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Heads Up! January 2018 Writer’s Astrological Almanac

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Heads Up!

The Writer’s Astrological Almanac

by Kathy Watts

January 2018

all times PST

Happy 2018! I mean it. We are the ones who get to make it happy, or not. So let’s go with the happy and have a grand, productive year.

The year starts on a Monday, the Moon’s day, with a Full Moon four hours and twenty-three minutes after perigee, a Super Moon, and a King Tide. Think big, bright, beautiful, and powerful. The Moon can reflect the will of the people, and it’s my wish that we the people will work to take care of ourselves and each other, in the most familial and unselfish of ways. The Sun may be in Capricorn but the Moon is in Cancer.

Mon Jan 01 the Moon in Cancer opposes Saturn, then Venus, then at 6:24 pm opposes the Sun. This gives us the Full Moon at 11 Can. Be as shy or withdrawn as you please but work diligently at what matters most to you. This can be a great lunar month. Twenty-eight minutes later the Moon trines Neptune. This is enough to bring your aspirations back to mind. Later the Moon trines Mars. Sleep well and wake up energized and determined.

Tue Jan 02 the Moon is in Cancer when Uranus goes direct. It’s only been retrograde since August 2, 2017. If you notice (or imagine) an increase in creative wildness, blame it on Uranus.

Wed Jan 03 the Moon is in Leo all day. Write with daring and flamboyance.

Sat Jan 06 the Moon is in Virgo when Mercury trines Uranus at 3:39 pm. You can invent your way out of any plot complication. Exactly one hour later Mars conjoins Jupiter in Scorpio. Sometimes too much of a good thing is not enough. Heads Up for a lively evening. Write early if you can.

Mon Jan 08 the Moon is in Libra when the Sun conjoins Venus in Capricorn at 11:02 pm This is applying all day long. Work happily on those things that you love. Your love will show. Heads Up. Keep in mind, the conjunction of the Sun and Pluto are still applying. Tension may be rising. Heads Up.

Tue Jan 09 the Moon is happily still in Libra when Venus conjoins Pluto at 1:03 am. Heads up for a wild and crazy late night romantic fling, or for a wild and crazy secluded writing bash. Wait, we’re not done. Thirty minutes later at 1:33 am the Sun conjoins Pluto in Capricorn. Feeling anxious, inferior, or overlooked? Rest well and when you get up, work it. It’s not true. Work through it and don’t judge anything, Let results speak for themselves. There’s nothing to defend or explain. Heads up in the best and most personally powerful of ways.

Wed Jan 10 the Moon is in Scorpio when Mercury changes signs, leaves Sagittarius, and enters Capricorn to team up with Venus, Saturn, and Pluto. Heads Up. This pile-up of planets in Cap or Aquarius is the norm and nothing unique to this year. Settle down, and write.

Thu Jan 11 the Moon conjoins Jupiter in Scorpio at 12:21 am. Dream something encouraging At 4:34 am, the Moon then conjoins Mars in Scorpio. When you get up, get up and go!

Fri Jan 12 the Moon is in Sagittarius when Mercury conjoins Saturn in Capricorn. Heads Up. Even if you don’t have the time, your mind will be on the project at hand. Don’t frustrate yourself. Do it anyway.

Sun Jan 14 the Moon conjoins Saturn in Capricorn at 5:49 pm. Heads Up. Keep a low profile, maybe escape early, go home and write. At 11:03 pm the Moon conjoins Mercury in Capricorn. Heads Up. If you go to bed early, the mental wheels will keep turning, so you know.

Mon Jan 15 the Moon is in Capricorn all day. However, tomorrow is the New Moon, which carries an automatic Heads Up. Be careful, take a few more precautions, and don’t hesitate to double-check anything.

