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Head’s Up! April Writer’s Astrological Almanac

by on Apr.04, 2014, under Forecasts, Traditional Astrology

 April Head's up

April 2014


April may or may not be the cruelest month, but for sure we start with April 1st, April Fool’s day. It’s a Tuesday with the Moon in Taurus. This month, let us persist with greater energy. The Sun makes a square to Jupiter as the day begins. May we be circumspect and wise as well as generous and fun-loving.


Wed Apr 2 the Moon is in Taurus all day. Work on the nuts and bolts. The Sun conjuncts Uranus as the day starts. Expect surprises, foolish or otherwise. Late at night, Mercury trines Saturn. Don’t undercut your accomplishments today, but look at them objectively tomorrow. April has five Wednesdays in it. The first four will have the Moon in a fixed sign. Have a program, and stick to it. The last Wednesday gives us the Moon moving into mutable Gemini. Now there’s a writerly boost to take into the future.


Thu Apr 3, the Moon moves into Gemini in the morning. From now till Saturday afternoon, we get to enjoy all things mercurial and to perfect our writing and communication skills of all kinds. The Sun makes a square to Pluto in the morning. If something oddball happens today, don’t take it personally. Evening, the Moon squares Neptune. Daydreams don’t have much substance, anyway.


Fri Apr 4 the Moon is in Gemini all day. Enjoy this and do something charming. Let your words be charming, too.


Sat Apr 5 the Moon is void of course in Gemini when Venus changes signs, leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces. If you’re the soft-hearted weepy type, lay in a fresh stock of tissues and write something gratifyingly sappy. The Moon enters Cancer in the late afternoon. You don’t have to go out tonight if you’d rather not.


Sun Apr 6 the Moon is in Cancer all day. It’s an old-fashioned Sunday family supper (or the memories of such) kind of day. The Moon conjuncts Jupiter in the afternoon, and then opposes Pluto three hours later. Good luck is freely given and is not yanked back. Relax and don’t fall for imaginary fears


Mon Apr 7 the Moon is in Cancer all day. In the morning, Mercury changes signs, moving out of Pisces to join the Sun in Aries. Start something modest with somebody else in mind. For example, write for a specific reader.


Tue Apr 8 the Moon enters Leo in the morning. Perk up and get a lot done. Three hours later, the Moon trines Mercury. Ideas may be falling out of the sky, so write fast. In the afternoon, the Sun opposes Mars retrograde. Tonight Mars will shine at its brightest. Take a buddy and go out (midnight is best) and see, weather permitting.


Wed Apr 9 the Moon is in Leo all day. Write like the majestic soul that you are. Submit something that you’re especially proud of. Do that important phone call or interview, and shine.


Fri Apr 11 the Moon is in Virgo all day. The Moon opposes Venus in the early morning. Allow a hair or two to be out of place. An hour and a half later the Moon opposes Neptune. Share a group dream, only if it resonates with you. In the late evening, guess what? Venus and Neptune form a perfect conjunction at 06Pis. Romance, music, and movies! If you love other things, they can be beautiful, too. Write (or read) something spiritual and uplifting.


Mon Apr 14 the Moon is in Libra all day, and it’s a busy day. The Moon opposes Mercury at start of day. Work with greater clarity of thought. Late morning, the Moon makes a conjunction with Mars retrograde. Be privately motivated. Two and a half hours later, Mercury squares Jupiter. It’s too easy to trick yourself and others, so go slow and cautiously with people. Late afternoon, Mercury makes a conjunction with Uranus. Boredom or restlessness are lurking around every corner. Shut the door and write. Half an hour later, Pluto goes stationary retrograde. (I’m mentioning this only to add it to the pile.) Late at night, Mercury squares Pluto. A small prank could get out of hand. Now there’s plot material. It’s also the day before the Full Moon (that is also a lunar eclipse). Think about what you’re grateful for and about what you want to do. Now that’s a Heads Up!


Tue Apr 15 we have the Full Moon and lunar eclipse at 25Lib in the wee small hours. May your routine be balanced and your productivity be seen by more and more appreciative people. May you find the perfect agent (for example). Eight and a half hours later, the Moon moves into Scorpio. The atmosphere could briefly get cooler and more serious. It’s Tax Day in the US. It’s also Passover. And the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.


Wed Apr 16 the Moon is in Scorpio all day. Be sincere and do what matters to you. In the morning, Mercury opposes Mars retrograde. Think all you like (and write too), but you don’t have to act out any of it.


