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The Previous Spring Ingress prior to Costa Concordia’s Sinking

by on Jan.30, 2012, under Forecasts, Traditional Astrology

I am so thrilled to have received such an excellent question from a person who has given so much to the traditional astrology movement by his digging up the many ancient books of William Lilly and other’s, John Ballantrae who asked:

Dear Dorothy:

“That chart for the ship leaving the harbor can presumably be applied to anyone or anything beginning a journey in that  location, at that moment. However, car journeys didn’t end in disaster; buses leaving the depot at that time didn’t crash. Etc. How is this chart relevant or what is it about this chart that is valid for showing the outcome of the voyage? The approach reminds me of the charts set for when JFK jr.’s fatal flight took off – but it wasn’t the only flight that took off around that time and from that location that reached its destination safely.”

A brilliant question, indeed. How do we know that this is not just a random event?

Well, as Ptolemy sayeth:

“Since, then prognotication by astronomical means is divided into two great principal parts, and since the first and more universal is that which relates to whole races, countries and cities, which is called general, and the second more specific has to do with individual men….because matters are swayed by greater and more powerful causes than are particular events And since weaker natures always yield to the stronger…”

Ptolemy also tells us we should always look to the greater charts, i.e., Ingresses, New Moons, and Eclipses, because as smaller beings we are subject to the country we live in. I think had we looked into the charts of John his wife, and her sister at the time, we would have seen that each of their charts were in perilous situation, astrologically. In addition, had we looked to the Ingress chart set for the United States, we would have probably seen the tragedy there, as well, because the entire nation was deeply affected by that crash, even though other planes took off and landed safely at their destination. Perhaps, as time allows we can put up that chart, too. (continue reading…)

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