but by evening it may be possible to still have a good time. Go do it. Just don’t get into too much trouble. Also, today the Sun reaches 16Libra and enters the Via Combusta, the Fiery Road. From now until November 09, people and situations can be more dangerous than they appear. Heads Up.

Wed Oct 13 the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. Serious work day. It can feel good, too.

Sat Oct 16 the Moon is in Aquarius when the Sun conjuncts Mercury. Even if reason leaves the world when Mercury is combust, empathy and compassion will still be there. Remember, basically, people like to read about people.

Sun Oct 17 the Moon conjuncts Neptune in the final degrees of Aquarius. The actions of some distant group of people might be a source of inspiration or insight.

Mon Oct 18 the Moon is in Pisces when Mercury trines Neptune. Intuition can really work today. Trust your feelings a bit more than normal, and see what you get.

Tue Oct 19 the Moon is still in Pisces when the Sun trines Neptune. Character and intuition are still on speaking terms. Meditate on something that can really improve your view of the world, then save and share later. That night, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, yes, in Pisces. There is so much secretive Pisces going on, it might be hard to share now, anyway.

Wed Oct 20 the Moon conjuncts Uranus in Pisces, then moves into the sign of Aries. After that flash of emotional outrage, focus on your own specific projects. Mercury changes signs and moves into Scorpio. If things weren’t serious enough already, this will complete the trend. Make good use of it, though, because it only lasts through the first week of November. Get some serious work done. In the evening, Mars trines Jupiter. You may be tempted to work into the night. Unless you’re a night owl, take notes and resume tomorrow when you’re fresh. (Being a night owl, this never works for me, but it may for you.)

Fri Oct 22 the Moon is in Aries when Mars squares Neptune. Heads Up. Mars plus Neptune equals magic, and the square can manifest all manner of challenges. Work with deliberation and care. That evening, we get the Full Moon at 29Aries. Heads Up. The universe is giving us this second full moon in Aries. Accomplish something of your own. Note, this is the last day of the month with the Sun in Libra. Like the Moon in the last degree of Aries, the Sun will burst forth an extra powerful dose of Libran energy. (And, this is the center of the Via Combusta, the Fiery Road, where energies can take a dangerous turn.) Heads Up.

Sat Oct 23 the Moon is in Taurus when the Sun changes signs and enters Scorpio. Heads up for the next month. Look forward to a month of intense creativity, and all the hazards that come with it.

Sun Oct 24 Venus disappears from the evening sky, not to be seen again until she reappears in the dawn of Nov 04. Heads Up until then. Perhaps this is a good time to write those battle scenes or those knock-down drag-out fight scenes.

Mon Oct 25 the Moon enters Gemini in the wee hours. In this intense atmosphere, get intense about your writing. Before dawn, Mercury conjuncts Venus. Indulge in a day of rich idealism.

Tue Oct 26, the Moon is in Gemini all day. You can pretend this is an extra Wednesday, if you want.

Wed Oct 27 the Moon is in Gemini until midday, when it moves into Cancer. Write in the first half of the day, and save the paperwork stuff for the second half. Shortly before the day ends, Mars changes signs and enters Sagittarius. Starting tomorrow, there will be extra energy and skill for things like returning phone calls and writing inquiries.

Thu Oct 28 the Moon is in Cancer when the Sun conjuncts Venus retrograde. Heads Up. If you can avoid getting your feelings hurt, you can confront issues that are far less than lovely. Keep your temper in check, though, as this is happening with Venus in the early degrees of Scorpio (ruled by Mars).

This has turned into a much more intense month that first impressions might have given it. There is a lot of brilliance and beauty to it, though, and a lot of energy for self-motivation and personal expression. With Saturn in the throes of Libra, it’s all too easy to lose momentum to answering the demands of social commitments, or even plain old bureaucracy. You can graciously satisfy what others ask of you without sacrificing your own work. It’s your life, your work, and your passion. Aries and Scorpio will back you up on this. Have dynamite month! Heads Up!

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2 comments for this entry:
  1. astrology2horoscopes

    hi kathy,
    thanks for the heads up! a really delightful almanac for october. always a marvelous season with harvests filling the winter stores, the via combusta painting the foliage in fire, and witches, goblins, and la llarona ready to frighten and treat the youngsters at the same time.

    love this site!

  2. kathy watts

    It’s only my favorite season of the year! The veil between the worlds gets so thin, you can almost reach through and, ah, touch someone (being careful, of course). Is this not a most beautiful site? thanks for reading it…heavens knows, I can use the heads up!

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