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Heads Up! October Astrological Almanac

by on Oct.07, 2014, under Forecasts, Traditional Astrology

 october sunset

October 2014



Happy October! Think autumn, pumpkins, all things orange and black, cool and shady. Somehow we’ve made it into the final quarter of the year.


Wed Oct 01 the Moon is in Capricorn all day. This can be a hard-working, Heads Up kind of month, meaning we can get a lot done and we can pick up on a lot of things that normally might get missed. Make it good. It’s certainly a month of Wednesdays with the Moon in cardinal signs. It’s Mercury’s day of the week, and today on the first day of the month, Mercury is at the heart of the Via Combusta, also known as 01 Sco. Mercury is also slowing down, preparing to go stationary retrograde in a few days. Heads Up. The Moon conjuncts Pluto today. Keep calm and keep writing.


Fri Oct 03 the Moon is in cool-headed Aquarius. It’s the day before Mercury begins its third and final retrograde period of the year. Heads Up and get ready in all the usual ways. The first week, Mercury is in Scorpio but then reenters Libra. Expect communications in relationships to get rockier. The entire retrograde period occurs in the Via Combusta (the Fiery Road) where slack can be scarce. Be careful, considerate, and tolerant of everyone (including yourself). This too shall pass.


Sat Oct 04 the Moon is in Aquarius all day. In the early morning the Moon opposes Jupiter. Keep the faith, keep trusting your luck, and keep working hard. About six hours later Mercury goes stationary retrograde at 02Sco. Heads Up. Late at night, Mars trines Uranus. What might have been an argument can now be something more surprising and fun.


Sun Oct 05 the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Look ahead to the work week and visualize the completion and satisfaction with a big chunk (or a small refined chip) of work.


Tue Oct 07 the Moon is in Aries when the Sun opposes Uranus in the afternoon. Heads Up. March to your own drummer, but don’t trample anyone or kick them out of the way. Play hard but play nice. At night, the Moon opposes Venus. Sometimes it’s hard to see the appeal of what’s mainstream; what more can I say?


Wed Oct 08 a very strong bright Moon conjuncts Uranus in Aries. Pour that independent spirit straight into your work and don’t look back, One hour later, we have the Full Moon at 15 Aries. It’s also a Lunar Eclipse. This is a lot of personal power and energy to take into the waking day. People may want to take everything personally today. Reserve some emotional and psychic space for yourself. Four hours later, in midmorning, the Moon trines Mars. It’s easy to work with a passion all your own. Fifteen minutes later the Moon trines Jupiter and then goes void of course. Don’t pause and be amazed and smug at how much you’re accomplishing. Just keep going. Three hours later, Venus makes a square to Pluto. If something suddenly looks or sounds outlandish, don’t stop and autocorrect. Just keep going. Three hours later, in the afternoon, Mars makes a trine to Jupiter. If you haven’t done something big and adventurous yet, you might now.


Thu Oct 09 the Sun advances to the 16th degree of Libra and takes its first step on the Fiery Road. When the Sun (or any planet) is in the Via Combusta, its influences can be less forgiving, consequences can be more severe, and impressions can be more negative. Heads Up.


Fri Oct 10 the Moon is in Taurus when Mercury retrograde slips backwards out of Scorpio and reenters Libra. Things may not get any easier or nicer, but they may pretend to do so. Heads Up.


Sat Oct 11 the Moon is void of course in Taurus when Venus opposes Uranus in the very early morning. Remember what you liked as a child? You can like it now, too. Six hours later, the Moon enters the sign of Gemini. Retrograde or not, you can get a lot of work done. You may feel like it’s slow-going, but it can be careful-going and leave you with a lot of great new material over the next few days (from now till Monday afternoon). Heads Up in the best of ways.


Sun Oct 12 the Moon is in Gemini all day. If you don’t write, you can listen (eavesdropping counts) or you can catch up on some of those recorded shows you’ve let accumulate. Before end of day, the Moon opposes Mars. There’s nothing wrong with operating at a slower pace.


Mon Oct 13 the Moon trines Mercury retrograde and goes void of course in Gemini for the next five hours. Find those annoying little errors and be happy. Late afternoon, the Moon enters Cancer. A tea or coffee break (or even supper) is appropriate. Yes, writers need to eat, too.


Wed Oct 15 the Moon is in Cancer all day. Feel nurtured by all your productivity. It doesn’t have to be finished product; it just has to be alive and in the world. Edit when the time is right.


Thu Oct 16 the Moon is in Leo when the Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde. Big bright ideas may not make much sense but they’ll be attractive anyway. Five hours later Mercury retrograde makes a sextile with Mars. Sort through complexities and uncover some great patterns for future plots.


