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Head’s Up! July’s Astrological Almanac

by on Jul.03, 2014, under Forecasts, Traditional Astrology

   In Loving Memory of  Annie Crotts 1922-2014

In Loving Memory of
Annie Crotts 1922-2014


Happy July, in the heart of summer! We start on a Tuesday (the day of the week for to Mars) with the Moon void of course in Leo. Now that’s a lot of fire. Hot enough for you? Today Mercury goes stationary direct at 24Gem. Heads Up in a good way, but don’t expect things to instantly speed up. It takes a planet time to recover from a retrograde.


Wed July 2 the Moon is in Virgo all day. Be calm, happy, and meticulous. Little things count big today. Except for a few hours on Wed July 23 (when the Moon slips into Aries), we get another month of Wednesdays with the Moon in mutable signs.


Fri July 4 the Moon is void of course in Virgo when the Sun opposes Pluto. Write something short and shockingly beautiful. Don’t show anyone. About two hours later, the Moon enters Libra. Enjoy the weekend in an agreeable mood. In the US, it’s Independence Day, and the anniversary of the deaths of both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Let freedom ring!


Sat July 5 the Moon conjuncts Mars in Libra. Be active, discuss, go to that party or play, and let others have the high profile. Is not a lot of the writing and artistic life pretty much research?


Mon July 7 the Moon conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio. Here’s a mild Heads Up to remind us to get serious after a busy celebration-filled weekend. Serious is mostly what Saturn wants.


Wed July 9 the Moon is in Sagittarius all day. Write, submit, send out queries, write, repeat. When the Moon is in Sagittarius, think big.


Fri July 11 the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. It’s E.B. White’s birthday. Reread Charlotte’s Web, and let the spider live. This is the last day of the year when Mercury is in Gemini. If you’re possessed with a writing fever, go for it. Tomorrow will be different.


Sat July 12 is the Full Moon at 20 Cap. In the midst of summer, take time to visualize work to be done in the rest of the year. Start every day like it’s a new year, because in a lot of ways, it is. At night, the Moon opposes Jupiter. Feel good about how things are going, but accept and welcome a mild reality check. Near end of day, Mercury changes signs, leaves its home Gemini and enters Cancer. The mind may slow down but it can be every bit as dedicated, not to mention emotional. Heads Up. Do something good with this. You have a month.


Mon July 14 the Moon trines Mars in the late morning, trines Venus a couple of hours later and then goes void of course in Aquarius. Start work eagerly, maybe switch to a less inflammatory project (say, put aside the lovers’ quarrel scene and start the lovers’ reconciliation scene). Late that night, the Moon trines Mercury. Chat with writer friends about what you’ve done, but don’t compromise or change anything. That’s a lot of trines for Bastille Day. Take out that red, white, and blue, and wear it again. Vive La Liberte!


Tue July 15 the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Write down that dream but don’t let it drive your day (unless that’s your current project). Near end of day, the Moon trines Saturn. However much you’re accomplishing, it may never feel like enough. Remember even the small victories.


Wed July 16 the Moon is void of course in Pisces when Jupiter changes signs, leaves Cancer and enters Leo. Jupiter is now a guest in the Sun’s house. How noble is that? Think big, write big, maybe use a new big word. Late that night, the Moon enters Aries. It could be a fiery night. Go for warmth and light. (We’ve seen enough fireworks for one month.)


Fri July 18 the Moon conjuncts Uranus in Aries as the day begins. Let your work surprise you. Six hours later, Venus changes signs, leaves Gemini and enters Cancer. Venus is now a guest in the Moon’s house. Can you say “comfort?” (I may replenish my tea stash.) Late that night, Mercury trines Neptune. Dreams can be magic that you can use later. In an hour, the Sun squares Mars. Don’t go to bed angry. Better to get up and write that blow-out battle scene. Sweet dreams.