Thu Apr 17 the Moon makes a conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio, then goes void of course. Work hard and be happy. Too much cushy comfort is counterproductive, anyway.


Fri Apr 18 the Moon is in Sagittarius all day. It’s the last day of the month that the Sun spends in Aries. Enjoy the fire of these two signs, and stoke up an ember or two to keep that writing momentum going. Tomorrow will be radically different and intense in a new different way. Heads Up.


Sat Apr 19 the Moon is in Capricorn when the Sun changes signs, moves out of fiery Aries and enter the earth sign of Taurus. (Capricorn is an earth sign, too). Heads Up. The Aries/Taurus cusp can be one of the most challenging. Be ready for anything from anyone, at least in the beginning. Be glad for the solid Moon in Capricorn, and keep those feet on the ground. Things may slow down compared to yesterday, but that can be good. Heads Up.


Sun Apr 20 the Moon is in Capricorn all day. Jupiter squares Uranus in the wee smalls. Four hours later, Jupiter opposes Pluto. These two aspects are generational aspects and have as much to do with the history of the world as they do with you. Have you noticed that the evening news often has great plot material? You can’t make that stuff up (although, of course you do all the time.) Late afternoon, the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, and one whole minute later, the Moon opposes Jupiter. Stay calm and cheerful. The Moon moves fast. Heads Up. It’s Easter Sunday.


Mon Apr 21 the Moon is in Capricorn when Uranus squares Pluto in midafternoon. Astrologers are massively interested in this, but unless it falls directly on something in your own natal chart (and even if it does), your day will still probably proceed normally. The news could get weird, though. Five hours later the Moon squares Mercury and goes void of course. If your thinking isn’t as sharp as you like, there’s instinct and intuition available to you. Write with inspiration, even if you toss it later.


Tue Apr 22 the Moon is in Aquarius all day. Mars squares Jupiter in midafternoon. Considering that it’s the day of the week ruled by Mars, you could write one heck of a conflict scene today. Heads Up. Late that evening, the Moon trines Mars retrograde. It’s Earth Day. There are still plenty of good things to be done in the world (and good works to be written.)


Wed Apr 23 the Moon is in Aquarius when Mars retrograde opposes Uranus. Don’t get angry or spiteful with yourself, or with anybody else. Heads Up. Two hours later Mercury moves out of Aries and enters Taurus. It’s easier to think about practical matters. Four and a half hours later Mars retrograde squares Pluto. Discontent can erode any good feelings or advantages you have. Don’t go there. Three hours later the Moon squares Saturn and goes void of course. Did I say to not be too hard on yourself (or anyone else)? All this happens before noon. Heads up for a wild and wooly morning. If all else fails, go have a cup of tea and call it good.


Thu Apr 24 the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Sweet dreams, and write sweet dreams. Remember, Venus isn’t far away.


Fri Apr 25 the Moon conjuncts Venus in Pisces and then goes void of course. It can be a charming night out (just don’t overindulge, okay?) Late that night, the Sun conjuncts Mercury. Reason could flare into brilliance, or it could get briefly burned to ash. Pay attention and see which it is.


Sun Apr 27 the Moon conjuncts Uranus in Aries. Surprise yourself. It’s also the day before the New Moon (that is also a solar eclipse). Be safe, sane, and stable. Heads Up.


Mon Apr 28 the Moon enters Taurus in the morning, then catches up with the Sun four hours later to form the New Moon at 08Tau. It’s also a solar eclipse. It can be a powerful day, when the littlest thing could have far-reaching effects. Act well. Heads Up.


Tue Apr 29 the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Taurus. You already know what you like. Now, take care of what you have and think of ways to increase what you want. Write about treasures, comforts, and beautiful places.


Wed Apr 30 the Moon is void of course in Taurus until entering Gemini in the afternoon. Heads Up for a great way to end the month. It’s always nice to go out on a strong, bold writerly note. Nothing can stop (or even slow down Taurus. not that Taurus is much of a speed demon), and you can approach your writing with the same spirit.


It’s one high-energy month with a lot buzzing around in the outside world, so if you have any extra trouble settling down and getting the writing done, you’re not alone. You can channel some of that crazed public energy into your own private productivity, though. Who are all those people, anyway? Well, some of them are your audience and fans. Yes, you have fans. Look in the mirror and say it out loud. “Yes. I have fans.”


Because you do. Now go write and stop disappointing them! Have a spectacular, hot and heavy, blazing month! It’s spring (in the northern hemisphere, anyway), remember? Let those words burst out and bloom! Heads Up!



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