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Heads Up!Writer’s Astrological Almanac Dec13-31

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Heads Up!

The Writer’s Astrological Almanac

by Kathy Watts

December 13th-31st 2015

all times PST

Sun Dec 13 the Moon is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Heads Up. You can get through any amount of holiday preparation craziness just be being organized and refusing to be rushed. Besides, you’re probably also thinking about your current project. It’s permitted, so long as you drive safely. It’s St. Lucy’s day. Do you know where your candles are?

Wed Dec 16 the Moon enters Pisces at 9:45 am and makes a conjunction with Neptune that night at 10:20 pm. Heads Up. Dreams, romance and music don’t get much grander than this. It’s Beethoven’s Birthday. Take a few moments and write your own ode to joy. Then listen to the angels sing.

Sat Dec 19 the Moon is in Aries when at 10:56 am Mercury and Pluto are conjunct. Inspiration and cleverness overlap and you could find the perfect plot solution while waiting in line. Pay attention. Heads Up. Later, the Moon is conjunct Uranus in Aries, at 7:36 pm. If you get a last minute invitation tonight, even if you’re in the middle of a rewrite, what the heck, go.(Don’t blow any submission deadlines, though.)

Sun Dec 20 the Moon is in Taurus when Mercury is square Uranus. It’s okay to want to change and make improvements that no one else happens to like. It’s also the last day of the year that the Sun is in Sagittarius. Tomorrow the world may seem slower, cooler, and more pragmatic. Heads Up!

Mon Dec 21 the Moon is in Taurus when the Sun changes signs, bids adieu to Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. Heads Up. It’s the Winter Solstice, the first day of winter in the northern hemisphere, where we enjoy the longest night of the year. May it be filled with stars! For a peek at the upcoming three months, do an ingress chart for 8:48 pm pst, when the Sun achieves 00Cap. Look forward to getting a lot accomplished in the next month. You know you want to do it all.

Tue Dec 22 the Moon leaves Taurus and enters Gemini at 6:31 pm. Begin now to indulge and fulfill those mercurial desires to communicate, network, read, and write, write, write. Heads Up!

Wed Dec 23 the Moon is in Gemini all day. Keeping warm? Got the holidays in hand? (If so, lucky you!) Write, write, write. Or, read, read, read.

Thu Dec 24 the Moon leaves Gemini and enters Cancer at 9:27 pm. May domestic tranquility reign. You’ve put in a good run and deserve your comfort food and favorite goodies.

Fri Dec 25 we have the Full Moon at 03Can at 3:12 am. Look ahead to a month where your creativity can nurture you and create more. It’s Christmas Day, and yes, Isaac Newton’s birthday. Uranus (not that Newton knew about Uranus) goes stationary direct at 7:53 pm. Uranus has been retrograde since July 28. At least something is straightening out before the year ends.

Sat Dec 26 the Moon in Cancer makes an opposition to Mercury at 4:21 pm. It’s fine to revisit some artistic decision that you thought was all settled. Everything can always be improved. It’s also the start of Kwanzaa. It’s Boxing Day, and St. Stephen’s day. The holidays keep on coming!

Tue Dec 29 the Moon is in Virgo when Venus changes signs, leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. Love and aesthetics return to a more glamorous and sociable state. Write the ballroom scene now.

Wed Dec 30 the Moon is in Virgo all day. Take comfort in all those little tweaks, tiny edits, and the vast improvements that they make. Be good to those commas and apostrophes and they will be good to you.

Thu Dec 31 the Moon is conjunct Jupiter at 8:50 am. End the year in good spirits and feel lucky entering 2016. At 10:41 pm, the Moon enters Libra. Your community of writer and artistic creative friends are here with you. Happy New Year!

You got a lot done this year, are doing more, and learning how to make it all better and better. We have each other for support and appreciation. For all its ups and downs (and this year there have been some massive ups and massive downs), this writer/artist lifestyle is still something of a blessed existence. There is no book we read, no movie or TV show or ad or speech we hear, there is no venue that communicates by way of words that can mystify us. We know where those words come from. We are wise to the world in ways that the world can barely conceive.

And we have staying power. Here we are. Look out 2016, because here we come! Have a magnificent new year, all year long. Heads up!

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