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March 2015 Head’s Up! Astrological Almanac

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Erin Go Bra!

Heads Up!

The Writer’s Astrological Almanac

by Kathy Watts

March 2015

(all times PST until 2 am Mar 08; then PDT)

March starts on a Sunday (the Sun’s day of the week), so shine your brightest and make your work your best all month long. It may slow you down, but it’s worth it (unless you’re under a deadline, I suppose).

Sun Mar 01 the Moon is void of course in Cancer when Mercury sextiles Uranus at 7:55 am. Crazy new ideas and comments may resonate more. Are you reading (or writing) something outrageous? Why not? Five hours and twenty minutes later (1:15 pm) Mercury opposes Jupiter. You can slow down and pull back now. The Moon doesn’t enter Leo for another couple of hours (3:34 pm). Go out and have some cozy fun.

Mon Mar 02 the Moon makes a conjunction with Jupiter. It’s in the evening, but it’s applying all day. Feel lucky and attract a lot of positive responses to your questions and queries.

Wed Mar 04 the Moon enters Virgo in the very early morning. About three hours later (7:14 am) Venus trines Jupiter. Editing should be easy (if you’re a morning person, I suppose). Three and half hours later (10:46 am) Venus makes a conjunction with Uranus. Are we having fun yet (or, at least causing mischief)? The first three Wednesdays of this month we start the day with the Moon in a fixed sign. Do as much as you can while you can before the Moon moves into a mutable sign and people and interruptions find you.

Thu Mar 5 we have the Full Moon at 14 Vir. This lunar month you can make things right if not perfect. Buckle down, work hard, and smile regardless. In the late afternoon the Sun sextiles Pluto. You can make some changes now or prepare to do so tomorrow.

Sat Mar 07 the Sun makes a conjunction with the asteroid Chiron in the evening. Do you care about asteroids? (I try not to, but sometimes they insist.) Rather than complain, learn something useful from the discomfort.

Sun Mar 08 Daylight Savings Time begins. Alas, so much for apparent local solar time. Last night (Saturday) at 10:50 pm the Moon in Libra opposed Uranus. Today the Moon opposes Venus at 8:58 am. Weren’t those planets just conjunct? Yes, Venus moves that fast. Mild mischief may be in the air but it may not be appreciated.

Mon Mar 09 the Moon is in Scorpio when Mars in Aries trines Jupiter in Leo. Is that enough fire for you? Be happy it’s a trine. Feelings may be running very high, so watch your temper and let your characters fight it out.

Wed Mar 11 the Moon is still in Scorpio when Mars conjuncts Uranus in Aries. About four hours later Mars squares Pluto. Heads Up!! Stay in your seat and work. Stay out of trouble. On the up side, you could get a ton of work done and surprise yourself. Grab this Heads Up day by the horns, shake hard, and make it good!

Thu Mar 12 the Moon is conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. Think about who your audience is, really. In the morning, the Moon squares Neptune. If you’re feeling disappointed, relax, decide if the cause is real, and then let it go. In the evening, the Moon trines Jupiter (6:08 pm) and then trines Uranus (8:42 pm). Some big desire or gesture could get out of control. Maybe not the best time to do plotting. Ten minutes later, Mercury changes signs, leaves Aquarius at last and enters Pisces. You can stop over thinking things now. Finally, the Moon trines Mars (10:43 pm). It may be hard to get to sleep, mentally hashing over what has happened today.

Sat Mar 14 the Moon is in Capricorn when Saturn goes stationary retrograde. Your critical faculties are not going to suffer. If you’ve been enjoying Saturn in Sagittarius, you have from now till early June before Saturn reenters Scorpio.

Sun Mar 15 the Moon makes a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. Often a tense time, put any nervous energy into your work and get a lot done.

Mon Mar 16 the Moon is in Aquarius when Uranus makes its seventh and final square to Pluto (at least, until 2073). This has been applying for a long time now. Treat it as an astrological holiday of some sort, and keep on working. That’s my plan. If you have revolt or revolution in your heart, it’s not going to go away. Meanwhile, work on your work. It can be the best immediate revenge.

Tue Mar 17 the Moon is in Aquarius when Venus changes signs, leaves Aries and enters her home sign Taurus. Wear something beautiful and green. Erin Go Bragh! Write in green ink if you must, but don’t submit anything looking like that. You know this already.

