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Head’s Up Astrological Almanac for August

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Mr Gopher to you


Heads Up!

August 2014


Welcome to August 1st, the heart of summer! It’s Lammas, the harvest of first fruits, and the first of the three harvests that complete the autumn. You can call it the dog days of summer, too, if you like.


Fri Aug 1 the Moon is in Libra all day, a sign ruled by Venus on a day of the week ruled by Venus. This can be a beautiful month. Do some beautiful work. In the very early morning, Venus trines Saturn. Your beautiful work can be practical, too. To balance the emotional scales, twelve hours later Mars squares Jupiter. Be active but don’t over-do anything aggressive. Drive carefully and don’t shout (without reason — happiness is a good reason).


Sat Aug 2 the Moon is void of course in Libra when Mercury conjuncts Jupiter. Think big thoughts and have big conversations. If not being social, write long. Four and a half hours later, Mercury squares Mars. Stay busy but stay focused. Let your characters get into trouble today and not you.


Sun Aug 3 the Moon in Scorpio conjuncts Mars. It may be hard to sit still, even with a good book. Hang in there and accomplish what you can.


Mon Aug 4 the Moon is still in Scorpio. The Moon conjuncts Saturn in the very early morning. Wake up and have a plan, however sketchy. Seven hours later the Moon trines Venus. You can get a lot done and feel good about it today.


Wed Aug 6 the Moon is in Sagittarius all day. This is the month’s only Wednesday when we have the Moon in a mutable sign. Starting next week, we switch to all cardinal signs. Submit things today, read marketing articles, blogs, and participate in author mutual-support online groups. Do you do a blog? Reach out and touch someone, lots of someones.


Thu Aug 7 the Moon is void of course in Sagittarius when Mars trines Neptune. Do you want to reach a bigger audience? You can think of original ways. An hour later the Moon enters hard-working Capricorn. You could try out one of those ideas now. Six hours after that, the Moon sextiles energetic Mars. You don’t have to work all night if you don’t want to.


Fri Aug 8 the Moon is in Capricorn all day. The Moon conjuncts Pluto in the extremely early morning. If you wake up jittery or out of a disturbing dream, fear not. It will pass. Midmorning, the Sun conjuncts Mercury. Be intuitive and instinctive rather than rational, just for a while. In the afternoon, Mercury trines Uranus. Write down those off the wall ideas for future use. Four hours later, the Sun trines Uranus. Be pleasantly surprisingly clever, even by your own standards. In the evening, Mercury trines Saturn. After such a fun day, it’s okay to have a more serious night.


Sun Aug 10 the Moon opposes the Sun, giving us the Full Moon at 18 Aq. Make it a month of leaning how to speak for and to reach more people. Four hours later, the Moon opposes Mercury. This can quiet down any temptation to chatter. All your thoughts and words carry weight. Be deliberate.


Mon Aug 11 the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. This is the time for dreaming and constructively putting dreams to work for you.


Tue Aug 12 the Moon is in Pisces when Venus changes signs, leaves Cancer and enters hot flashy Leo. If nothing else, enjoy what you’re doing.


Wed Aug 13 the Moon is in Aries when the Moon trines Venus in the late morning. You could have big fun and get a lot done at the same time. Did I say ‘enjoy what you’re dong?’ In the afternoon, the Moon trines Jupiter. If people start interrupting you, finish what you’re in the middle of, then go.


Thu Aug 14 the Moon conjuncts Uranus in Aries. The mischievous spirit may go after big time fun today. Sing and dance through your work today, and amaze yourself.


Fri Aug 15 the Moon is in Aries when Mars sextiles Pluto. Have a carefully chosen short to-do list, pick one item, and watch it get done. Six and a half hours later, the Moon trines Mercury and goes void of course for eight whole minutes before entering the sign Taurus. If your mind is spinning, it will abruptly settle down and let you dig into some project. An hour later, Mercury also moves on, leaving Leo and entering its nocturnal home sign Virgo. Editing season begins!