Fri Oct 17 the Moon is in Leo all day. In the late morning, Mercury retrograde forms a conjunction with Venus. Feel wonderful about some portion of your work without the need to brag about it. About six hours later the Moon conjuncts Jupiter. It doesn’t get much luckier than this. Have a great weekend!


Wed Oct 22 the Moon is in Libra all day. In the very early morning the Moon makes a square with Pluto. You can resist change but eventually it will catch up with you. Five and half hours later the Moon opposes Uranus. You can skip the wild ideas without dumping a lot of negative criticism on them. In midafternoon, the Moon conjuncts Mercury retrograde. If you think of a lot of things you should’ve said, don’t despair. Write them down for future use. About three hours later the Moon makes a sextile with Jupiter. If not in a good mood, this will improve it. It’s also the day before the New Moon, so Heads Up! Plus, the New Moon is going to be a Solar Eclipse, so Double Heads Up! And, it’s the last day of the year that the Sun will be in Libra. You might think that the shift from Libra to Scorpio would be one of the most jarring of the year, but remember, the Sun is now at the heart of the Via Combusta. Tomorrow the world may look and sound the same but feel darker and very different. Triple Heads Up!


Thu Oct 23 is quite the Heads Up day. In the very early morning the Moon is in friendly, shy, insecure Libra when the Sun enters the iron-hard sign of Scorpio. About five and a half hours later the Moon makes a trine with Mars and goes void of course in Libra. Don’t hold grudges (well, your characters can) and stay upbeat. About three hours later Venus changes signs, leaves Libra and enters Scorpio. Artistic tastes may get more edgy and dark. That’s part of the human experience, too. About twenty minutes later the Moon also enters Scorpio and two whole minutes later a very dark Moon conjuncts Venus. You may be attracted to something that you’d prefer to not discuss. Only forty-five minutes later we have the New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 00Sco. The whole day seems to be about 00 Sco, so if this degree of the zodiac is important in your natal chart, let me give you a personal Heads Up for today, and for the coming year (since yesterday or today is your solar return, your astrological birthday). At the very close of day the Moon trines Neptune. Reward yourself with a good night’s sleep. Plus, one final Heads Up! Mercury retrograde is getting increasingly powerful as it grinds to a halt in preparation for going stationary direct in a couple of days. At least that isn’t at 00Sco.


Sat Oct 25 the Moon is in Scorpio when the Sun conjuncts Venus. Work on something serious, be prepared for a serious conversation, or plan to watch a serious movie. Wait – all entertainment seems to be on the dark, serious side. In the late morning, the Moon conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio and then goes void of course. Make that movie a slow serious drama. (The Dr. Who episodes written by Neil Gaiman count.)Three hours later Mercury goes stationary retrograde at 16 Libra. If you’ve been swimming through emotional molasses, don’t expect things to speed up just yet. Give it time.


Sun Oct 26 the Moon is in Sagittarius when Mars changes signs, leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. Mars is now a guest in Saturn’s house. This could be better or worse than when Mars was a guest of Jupiter’s. Let’s give it a Heads Up. It’s also a great configuration for getting a lot of work done. Make it a good Heads Up.


Tue Oct 28 the Moon is void of course in Sagittarius when the Sun trines Neptune in the early morning. People want to be in a better mood and be more helpful. Three hours later the Moon conjuncts Mars in Capricorn. Work on what is going to show the most results (nor does it have to be instant results). Late that night, the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. We started the month with this, but the sky is different now. It’s okay to be frustrated but not okay to remain so.


Wed Oct 29 the Moon is in Capricorn all day. Feel like working? Of course you do!


This is quite the heavy-duty, Heads Up kind of month, and we can do a lot of good with this serious “head under the hood” attitude. It does not have to get glum, or discouraging as previous problems and errors surface for our tender corrections. We can clean up a lot of details and feel good about it all. Open the window and let that fresh air blow in.


Some cultures consider the end of October to be the end of the year, the darkest time of the year, and this year we get eclipse season with a lunar and solar eclipse to make sure we get the hint. What this time of year is not is that it is not the “dark night of the soul” time of year. If you feel that it is, feel it deeply, and then let the light come pouring back in. That’s what a new year is all about.


Be stunningly brilliant, productive, and may you make social and business contacts that are lucrative for all. Those are the skills that this time in the Via Combusta is grooming us to learn.


Now go out there (or deep in there) and write your heart out! Heads Up!


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hebrew zodiac

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 gung hay fat choy!Gung Hay Fat Choy!Gung Hay Fat Choy!!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!

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Times Square 2014 via

Times Square 2014 via



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