Wed Mar 18 the Moon is void of course in Aquarius when Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces (1:49 am). This is the stuff of rich dreams. By 3:58 am the Moon has also entered Pisces. Get psychic and get into the heads and hearts of your characters. In the afternoon, the Moon conjuncts Neptune (4:44 pm) and then conjuncts Mercury (6:28 pm). Write those dreamscapes, or sit with a head full of fog and take notes. You could see all manner of things today.

Thu Mar 19, the Moon conjuncts Chiron in Pisces. Any hurt or owie won’t last long, and it may be imaginary. (It’s beginning to sound like everything is in Pisces, but that’s an illusion, too.) The real Heads Up, though, is that tomorrow is the New Moon. Heads Up. Be your basic safe self. It’s also the last day of the month when the Sun is in the sign of Pisces. Tomorrow the Sun will be a guest in the house of Mars and the universe may feel warmer, faster, more eager and impatient. Heads Up.

Fri Mar 20 we have the New Moon at 29 Pisces. This happens at 2:36 am, after which the Moon briefly goes void of course. Heads Up. It’s also a total solar eclipse. If this degree of the zodiac is important in your natal chart, this year could be more interesting than most. For the New Moon to happen at the very end of the zodiac suggests that maybe something major has been concluded, even if we’re not aware of it (yet). Heads Up to that possibility. At 3:28 am the Moon enters Aries. The Moon is being the Sun’s herald here; the zodiac has not started anew, not yet. To keep the lid on a fiery day, the Moon trines Saturn at 11:14 am. The morning may be intense but subdued. Heads Up. About four and a half hours later (3:45 pm) the Sun leaves Pisces and enters the sign of Aries. It’s the day of the vernal equinox, the first day of Spring. Cast yourself an ingress chart for a peek at how the next three months unfold for you. Some people consider the first day of Spring to be New Year’s Day. We are now at the very beginning of the zodiac. What is it that you really would like to start? You have not only this lunar month, but the whole year. Think big. Heads Up!

Sat Mar 21 the Moon makes a conjunction with Uranus in Aries (4:14 am). Yesterday’s high energy is still blazing strong. Heads Up! In the afternoon, the Moon is conjunct Mars (3:51 pm) and then goes void of course in Aries. Be safe, but stay focused and let the world look out for itself! This is the stuff of a serious working jag.

Sun Mar 22 the Moon is conjunct Venus in Taurus. Whatever you’ve been doing, you can do in a more refined, elegant way today. It can have permanence, too.

Tue Mar 24 the Moon is void of course in Taurus when Mercury is conjunct Chiron, in Pisces (6:07 am). Will this Pisces sensitivity never end? Be gentle with yourself and let things heal. Sixteen minutes later, the Moon enters Gemini. Heads Up in the best way. We have from now until the middle of Thursday to indulge in all those things that Gemini loves, like communicating, writing, and being curious about everything and everyone. Go for it.

Wed Mar 25 the Moon is in Gemini all day. At 12:25 pm, the Sun in Aries makes a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius. Yes, I know, Saturn is retrograde now. Regardless, power lunch or phone call? Or, judiciously hold your peace. Regardless, be productive.

Thu Mar 26 the Moon leaves Gemini and enters Cancer at 12:45 pm. Did you have a good time?

Mon Mar 30 the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Leo (12:15 am). You have all day to feel lucky. In the evening (6:44 pm) Mercury changes signs, leaves Pisces and enters Aries. Prepare to have your mind running in overdrive. If taking notes is too slow, resort to dictation and a recording.

Tue Mar 31 the Moon is in Leo when Mars leaves its home sign of Aries and enters Taurus at 9:26 am. Things cool down further when the Moon enters Virgo at 11:12 am. Maybe it’s a good day to edit.

It’s certainly one heck of a month, starting out deep and subdued, then switching to hot and heavy. Be ambitious, be intent, be practical, focused, and on target. No matter what happens out in the world at large, you are the writer and the creator of your work world. Pull the strings, light the fire, warm the heart, and agitate the mind. Have no fear as you move forward and make your words come to life in the real world. Be spectacular and go for broke. Yes, this is you that we’re talking about. Heads Up!

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Heads Up! The Writer’s Astrological Almanac February

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February 2015

(all times PST)

February may be short but it packs a powerful punch. Several, in fact. We can do great things in great bursts, so be sharp, keep things in focus, and keep that head up!