Tue Jan 16 a very dark Moon conjoins Pluto in Capricorn at 2:54 am. Heads Up for perhaps a striking dream. At 6:17 pm we have the New Moon at 26 Cap. Heads Up. I’m thinking of this as a personal “clean up and finish stuff rather than start new stuff” sort of lunar month. Think of all the time and space that can start to create. At 10:30 pm the newly reborn Moon conjoins Venus. This happens in the closing degrees of Capricorn. Go to bed happy with a job well done.

Wed Jan 17 the Moon is in Aquarius when Venus changes signs and enters Aquarius. Romance writers, you have a bigger audience than you realize. Do them justice.

Thu Jan 18 the Moon is in Aquarius all day. It’s also the last day that the Sun spends in disciplinarian Capricorn. Tomorrow the world may seem bigger, a bit brighter, but every bit as serious. Heads Up.

Fri Jan 19 the Moon enters Pisces at 12:26 pm. At 5:08 Mercury sextiles Neptune (the modern ruler of Pisces). At 7:09 pm the Sun changes signs, leaving Capricorn and entering Aquarius. Heads Up. Mind you, both Cap and Aqu are ruled by Saturn. Intensity won’t drop. This cusp is sometimes thought of as a gateway of some sort. At 7:28 pm, the Moon sextiles Saturn. Heads Up for a gentle transition as we move across this cusp. Stay diligent and sharp. Saturn likes that.

Tue Jan 22 the Moon conjoins Uranus in Aries at 8:16 pm. Journal those wild and crazy ideas so you can flesh them out tomorrow. Now lighten up, enjoy your evening, and sleep well.

Wed Jan 23 the Moon is in Taurus when Mercury conjoins Pluto in Capricorn at 12:50 pm. Heads Up. What you plan to do today may get preempted, but by something way better. Run with it. We’re getting a month of Wednesdays with the Moon predominately in fixed signs. Well, we know what we want to work on, don’t we?

Fri Jan 26 the Moon is in Taurus when Mars changes signs, leaves its traditional home sign Scorpio and moves into fiery Sagittarius at 4:56 am. Not a bad trade for those of us deep in some process. Heads Up. At 9:40 am the Moon leaves Taurus and moves into writer-artist-clever-person-friendly Gemini. Heads Up from now until Sunday morning for all the mercurial fun and fabrication that you can fantasize into being! Start right away because this window of opportunity closes fast.

Sat Jan 27 the Moon is in Gemini when Mercury squares Uranus at 11:08 pm. If you’ve been zipping along in hyper drive, it may time to downshift.

Sun 28 Jan the Moon is still in Gemini when Mercury sextiles Chiron at 10:50 am. Consider using kinder words. At 10:57 am the Moon leaves Gemini and moves into Cancer. Did you get much done? Yes. Perhaps it’s time for a substantial lunch.

Wed Jan 31 the Moon is in Leo all day. We end this month with a resounding bang of Heads Up. We have the Full Moon at 11 Leo at 5:27 am. Perigee was yesterday so it’s not as super a moon as on January 1, but it’s still pretty super. It’s also a lunar eclipse. Go out and look, if you can. Consider being more daring on behalf of yourself, your society, and your world at large. Heads Up. At 5:39 am Mercury changes signs, leaving Capricorn and entering Aquarius. Heads Up again. Thought turn to the concerns of large groups of people. A lot of them may be your readers. Keep working it.

January may be packed with Capricorn concerns, but that’s a good thing when you love what you’re working to do and do well. Capricorn is hard to satisfy, so if you’re not satisfied with your progress or success or whatever, welcome to the world of Capricorn. Be honest with yourself, though, and don’t belittle any of your own efforts or intentions. Who measures up well to impossibly high standards? Not anyone I know.

You can do what you can do. Make it your best, and don’t look back. No regrets. Day by day, throughout the coming new year, own it, own it all. It’s your time to craft what touches your heart and reaches out to comfort, amuse, inspire, and challenge the world.

Look out world, because here we come. Heads Up!



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