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The March Writer’s Astrological Almanac

by on Mar.01, 2010, under Forecasts

March Spindrift!

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March 2010

Welcome to March, the month that comes in like a lion. We start on a Monday, with the Moon still in Virgo when Mercury changes signs and enters Pisces. Expect a little indecision when dealing with people. Before today is over, the Moon enters Libra and conjuncts Saturn retrograde. Tomorrow may be more pleasant if more formal.

Wed Mar 03 is a day of finding, and maybe dealing with loose ends. Don’t tackle anything too heavy, unless you work nights, because that’s when the Moon enters Scorpio. Two hours later Venus conjuncts Uranus. Even the quirky may require serious attention. This could bleed over into tomorrow.

Sun Mar 07 the Moon is in Sagittarius when Venus changes signs and starts the zodiac all over again, entering Aries. The world may look fresh and vibrant in a whole new way. Later, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in Pisces. Eavesdrop discriminately. People are being generous with their good ideas, however ungrounded those ideas may be.

Mon Mar 08 the Moon enters Capricorn in the morning, and conjuncts Pluto that night. Stay calm and pragmatic, and you can deal with anything.

Tue Mar 09 the Moon is in Capricorn when Venus opposes Saturn retrograde. This is the aspect of taking a serious look in the mirror. It was only the middle of last October that Venus was conjunct Saturn. Time swiftly passes by and opportunity is lost. Beauty is not forever.

Wed Mar 10 the Moon is still in Capricorn when, yes, Mars goes stationary direct. Heads Up. Clean direct action becomes the order of the day. Don’t be surprised at how many hidden, even subversive acts come to light from the last couple of months. This is all excellent plot material, is it not?

Thu Mar 11 the Moon is in Aquarius when Venus squares Pluto. Be gracious and cool with even the most difficult people. They will be defenseless against you.

Sat Mar 13 the Moon conjuncts Neptune in the end of Aquarius. Yearning to fix big problems now is a time sink. Later that morning, the Moon moves on and enters Pisces. Trust your feelings and write from them.

Sun Mar 14 the Moon is in Pisces when the Sun conjuncts Mercury. Some say that reason disappears when this happens. Others think that reason becomes brilliant and clear. I’m going with scenerio #2. That afternoon, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter. You can always find a way to make it lucky. While this all sounds wonderful, it’s the day before the New Moon. Heads Up.

Mon Mar 15 is the New Moon in 25Pis. Dig deep inside yourself and start something profound. Almost immediately, Mercury conjuncts Uranus. No opinion is too crazy. Less than two hours later, the Moon conjuncts Uranus, and about a half hour after that, the Moon conjuncts Mercury. This is the raw material of superb urban legends. Write your own. The day ends with the Moon entering Aries. Heads Up. Tomorrow may be the most manic day of the week.

Tue Mar 16 the Moon conjuncts Venus in Aries. You can make everything sound fantastic and aimed at an audience of one. Before the day’s over, the Sun conjuncts Uranus. Remember yesterday? Think manic with a twist. This almost rates a retroactive Heads Up.

Wed Mar 17 the Moon is in Aries all day. Erin Go Bragh! Spraypaint your sheep green (use water-soluble, please). Mercury enters Aries, too. Watch the word count rise. And, Mercury trines Mars, making for conversation (however self-centered) rather than argument. Write dialog.

Thu Mar 18 the Moon is still in Aries when Mercury opposes Saturn retrograde (now the only retrograde planet we’ve got). There’s plenty of self-confidence to face any amount of criticism. Be circumspect in delivering criticism of your own.

Sat Mar 20 any bad dreams from the Mercury square Pluto will dissipate when the Sun crosses the celestial equator heading north, and enters Aries. It’s the Vernal Equinox, and time for the brave of heart to cast an ingress chart for a peek at the upcoming three months. Better still, in the short term, the Moon enters Gemini this afternoon. From now till the end of Monday, writers have maximum encouragement from the universe. Go for it! Heads up in a good way! Some see the first day of Spring as a New Years Day. Take today and use it to your benefit for a full year.

Sun Mar 21 the Moon is in Gemini when the Sun trines Mars. You can accomplish a lot today, and make contact with a lot of people. Then, the Sun opposes Saturn retrograde. This may slightly slow things down, but it will also strengthen any waning focus on your work.

Mon Mar 22 the Moon is still in Gemini when Mars sextiles Saturn retrograde. These are not the most agreeable of planets, and if they can get along, so can anyone else. Use this to untie a knotty plot problem.

Wed Mar 24 the Moon is in Cancer for all but the last few hours. After a month of almost frantic activity, it’s good to have a day in the office, if only to sort through the junk mail.

Thu Mar 25 the Moon conjuncts Mars in Leo. Write those macho battle and argument scenes. Evening, the Sun squares Pluto. Stay in the background and let someone else pick fights. Nobody wins for long.

Mon Mar 29 the Moon enters Libra and conjuncts Saturn retrograde. This is happening for the second time this month. Enjoy the polite propriety of it all. Think regency romances. Afternoon, Venus sextiles Neptune. Even the sensual may take on a spiritual overtone. This feeling builds until early evening when we have the Full Moon at 09Lib. Project the ideals of harmony, justice, and diplomacy in your work. If nothing else, it’s an offset to all the mayhem in the world.

Wed Mar 31 the Moon is in Scorpio when Venus changes signs and enters Taurus. This brings the mad month of March crashing to a serious halt. Stubbornness is in the air. Don’t argue about creature comforts. That, or study the blurbs in lingerie catalogs. Evening, Mercury sextiles Neptune. We get to leave the month with a bit of magic in our hands. Pay attention, because it will be short-lived and we don’t want to waste it.

March is now over, and it will never be repeated. That Saturn-Uranus opposition and Saturn-Pluto square are both still in the sky, but they are no longer the prime focus. We’ve survived the Mars retrograde. These have all just been tests to keep us sharp.

Good things are out there, mingled with lesser blessings, perhaps disguised as more unwelcome tests. We’ve learned a lot. We’re tough. We’re persistent. We have vision. No one owns us but ourselves.

And we are generous, with more than just our words. No one puts more heart and soul out there than does a writer, or any other artist. Look out world, and look out, April!

Heads Up!

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