Sun Feb 01 the Moon is in Cancer when Venus is conjunct Neptune. Dream on. It doesn’t get much softer than this. Give yourself permission to feel deep, and have that much more beauty to write about later.

Tue Feb 03 we have the Full Moon at 14 Leo. This lunar month, put more noble concerns into your words. Heck, resolve to be more noble. Later at night, the Moon is conjunct Jupiter. Tonight and tomorrow are lucky times, so think and act with big spirit.

Wed Feb 04 the Moon is in Leo all day, entering Virgo late that evening. Write big and know that you can pull back and tidy up later.

Fri Feb 06 the Moon is in Virgo all day. Late morning, the Sun opposes Jupiter. Get a grip. In the afternoon, the Moon opposes Mars. Take off in a better direction.

Wed Feb 11 the Moon is in Scorpio when Mercury goes stationary direct. Get mentally organized, be serious about what you want to do and why, and don’t fret if you don’t get a lot of words down today.

Thu Feb 12 the Moon is conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. You can deal successfully with even the biggest projects. It’s a good day to outline that door-stop of a novel.

Sun Feb 15 the Moon is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. This always makes things look more dire and flawed than they really are. Stay calm, be methodical, do things in increments, and feel upbeat no matter what. Sunday is the Sun’s day. Let your spirit shine.

Mon Feb 16 the Moon is conjunct Mercury in Aquarius. Mercury is no longer retrograde but it’s moving slowly Your thinking may still be a bit slow, too. Think slow and careful. Heads Up in a good way. Be patient with people, including yourself.

Tue Feb 17 is Mardi Gras. Let the good times roll! It’s also the day before the New Moon, so Heads Up and don’t get rolled over or rolled away. Keep your eye on your work, keep a low profile, and get a lot done. And be safe.

Wed Feb 18 we have the New Moon at 29Aq. You can see the big picture without getting lost in it all. Feel a part of something big all lunar month long. Almost immediately after the New Moon, the Moon promptly enter Pisces. Be grateful for that last gasp of Aquarius. Have powerful feelings (as all writers and artists need) without getting all mushy and ambiguous about your work. Three minutes later, the Sun enters Pisces. All doors are open to your instincts and intuition now. Write, write, want to write, and write from the heart. You can organize it better later.

Thu Feb 19 we start the Chinese New Year. It’s the Year of the Sheep. The Moon is in Pisces all day, and it is conjunct Neptune in the very early hours. Dreams may be hard to shake today, so if any dreams seep into your work, don’t be surprised. You may want to make use of them, anyway. In the afternoon, Mars changes signs, leaves Pisces and enters its home sign of Aries. Heads Up. Mars doesn’t get much stronger than this. While your mind and feelings may be swimming in circles, you may be yearning to hit the ground running with some project. Keep your sense of direction and don’t bounce off any walls.

Fri Feb 20 the Moon is in Pisces when Venus now changes signs, leaves Pisces and enters Aries. Love, beauty, and good manners get much more proactive. Three hours and eight minutes later, the Moon also leaves Pisces and enters Aries. It may be hard to hold back on something that isn’t quite ready to go yet. I won’t even bother telling you to be patient. At least try to be sensible and safe. Measure twice, then cut once. Something like that. Seventeen minutes more and the Moon is conjunct Venus. This may not slow you down but it can keep you aimed in a more pleasant and agreeable direction. Fifty-eight minutes more and the Moon conjuncts Mars. Heads Up! So much for slowing down. Be passionate about what you’re doing but don’t get belligerent about it. Things may be calmer night, as the evening ends with the Moon making a trine with Saturn. Feel older, wiser, and more mature in how you deal with your work.

Sat Feb 21 the Moon is conjunct Uranus in Aries. Heads Up. If you want to hide out at home and write, go for it. It could get wild out there this weekend, and even if you don’t cause any trouble, trouble could still find you. That evening, Venus and Mars are conjunct, yes, in Aries. Hot times. Passions don’t get higher than this. Heads Up! Oh, let’s make that Heads Up!!!!

Tue Feb 24 the Moon enters Gemini in the evening. Write up a storm from now till early in the morning Friday. You may have energy to burn that’s left over from the weekend, so pump it into your work.

Wed Feb 25 the Moon is in Gemini all day. Write, read, converse, discuss, and network with abandon. In the evening, Mars is trine Saturn. About two hours later, the Sun is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Judgment may not be very sharp but inspiration is abundant. Think of it as not yet edited stream of consciousness.