Sat Aug 16 the Moon is in Taurus all day. In the morning, the Moon opposes Mars. Maybe catch up on a bit of reading. In late afternoon, the Moon opposes Saturn. Be patient with people, even if they don’t deserve it. (Can you sense where this is going? Let’s say Heads Up now, and let the heads up linger for a couple of weeks.)


Sun Aug 17 the Moon enters Gemini. Do good writerly things with this. We have from now till the end of Tuesday. Before day’s end Venus conjuncts Jupiter. This is often the luckiest and happiest aspect of the year. Let good things happen of themselves. Go to bed happy and beam all day tomorrow.


Mon Aug 18 the Moon is Gemini all day. Write, edit, at least read. Books on tape counts. In the evening, Mercury opposes Neptune. Write creatively but smart.


Tue Aug 19 the Moon is still in Gemini. Go for it!


Wed Aug 20 the Moon enters Cancer just as the calendar day begins. Settle down, have a cup of tea, and write from the heart. If the word count isn’t huge, it’s not zero.


Thu Aug 21 Mercury trines Pluto in the afternoon. Some ideas can be earth-shaking in a good way. Fifteen minutes later, the Moon trines Saturn and goes void of course in Cancer. There are a lot of sensible ways to approach a difficult project. It’s also the last day of the month when the Sun is in its home sign of Leo. Tomorrow the world may feel less giddy, playful, and wild. Heads Up.


Fri Aug 22 the Moon is in Leo when the Sun changes signs and enters Virgo. This may provide a more gentle release from that solar leonine mania. Now the Sun is a guest in Mercury’s house. This is good for writers, and for editors, too.


Sat Aug 23 the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Leo in the morning. Have a happy feeling about the weekend. Fourteen minutes later, the Moon conjuncts Venus in Leo. Feel good about the people around you. Writing can be so solitary that we sometimes miss out on good company. The Sun may be in Virgo now, but there is still a fair bit of bright fiery Leo in the air. Feel good about yourself.


Sun Aug 24 the Moon squares Saturn and then goes void of course in Leo. Don’t waste any energy being critical of anyone (including yourself). Save those critical faculties for your work. The big news, though, is that tomorrow is the New Moon. Play it safe today. Heads Up.


Mon Aug 25 may be the major Heads Up day of this month. The Moon enters Virgo in the very early morning and five hours later gives us the New Moon at 2Vir. It’s the month to be a perfectionist and do a good job with all the details. Five hours and seventeen minutes later, Mars conjuncts Saturn in the heart of Scorpio. While Venus and Jupiter are called the two “benefics,” Mars and Saturn are called the two “malefics.” Mars rules Scorpio, by the way. Heads Up. This aspect is more powerful than harmful, but we all know how careful you have to be with extra power. Heads Up again. Do something constructive with this. Take charge of something and be the wise general.


Tue Aug 26 the Moon conjuncts Mercury and goes void of course in Virgo. It’s a day made for improving a draft of something you really like.


Wed Aug 27 the Moon is in Libra all day. If interrupted a lot today, at least it should be by agreeable people. You can get a fair bit done, regardless.


Fri Aug 29 the Moon is in Libra when the Sun opposes Neptune. Get real about something that has been stringing you along for a long time. Some things simply are not worth finishing.


Sun Aug 31 the Moon conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio. Feel good about getting real yesterday. Relax a bit and have a good end to the weekend. Six and a half hours later, the Moon conjuncts Mars. Get some decent rest and be fired up to get a lot done in the next week, and the next month!


It’s a solid, nuts and bolts kind of month with the usual number of cautionary days and plenty of upbeat glowing ones. Settle down and make the most of all this time. Last month may have been hot, heavy and sometimes crazed. Next month may be packed with people and all the things they do to eat your time. Some of it necessary and even fun, but still.


No, this month is pretty much all yours. Grab hold with both hands and make it spectacular! Heads Up!

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