Sun July 20 the Moon is in Taurus all day. Stay home if that’s what you need to do. In the morning, the Moon opposes Saturn. Don’t take things too seriously or personally. In midafternoon, Saturn at long last ends its retrograde period and goes stationary direct at 16Sco. Heads Up. Saturn is already a strong planet, without this. Respect is the word for the day, including respecting yourself.


Mon July 21 the Moon enters Gemini in the late morning. We have from now till Wednesday afternoon to make the most of all those mercurial missions, should we choose to accept them. In the evening, Uranus goes stationary retrograde. A deep-grained mischievous stream may go underground, but it won’t vanish. It can make your writing all the more amazing. At the very close of day, Mercury opposes Pluto. One last astounding thought could hit you. Save it and hit back tomorrow. It’s also the last day of this year that the Sun is in the sign of Cancer and is a guest in the Moon’s house. Tomorrow, when the Sun goes home to its own sign, the world will be brighter, bigger, hotter, and I hope happier. (Few signs are as inherently happy as Leo.)


Tue July 22 the Moon is in Gemini all day. Why not write? In the late afternoon, the Sun changes signs and enters its home sign of Leo the Lion. Go ahead and roar.


Wed July 23 the Moon trines Mars in the late afternoon and goes void of course in Gemini. You can still write. Two hours later the Moon enters the sign of Cancer. A mid-writing snack may appropriate. Look forward to a good meal. You’ve earned it.


Thu July 24 the Moon conjuncts Venus in Cancer. Write some humorous domestic scene and smile. About three hours later the Sun conjuncts Jupiter. It’s everybody’s lucky day. Welcome all good news! (The Moon and Sun are not that far apart. Can you sense a Venus-Jupiter conjunction coming up? Not till next month. It’s good to have something to look forward to, isn’t it?) Three hours later Mercury squares Uranus. An older brilliant idea may now look a little wacky. Two hours more, and Mercury trines Saturn. Feel good about your critical senses.


Fri July 25 in the morning, the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Cancer and then goes void of course. It may be a good to work at home, as you may not want to leave. (Of course, some times you must.) About twelve hours later Mars changes signs, finally leaves Libra and goes to its nocturnal home sign of Scorpio. A strong Mars deserves an automatic Heads Up! Make it in a good way. (Yes, I know that Pluto is the “modern” ruler of Scorpio. How big a Heads Up do you want?) To add to this anxious tone, tomorrow is the New Moon. Heads Up for sure. Be dynamic but also be safe. With such a strong Mars, drive carefully and look both ways when crossing the street.


Sat July 26 the Moon enters fiery Leo in the late morning. Four and a half hours later, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter. This is good luck in the most private and secret way. In about four more hours, we receive the New Moon at 03 Leo. Start something that lets your heart positively radiate what it loves best. You don’t have to share it right away.


Sun July 27 the Moon is void of course in Leo when Venus opposes Pluto. Desires and good sense may engage in a tug of war. Now can that make for a great plot complication!


Wed July 30 the Moon is in Virgo all day. Write, edit, and keep a cheerful if low profile. Enjoy whatever calm you can. It’s been a heady, emotional, high-energy few days.


Thu July 31 the Moon is in Libra when Mercury changes signs yet again, leaving Cancer and entering Leo. It may be hard to keep ideas to yourself. If you need to do more heavy editing on what you write now, so what? At least it’s been written. Mercury in Leo says, “Go for it!”


This is one shining, hot, and golden kind of month! We emerge from yet another Mercury retrograde, have Saturn finally go direct, and trade in Saturn for a Uranus retrograde. And yet we write on. We continue to create. Nobody else can do what we do. Even if they tried, they could not do it in the same way. What you make is a part of you, an offering of yourself that you make with love.


The Sun is now in Leo the Lion! Be and create with love the work that you most want the world to see! Heads Up!


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 gung hay fat choy!Gung Hay Fat Choy!Gung Hay Fat Choy!!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!

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Times Square 2014 via

Times Square 2014 via



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