Thu Feb 26 about an hour after midnight the Moon makes a sextile with Jupiter and then goes void of course for the rest of the day. It’s still in Gemini, though. Write on!

Fri Feb 27 the Moon leaves Gemini at 4:50 am and enters Cancer. It’s been a frantic last several days and if you want to take a break and be a homebody, go for it. You can still write, or at least read, at home, you know.

What a wild, manic Heads Up kind of month! The good news is that Mercury is direct before the end of it all. Be patient in all your endeavors and give yourself time to untangle any knots that have been tied this month. You can handle it. You can be gloriously productive this month, too, don’t forget. Do the best you can each day, for yourself as well as for others. All your work is ultimately destined for others, anyway, right? Write! Edit, submit, keep in touch with your contacts, and don’t backslide if and when things bog down. Don’t let yourself feel isolated. You are so very much not alone!

Don’t hesitate to be spectacular, because you are! Heads Up!

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Head’s Up! Astrological Almanac January 2015

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Heads Up!


January 2015


(times are all Pacific Standard Time, PST)


It’s a new year with a new set of challenges and some new gifts, talents, and opportunities to meet those challenges. Oh, some old stubborn ones will continue but don’t think for one minute that 2015 is going to be a stale old rerun of 2014. Heads Up!


Thu Jan 01 the Moon enters Gemini. We can make this entire year be the writer’s year. Mercurial energy is going to be present every single day. Use them all. Midday, Mars opposes Jupiter. Thursday is Jupiter’s day of the week, so remember this if you start arguing with yourself or wanting to make needed changes. Work big and look at it later with a fresh pair of eyes.


Fri Jan 02 the Moon is in Gemini all day.You can be as productive as you are sociable. Networking, hobnobbing, and general chatting all qualify as productive activities.


Sat Jan 03 the Moon is void of course in Gemini when Venus changes signs, leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius. People may annoy you less when they interrupt you, but there may be more of them. You can keep them at a friendly, safe distance. In the afternoon, the Sun is conjunct Pluto. Heads up. It could be an intense evening, with intense people. Don’t let anything freak you out. An hour and a half later, the Moon enters Cancer. Or maybe you’d rather just stay home tonight and do something quiet.


Sun Jan 04 the Moon is in Cancer when Mercury changes signs, leaves Capricorn and follows Venus into the sign of Aquarius. Thoughts turn to bigger, more socially conscious, inclusive things. Write longer, with bigger words, too. Why not? About four hours later we have the Full Moon at 14Can. after which the Moon goes void of course. Heads Up for a lunar month that strengthens your connection to your own roots and anchors you in your memories and families (all tremendous themes in literature, are they not?)


Wed Jan 07 the Moon is in Leo all day. Work with extra confidence. Let your work shine in your own eyes and don’t be in a rush to show it to others until it’s polished. That evening, the Moon is conjunct Jupiter. See a stoke of good luck, or have an insight that proves lucky later.


Mon Jan 12 the Moon is in Libra all day. Expect to hear “no” less and “yes” or “maybe” more often. That doesn’t mean much more will be done. In the early hours, Mars changes signs, leaves Aquarius and moves into Pisces. Frustrations may set it but they won’t last for long..


Wed Jan 14 the Moon is in Scorpio all day. It’s a serious work day, so take it seriously. Be satisfied with each new word, no matter how imperfect now. Late that evening, Mars makes a square to Saturn. If you’re pushing the envelope with some project, set it aside for a few days and take up something less controversial until then.


Fri Jan 16 the Moon conjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius. If quantity of work is slightly down, the quality may be up. Don’t discourage yourself about anything. Believe in your work, and in your worth.


Mon Jan 19 the Moon is in Capricorn all day. In the early hours, the Moon is conjunct Pluto then goes void of course. An uneasy dream could give you a provocative image or idea for your work. About three hours later Venus opposes Jupiter. You may not wake up in a great mood but it won’t hold you back, either. That evening, Mars is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. You want magic? Here it is, but be careful what you ask for. Neptune can provide the dream and Mars can make it happen. It’s a dangerous and powerful combination. Heads Up. Today is also the day before the New Moon. Be more safety-conscious and more aware of your surroundings. Travel safe. Heads Up. And, it’s the last day that the Sun spends in Capricorn. Tomorrow the world may seem bigger, more inclusive if not any warmer. Heads Up.


Tue Jan 20 the Moon is void of course in Capricorn when, a couple of hours after midnight, the Sun leaves Capricorn behind and goes forward into Aquarius. Sleep soundly and maybe remember one strong detail from one dream. The Moon enters Aquarius at 4:59 am and fifteen whole minutes later we have the New Moon at 00Aq. Heads Up in a good way. This is a powerful Full Moon that can inspire everybody to think a bit more of others than themselves. Take that into your work and into your opinions about your audience. And Heads Up for tomorrow, in preparation for the start of Mercury’s first retrograde period of the year. Stay calm, keep your wits about you, and you’ll be fine.


Wed Jan 21 the Moon is in Aquarius when Mercury goes stationary retrograde. This can be rough on working with others, doing collaborations, and dealing with associations or other large groups. Take none of this personally; stay cool and gently persistent. Nineteen minutes later, the Moon conjuncts Mercury. There will be no shortage of new ideas. That afternoon, the Moon conjuncts Venus and goes void of course. Settle in, make yourself comfortable, and maybe get a nice drink. Is this not a good day to hole up and write?


Thu Jan 22 the Moon is conjunct Neptune in Pisces in the afternoon. If spirits are sagging, a new inspiration can fix that. Later that evening, the Moon is conjunct Mars. Heads Up. As you’ve noticed by now, Mars does not sit still for long. If the work day is over, take notes and jump in energetically tomorrow.


Sun Jan 25 the Moon is conjunct Uranus in Aries. Work on your own stuff. If out in public or at social gathering, though, listen more and talk less. Think of it as research for your own stuff.


Tue Jan 27 the Moon is in Taurus all day. Be stubborn and stick with your own view of things. You’ll make it all beautiful. In the morning, Venus moves out of Aquarius and into Pisces. Whatever you produce today, it will feel as beautiful as it looks.


Wed Jan 28 the Moon is void of course in Taurus until the afternoon when it enters Gemini. Since the year began with the Moon in Gemini, each time the Moon returns to Gemini we can get a writerly recharge. Make the most of these days and see how much you can do! Surprise yourself!


Thu Jan 29 the Moon is in Gemini all day. Even if you don’t write a single word, your mind may be flitting in and out, over and under any number of ideas and works in progress. Serious brainstorming counts as productive.


Fri Jan 30 the Moon sextiles Jupiter at 1:24 am and then goes void of course in Gemini. A nightowl writer could go to bed feeling very good about something just thought, read, or done. The Sun is conjunct Mercury retrograde later that morning. Work on something looser and more creative today, and later on do the more detailed nuts’n’bolts things. Not till 11:09 pm does the Moon finally leave Gemini and enter Cancer. Sleep well, knowing that you’ve made good use of the whole month.


This may sound like a month of mixed messages, but don’t let a Mercury retrograde throw you off your game. Most artistic work is done internally. There will be months when it’s easier to do the marketing, make the pitches, the promoting, and all those sides of the writer’s life other than pulling words out of the magical but still thin air. Be at your best, do your best, work your magic, and see astounding accomplishments this month! Resolve to feel good about 2015! Heads Up!



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December Head’s Up! Astrological Almanac

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Heads Up!


The Writer’s Astrological Almanac

by Kathy Watts


December 2014


Welcome to the grand finale month of a busy year! December starts on a Monday (the day of the week dedicated to the Moon). (continue reading…)

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November’s Astrological Forecast ~ Head’s Up!

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moth or butterfly you decide

Heads Up!


The Writer’s Astrological Almanac


November 2014

Nov 01 is a Saturday, Saturn’s day of the week, with the Moon void of course in Aquarius. (continue reading…)

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Heads Up! October Astrological Almanac

by on Oct.07, 2014, under Forecasts, Traditional Astrology

 october sunset

October 2014



Happy October! Think autumn, pumpkins, all things orange and black, cool and shady. (continue reading…)

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Head’s Up! July’s Astrological Almanac

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   In Loving Memory of  Annie Crotts 1922-2014

In Loving Memory of
Annie Crotts 1922-2014


Happy July, in the heart of summer! (continue reading…)

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June Astrological Almanac for Writers

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Heads Up!

 June 2014

Jume Orchid


Happy Sunny June, starting on Sunday with the Moon entering Leo. Make it a golden month and keep it shining. (continue reading…)

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